British Virgin Island Travel

British Virgin Island Travel
Here Are The 5 Things You Must Do When You Visit The British Virgin Islands

Travelista Terri Gives You Her Advice

Flights involve changing planes in either San Juan, Puerto Rico (for flights from North America and Spain),

Alternatively, the BVI can be accessed from the United States via St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, where upon arrival in St. Thomas, travelers can transfer to the BVI via ferry.

The Virgin Islands is the most popular area for a sailing vacation in the Caribbean. This is a first-timers paradise, since the islands are close together and well protected from the Atlantic.

You wake up to sunshine and a blue sky, choose the cruising target of the day by pointing on a nearby island and set sail in a comfortable trade wind. There are many yacht charter companies and marinas in the British Virgin Islands.

Apart from cruise ship passengers, the majority of visitors to the British Virgin Islands stay on liveaboard boats or charter sailing vessels.

There is plenty of Nightlife around Road Town, although many popular tourist places are advertised and some of the more local bars are worth checking out, so ask a local for what is on where.

Live local music is a feature of many restaurants and bars. The sunsets are spectacular, so a drink on the beach or in the mountains, watching the sunset and listening to local music before dinner can be a very pleasant vacation from the usual club-based entertainment of most mainlanders.