Black Ski Summit

Black Ski Summit


Place: Big Sky, Montana

Date: February 24th - March 2, 2024

The World's Oldest And Largest African American Themed Ski Event


Prepare yourself for lots of fun and excitement as thousands of African American skiers will hit the slopes of Black Ski Summit 2023.

What exactly is the Black Ski Summit?

It is the largest event for black ski enthusiast. Thousands of skiers from all over the world from over 75 different clubs make plans to witness and take part in world's largest black ski event.

The Summit is a biennial fundraiser of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, bringing together well over 2000 people from all across the country for a week of winter sports fun.

The primary purpose of this fundraiser is to support the NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund, designed to provide financial support for exceptional athletes of color who excel in winter sports. The intent is to propel these young athletes to Olympic and international competition. In addition, funds from this event support the operation of the National Brotherhood of Skiers.


What Kind Of Activities Take Place

What activities can you expect? There will be traditional events, such as Happy Hours, Picnic on the Hill, and racing. However, you will definitely SEE A DIFFERENCE!

The NBS is a multi-generational organization and will have HAPPY HOURS and EVENING PARTIES targeting different age groups, one for those whom are under 40 called "Generation Next " and one for those who are over 40 called "Generations Now and Then". You will have the option of various types of parties with different types of music, games, and activities.

Who Is In Charge Of The Event And How Long Has It Been In Place?

The National Brotherhood of Skiers, Inc. (NBS) was founded in 1973 and chartered in 1974 by 13 African American ski clubs across the nation. The organization was incorporated and received its 501(c)(3) designation in 1975. Since that time, the organization has grown to 77 clubs in the United States and United Kingdom. Today, NBS clubs are divided into four geographic regionsEastern, Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Western. With a membership of more than 10,000 adults and youth, the NBS is recognized as one the nation's largest ski organizations.

How much does the event cost and how can I register?

Every state has your own personal Black Ski Club who can help you get a room or give you all the details. Choose a NBS club to join for registration, lodging, lift tickets and more. NBS registration entitles you to reduced rates on lift tickets, lessons, equipment rentals and discounts at many of the shops.