Testimonial #1

I had one of the best week-ends ever. I partied, ate, and drank so much that I decided to only drink water for a week. It was a very mature group of people. We've already started making plans for next year. If you didn't make it to Essence this year please attend next year. The seminars were excellent, and the concerts were tremendous. Mary J ripped the stage. To all my new friends from DC, Maryland, and New Jersey I will see you all next year.

Testimonial #2

This is my first and defintely not last Essence. I had a great time!!!! The parties were definitely non-stop!!!!! Concerts were great too. One complaint though. What's up with the fellas???!!!! There was unfortunately a high women to man ratio there

Testimonial #3

really enjoyed the festival. The parties were off the hook. I enjoyed mostly the VIP After party at the Harrah's hotel. It was nice to see a group of us together and no real drama. I like to thank the City of New Orleans police department for their hospitality and being my own personal taxi. I'm so glad it was back in New Orleans because I can't take the driving in Houston or the smog. Hopefully see all the friends I made next year. Slim & Sexy from Tampa., FL

Testimonial #4

Hey, first let me tell u that I thoroughly appreciate the newsletter. Please continue the great work! I am recovering from a fantastic time @ Essence this past weekend. Like many people, I stayed true and went to Houston last year only to be completely heartbroken and missing N'awleans more than I could have ever expected. I am so happy that Essence went home and it was nothing but great.

I am one who takes advantage of the live bands on Bourban and we had a great time! The concerts were off the hook, and for the 1st time EVER I had an opportunity to see Public Enemy perform (yes and Flava was in rare form)

Many thanks to the Essence family and the people of N'awleans, that dispite their plight still know how to through a rockin party. I am looking forward to 2008+.

willow joy baltimore, maryland

Testimonial #5

The Essence Fest was fabulous, it was my first year attending and I intend to make it a yearly trip. The people, concerts, parties, and food were phenomenal! I have already begun planning and recruiting for next year.

I love the way N.O parties, allllll nighttttttttttttttttt longgggggggggggg, LONGGGGGGGGGGG!!! There were gorgeous people everywhere, I did not see any violence just everyone having a wonderful time. The seminars were very impressionable, the vendors were so talented and I utilized my purchase power to make an impact.

I certainly will be back to NO, the big easy was a great experience, I am inspired to attend the next Mardi Gras. I was able to walk everywhere, that was the best!!! Jennifer, 34, New York

Testimonial #6

I had a ball! And as far as the parties never shutting down. IT WAS TRUE! It was great to see so many beautiful black people, old and young, gathered together and just having a good time.

Testimonial #7

I had a great time at EMF, I am 41 years old my daughter is 19 years old both females we both double enjoyed ourselves since we missed last year in New Orleans.

It seem the merchants were glad to see us and the restaurant were amazed at the turn out. Only problem I had was the WILL CALL line at the stadium was an hour wait the reason for doing WILL CALL is so you don't have to wait. Is it me or did the age limit change at Harrah's Casino in 2005 wasn't it 18 years old to enter?

There was more than enough to do, the concerts and super lounges were great. I really had a good time. Ok, what party is next ? Holding it down in St. Petersburg Florida Lynn Golden

Testimonial #8

Hello, This is coming from Stephanie, 22 y/o, currently residing in Charlotte: Essence was definitely good this year, but compared to previous years not great. Though Beyonce and Chris Brown did an excellent job, the line-up on the main stage and super lounges wasn't as impressive as they've been in previous years. Ciara was horrible, Mary J Blige was mediocre and I didn't even bother with Lionel Richie.

However, as usual it was a fashion show in the dome and the brother's didn't disappoint me. The best after party was definitely Doug E Fresh and Biz Markie at the House of Blues. I give this year's festival a 3.5 outta 5. Stephanie

Testimonial #9

Jacinta Sims Reppin ATL I will be 29 on 7/27

My 3 girlfriends and I packed up the Acura and rolled out the essence festival. It was a 6 hour drive from ATL and with 4 drivers it made that drive much easier. When we got to New Orleans the employees at the hotel were soooo nice! They showed 100% exemplary customer service.

