Just Who Is Behind Black Beach Week


Black Beach Week was created in August of 1999. We are the #1 source for information and travel destinations of black beach events that occur all year, all around the world, for people of color.

To introduce ourselves: We are a group of guys, who live in a midwest city where there are no beaches, no sand, no 24 hour/365 day degree warm weather, no bikinis and etc.

As you can imagine..it's like going to another world whenever we travel to the beaches around the U.S. and internationally where african americans gather.

Plus what is really tough is trying to locate the exact locations, the dates, the popular black hot spots and so on.

There is very little information on the web thats geared towards people like us who attend the Freaknics, Black Bike Week, Black Spring Break, Jamaica Fest, Reggae Fest, Daytona, Greekfest, Cancun, Black Nude Beach and so on.

Since it started as a hobby, we decided why not start a gathering place for anyone who likes to attend the events as much as we do.

With that said, If you know of any black beach events or places to go at these events, please email me or join our FREE club and discuss it there.

Get ready to have a lot of fun!