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All-Inclusive Resort Staff Doesn't Appreciate When Couples Act Like This

Couples sometimes do things that get on the nerves of their all-inclusive resort staff, and it's more common than travelers think.

Some couples like to pretend they're at home when they're staying at all-inclusive resorts—unfortunately, it is the staff that has to deal with uncomfortable situations that could be easily avoided.

One of the most common situations that staff has to deal with when cleaning hotels are finding the rooms a complete mess. But that's not all since there are a lot of couples who find it amusing to not follow the rules and bring kids to "adult only" areas.

Over drinking or stealing food from the buffet are just two of the things couples often do at all-inclusive hotels. Besides asking for a tip, there are other things staff would say to guests if it weren't considered rude...

These are the things they don't appreciate.

12.) Leaving Every Room A Complete Mess Messy hotel room

If staff could only count the number of times they find the rooms a complete mess, couples would start getting embarrassed about themselves.

Besides leaving towels everywhere, it's alto frequent for couples to leave food on the floor, amongst every kind of trash you can think of.

11.) Stealing Food From The Buffet (And Believing Staff Doesn't Notice It)

You already knew how common it is to steal items from hotels, but did you know the same happens with... Food?

That's absolutely true! People keep on stealing buffet food as if no one is watching... However, most of the time, the staff is watching.

10.) Not Following The "Adults Only" Rule And Bringing Kids Everywhere

"Adults only" areas don't exist just because... However, couples seem to believe otherwise and insist on bringing kids to pools where it's dangerous for them to be (and that's only a mere example of the tons of times staff needs to reprimand guests about the behavior).

9.) Claiming They're On Honeymoon Just To Get A Bunch Of Free Stuff

It's so frequent for couples to tell hotel managers that they are on honeymoon, that you would never believe it would be possible...

They do so hoping to get all the perks that "honeymooners" are entitled to, and they often succeed.

So, a bunch of free stuff for them...

8.) Come Up With Fake Room Problems Just To Get It Upgraded For Free

If you are credible enough, it's very easy to get a room upgrade just because...

We're not the ones telling you this since all-inclusive hotel staff says this is the most common situation ever—and also one of the most inappropriate.

People just crave free stuff all the time...

7.) Not Tipping (Especially When They're Expected To)

Let's be honest: if it were up to you, you would never tip in your life...

But, in case you didn't know, part of the staff's income comes from those tips, so you should tip to staff whenever you're staying at a hotel (especially when you're expected to).

6.) Being Rude To Staff For No Reason

How frequently do you see people being rude to staff for no apparent reason?

It's so uncomfortable for staff to have to deal with such behavior... That is why couples should think twice before speaking rudely to other people.

Plus, if you treat others properly, any problem can be solved.

5.) Complain About The Food's Quality (But Continue Eating It)

One of the best meals you can have in a hotel is, undoubtedly, the breakfast (and these are the best hotel breakfasts in the world). However, that's also the time of the day in which most couples complain about the food's quality (even though they continue to fill their plates over and over again).

4.) Getting Drunk And Showing It To Everyone At The Hotel

All-inclusive resort staff truly doesn't appreciate it when people drink too much and insist on showing everyone just how drunk they are. They often cause a lot of fuss, which needs to be contained by staff, making this situation one of the most inappropriate for them to handle.

3.) Leaving Towels On Pool Chairs Overnight As If They Own The Place

Oh, how very frequent...

All-inclusive resort staff simply hates it when couples decide to cover (all) the pool chairs with towels so that no one, on the next day, can lie on those. In most hotels, this is strictly forbidden, and couples do need to follow the rules.

2) Stealing Room Amenities (Well, Not Only) Hotel room amenities

Hotel staff needs to deal with amenities' thefts very often, and they honestly just let it happen. But people don't only steal things such as shampoos and they go way beyond...

The number of times couples get caught stealing TVs, for example, is as scary as it is funny (we know you laughed at that).

1.) Making Out Absolutely Everywhere (Get A Room, People)

All-inclusive resort staff can't do anything when this happens, because couples are allowed to kiss where and when they want to. But if it was in the staff's opinion about it, they would surely prefer if people kept their intimacy indoors.