Six Pack Abs Secrets

Six Pack Abs Secrets
Get In Shape For The Beach -- We Reveal The Diet, Exercises and Six Pack Abs Secrets That Many Of Hottest Celebrities Use To Stay Fit!

Each week, We Will Focus On Specific Exercise Routines Used To Obtain The Flat Stomach And That Elusive Fit Body So That You Can Look Great On The Beach.

Following our weekly instructions, picking an exercise plan and sticking to it, you will have people turning around watching you, wishing they could have the body you have.

Trainer Mark Jenkins shares Mary J.'s fitness tips Puffy may have launched Mary J. Blige, but celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins is responsible for the buzz on her new body--the totally fit look that has everyone whispering, "I want a body like that."

Jenkins, a 30-year-old New York City native, has artists like Mary J Blige, Usher, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, L.L. Cool J hitting his two-way for training appointments.

Mary's were to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and improve endurance, flexibility and agility for performances. To help her meet her goals, Jenkins prescribed an intense hour-long routine of aerobics and weight training three times a week. You can see the results for yourself.

They know he can help them develop a body that's fit for a celebrity lifestyle. "A Hollywood body is a combination of leanness, sculpture and aesthetics," he says. "I like to see bodies with flowing lines as opposed to ones that are all muscle."

Jenkins likes his clients to look almost like an hourglass onstage, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Mary J.--like most sisters--was blessed with hips already, so Jenkins focused on "rounding off" her upper body--concentrating on back, biceps, chest, shoulders and triceps, with less lower-body muscle training.

Celeb clients have sporadic schedules, and they usually want to transform their bodies as quickly as possible. (Mary lost 25 to 30 pounds in two months, Jenkins says--but don't try that at home.) He pushes them but doesn't encourage trainer dependence.

"You need to learn about your own body, how to work out yourself, and how food and different exercises affect your body," he says.

If you're serious about getting fit, Jenkins says, think first about what you want your body to do for you, then set specific fitness goals.

Women of every body type--from delicious apples to sumptuous pears--can benefit from the right toning and strengthening exercises. Mark Jenkins, coauthor of The Jump Off (HarperResource, $16.95) and the mastermind behind Mary J. Blige's hourglass figure, created this routine to gently sculpt the upper body, thighs and butt.

Do this 30-minute workout three times a week, and watch your own body evolve into something beautiful, strong and timeless!

Shadowboxing - Works shoulders, hamstrings and calves.

Starting position: Standing on the balls of your feet, hold fists up to your face in a fighter's stance.

Step 1:As you lunge forward with your left leg, throw a punch with your left fist. (Remain on the balls of your feet as you execute the move.)

Step 2: Return to starting position, then repeat move on the right side. Do three sets of 15 reps.

Three-Stage Squats - Shapes quads, hamstrings and glutes

Starting position: Stand with knees slightly bent and feet apart. Holding a three- or five-pound dumbbell, place left hand over right.

Step 1: Squat one third of the way down, squeeze buttocks, and hold for two seconds.

Step 2: Squat two thirds of the way down, and squeeze buttocks. Step 3: Bend knees into a full squat and squeeze butt. Return to starting position. Do three sets of 12.

Reverse Lunges - Strengthens glutes, quads and hamstrings

Starting position: Stand erect holding a dumbbell in each hand. Extend right leg behind you, and bend knee.

Step 1: Lower body until right knee hovers over the floor and left thigh is parallel to floor.

Step 2: Engaging your glutes and hamstrings, return to starting position. Do one set of ten on right leg; switch to left and do a set of ten. Repeat set of ten on right and then on left leg.

Elbow Row - Tones back and shoulders

Starting position: Stand with knees slightly bent and feet shoulder width apart. With arms at sides, grasp a dumbbell in each hand.

Step 1: Slowly bend forward at the waist, sticking chest out and contracting your upper back. Pull elbows behind you in a rowing motion. Stop when dumbbells are at your waist.

Step 2: Pause, then return arms to starting position. Do two sets of ten.

Alternating Shoulder Press - Works shoulder muscles and back

Starting position: With feet shoulder width apart, hold a dumbbell in each hand with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle and aligned with shoulders.

Step 1: Keeping back erect, extend left arm over head. Raise right arm and allow dumbbells to touch.

Step 2: Return left then right arm to starting position. Do three sets of ten.

Dumbbell Pullover - Strengthens chest and back Starting position: Lie on a mat or towel with your legs bent and feet planted on the floor. Holding one dumbbell with both hands, raise arms above chest.

Step 1: Lower arms behind your head as far as you can go comfortably.

Step 2: Slowly raise arms and return to starting position. Do two sets of ten.

Thigh Blaster - Sculpts glutes and inner and outer thighs

Starting position: Stand near a wall. Bend torso sideways and plant palms on wall. Lift left leg with knee bent at 90-degree angle so that calf is parallel to torso.

Step 1:

Keeping right leg stationary (don't lock knee), kick your left leg out to the side and squeeze buttocks.

Step 2:

Complete rep by returning left leg to starting position. Do three sets of 12 reps on each side.