The Master Cleanse Diet Plan

The Master Cleanse Diet Plan
The Master Cleanse Diet Plan(also known as the Maple Syrup Diet or the Lemon Diet)

We told you how celebrities such as Beyonce have used this plan to drop weight fast. We then asked our own subscribers who have tried it their results. Here is what they said



Hi Terrance,

I recently got off of the Maple Syrup and Lemon diet called the Master Cleanse Diet. I was on the cleanse for 10 days and I lost 16lbs total. The majority of it is water and waste, but I did lose inches as well. It really works if you are focused and do what the book says. It is actually really good for your to cleanse your system once or twice a year. It is really not designed to lose weight it is more of a holistic method to cleanse your body of toxins. I of course, was more interested in the weight loss. So I was pleased with the program. Now that I am off the Master Cleanse it is a struggle to keep the 16lbs off and not gain it back, but I have been successful so far. I will do this cleanse once a season until I get to my goal weight.

I can't wait to hear what others have said about the diet.

Thanks, Gia


Hey Terrance

Yes, the Maple Syrup Diet does work!!! I actually tried the diet. I attemped to try it out for ten days. But unfortunately I started to get really bad cravings. I lasted 8 days and I lost 16 LBS! It was great because it has been a year and I still didnt gain the weight back. I attempted to do it again about 2 months ago but on the 4th day, I got a really bad migraine. and that wasnt fun but, in those 4 days I lost 6 lbs and now my weight fluctates between 132-136.But that diet is great if and when you stick to it.



Hi Terrance,

I just wanted to clarify that the "Maple Syrup Diet" isn't a diet at all. And it's so controversial because people don't understand exactly what it is. Like most things people don't understand, they make comments and form opinions without actually doing research. What Beyonce did is called the Master Cleanse and the purpose of it is to rid your body of toxins. It's more like a fast. The main purpose of it is not to lose weight, although that is what happens when you are ridding your body of toxins in such a rapid manner. Check out for information about the author of the book on the Master Cleanse and another book called "Lose Weight, Have more Energy, and Be Happier in 10 Days." It's important to note that when one does this solely to lose weight (as Beyonce did for the movie), then the overall benefits of the cleanse are completely missed.

What prompted me to reply to your email is that I'm actually doing the Master Cleanse right now. This is my second time doing it. The first time, I lost 10 pounds within the first 5 days. I am currently on Day 6 and actually haven't weighed myself because losing weight is not my goal in this cleanse. The reason I decided to try is was after reading the books and reading about the positive experiences people were having. I was also eating a lot of fast food and feeling sluggish so I wanted to rid my body of that. Believe it or not, everything that we go through energywise is all connected to the things we eat. So when people go on these "diets" they aren't realizing that in addition to exercise, you need to actually change your whole way of eating and what you eat as a whole, not just for some short period of time.

As you body rids itself of the toxins, you naturally gain more energy. Proof of this is that on day 4, I was able to run on the treadmill for 7.88 miles in 65 minutes. I've never done this before. The most I've ever run was 4 miles at one time. And I could have done more.

Again the website is

Feel free to respond if you have any questions on my experiences with the cleanse. i know i didn't touch on everything.




Hey Terrance, that diet really does work I did it for ten days and lost 13 or more pounds in ten days. Not only do you lose weight it makes you feel great my skin had a glow and it also helped with my sinus and allergy issues. This is one diet I would recommend to anyone that wants to either lose weight or just to clear your body of toxic.


The Master Cleanse has been around for Decades! It's not unhealthy or dangerous. Every component of the cleanse provides the body with the proper nutritional value it needs. That's why it works. It actually restores the body. The spiritual component of it just naturally happens because of the focus and discipline it takes to get through denying the body what's familiar, comfortable, pleasing and sugary. So forget about thinking it's spooky stuff.

Veggies, fruits, a great nutritional diet should be a LIFESTYLE not a diet. The Cleanse is what it is a CLEANSE (not a diet)... Weightloss is just a derivative of it.

