Women Of Wakanda Workout

Women Of Wakanda Workout


‘Black Panther’ Star Danai Gurira Does The Most Intense Workout You’ve Ever Seen

she’s been sweating it out up to four times a week with trainer AJ Fisher, Their sessions, she says, are extremely challenging: “Sometimes it’s so intense I can’t remember what we did.”

Fisher specializes in a method she coined called “Corectology,” which aims to even out muscle imbalances while improving strength, mobility, and cardiovascular function.

A typical workout for Danai includes lots of circuit training and Pilates-inspired moves, in which she alternates high-intensity intervals and active rest (that’s when she’ll do the Pilates 100, a classic core move from the method).

Fisher has Danai wear a heart rate monitor and use resistance bands, which the actress travels with so she can do her workouts no matter where she is in the world. Fisher’s workouts also focus on paired muscle training—obliques and inner thighs, for example—“so you’re training your body to work together as a unit.

” Every session, however, includes glutes work. “It’s the biggest muscle in the body and key for posture and balance,” says Fisher. (Important for Danai as she films fight scenes!)