Take Care; Angela Shepherd

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Hello Terrance, I am responding to your email regarding the Master Cleanse (Diet). I just finished the diet a couple weeks ago, and it does work. A friend of mine recommended it to me after he did it and lost 22 lbs in 10 days! I was already on a quest to loose weight and bulk up but had those last few pounds I wanted to get off so I tried it. The diet has been around since the 1950's or something like that and it is safe. The combination of the Grade B maple syrup, the Lemons and the cayenne pepper help to cleanse your system out, and the Maple syrup gives your body all the nutrition you need while on the diet. When you get hungry you drink the lemonade mixture and it curbs your appetite . A Lot of the weight you loose is waste that you expel from the Smooth Move laxative and cayenne pepper that cleanses out your intestines.

I lost 12 lbs in 10 days, but i actually stopped the diet early because I was satisfied with the weight i lost and I was ready to start working out again. Day 3 and 4 was hard as hell and found myself walking diagonally! LOL but I found out i wasn't drinking enough lemonade. After that I was cool and food was not an issue.

The only thing is, most people go back to eating the garbage they were eating before the cleanse and they gain most of the weight back. Typically most people will gain some weight back when you start eating again. But you will keep a lot of it off.

I hope I was helpful in your quest for information regarding the diet! Also, the main purpose of the diet is clean out your system of all impurities. Loosing weight is an added bonus!

Brion E. Craig


Hello Terrance,

I tried the diet i only lasted for 4 days this diet does give you fast results, but as a nurse i must warn you it is dangerous. During the maple syrup diet i became very weak i was unable to workout when you don't feed your body it starts to attack your muscles i lost muscle mass by the 4th day i was done. I did loose six pounds and it decreased my cravings for junk food. The purpose of this diet is to detox your system. This diet is great to jump start your body for a life style change of healthy eating habits and exercise.


yea i tried it for two weeks and i lost 18 lbs from it cause i also worked out with it


Beyonce didn't make it popular. The MASTER CLEANSE was around before Beyonce was born. EXTREMELY POPULAR! Most wholistic people and nutrionalists know of it, have done and recommend it to their customers. Especially those with hormonal concerns that keep them from dropping the weight.

I HAVE PERSONALLY done it 3 times in the last 10 yrs. I just came off it. I did it for 23 days and lost 40 lbs.

It's more than just mere weightloss. It is completely beneficial to the body and the bodily funcitons of your organs. It give the body a REST from processing food and toxic waste. It also detoxifies the body. Flushes out impacted fecal matter. It's an eternal cleansing. It is also quite a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE as well as you teach the body to listen to the mind. It awakens your spirit. You think clearer, more focused, more disciplined, more alert. Your senses are heightened. Your skin clears. Your taste for sugar all but diminishes. You become different. It's a good time to read materials that stimulate creativity, personal development. And YOU LOSE MORE THAN WEIGHT... but bad habits, negativity, baggage! etc.

Just a lil' education on the subject! Enjoy BlackBeach Festivities!!!


Yeah but.... Beyonce - although always beautiful- looked a lot bigger than anybody else on stage at the recent MTV music awards. So maybe she DID loss weight back then but she looks like she picked it back up. I think the diet is dangerous and ultimately detrimental. You'll only loss muscle mass, slow down your metabolism and ultimately gain the weight back but this time with a higher percentage of body fat.... Dumb dumb diet. Tell the folks what they need to do is put down the damn cheeseburger and get their chunky butts to the gym!



Yo I did the diet it really works if you sick to it.I lost 12 pounds in four days.The first day is the hardest but after that its easy.But I think what people have to realize is that when you do a diet like that you have to change your whole eating habits afterwards or you will just gain it all back. Oh yeah shout out to black beach week for keeping me informed with the lastest and greatest!


Yes, the cleanse worked!! I lost 16 pounds in 10 days and i felt great. I first learn of the diet from you guys. Before i started the diet i had to do my research and make sure it was safe. I went on the Internet and read up on it. I purchased all my stuff for the diet from Whole Foods Market. The staff there was very familiar with the diet and very informative...they saw the lemons in my cart and automatically knew that i was about to go on the diet (actually, the store ran out of the items required for the diet because so many people were trying it). I recommend everyone go on the diet at least every six months to cleanse toxins out of your system.