We went to an event at the Sugar mill the first night (thursday) and it was a young crowd. The next day we hit up canal and bourbon street and all the bars, shops and restaurants were very welcoming! That night we went to First Fridays at the Astor hotel. It was packed. There were so many beautiful black men and women there. I can honestly say that black folks know how to dress!!!!

Bourbon street was on lock til the wee hours of the morning. I remember getting home at 7am one morning. After 3 hours of sleep it was time to hit the streets again. Saturday we finally made it to the convention center and just to see so many vendors and people made me feel great to see our black people coming together for the good. The artwork at some of the booths were breath taking. Many booths were giving away free t-shirts or tote bags.

General motors was totally in effect by displaying the new model camaro and corvette which were used in the summer blockbuster movie Transformers. Saturday night it was party time again. We got out real late because we were so tired but managed to step out at 2am and yes french quarter/bourbon was still off glass.

We partied like rock stars. Sunday morning our tired bodies fell into bed but back up again to hit the road. I am now recovering from my trip now its time for me to get back on my grind! It was nice to see New Orleans again despite of what happened but as black people we have learned "we fall down but we get up!" and New Orleans definitely showed that.

Testinmonial #10

I definitely had a great time at the Festival and would go again. I rented a car not knowing that everything was so close. There was lots to do even if you didn't have tickets for the concerts. I went on Fri and Sat and everybody who performed did their thang!!! Malik Yoba was on my flight going down and Slum Village stayed at our hotel. I went with my husband and will say it's a good time whether you went as a couple or with your girlfriend. I give it 2 thumbs up!!!!

Glenda Bronx, NY

Testimonial #11

I must admit, I was a little weary about going to New Orleans after all the talk about the city not being up to par from Hurricane Katrina. But I prayed on it and decided that New Orleans was in need of my support and my money. I took 65 people down to New Orleans from Atlanta and we all had a blast.

The trip was better than they thought it would be. We didn't encounter any crime or theft. Everyone was really nice and the parties were off the chain. It was probably the best year ever!

A few of the people in my group ventured out into the city to see the damage from Hurricane Katrina and were able to tell the rest of the group what they encountered.

One of the ladies in my group became a mentor for a little boy whose family was a victim of Hurricane Katrina, and was able to see him during the visit to New Orleans.

For those people who did not go this year, you really missed out on a wonderful time. The concerts were outstanding as usual. The seminars were motivational, inspirational, and informative. I had a chance to meet Michael Eric Dyson, Blair Underwood, Reggie Bush, Chery Lee Ralph, Rueben Studdard, Stacii Jae, and many others.

I'm glad Essence management decided to take the event back to New Orleans and I hope that it will stay in New Orleans....it just isn't the same anywhere else!

Essence, I'll see you in New Orleans in 2008!

Glenda Scott Premier Event Solutions, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia

Testimonial #12

I'm glad it was back in the N.O. It was fun, safe and well organized. The brothers and sisters were stepping out fly. There was a nice mix of men and women. In previous years it was mostly women. Parties lasted all night and the locals were as friendly as good be. Celebs everywhere.

Testimonal #13

The last time I went to Essence was 2003 and let me tell you it did not disappoint. There was so much eye candy walking around whether you were a man or woman. Everyone was looking tight and came with a great attitude.

People were networking and vibing with one another. The service was great where ever we went and we definitely tipped well to show our appreciation. the parties were non-stop and the concerts were the bomb. Me and my girls had a great time and got some great love from the H-town and NY crew.

We saw Doug E Fresh, Keith Sweat, Lil Wayne and numerous others out there. The prices were pretty decent for the parties so you didn't necessarily have to ball out of control to enjoy yourself, which only left more money to buy more hand grenades. Harrah's was jumpin and the black jack table showed me plenty love. There's no way next will miss us.

Love Dre from Miami

Testimonial #14

I had some reservations about going to New Orleans this year because I felt bad about partying when the city is under such distress from the hurricane. But I am so glad I went. This year's essence festival had something for everyone!

I arrived Friday morning at the Chateau Sonesta located on Bourbon and Canal (very nice hotel)!! We walked to the convention center and listened to motivating speeches such as the one Hillary Clinton gave and we saw plenty of celebs like Robin Thick and Tyler Perry.

We then had drinks at the "W' hotel and I actually met and took pics with a favorite R&B singer of mine, Keith Sweat! On Saturday, Seagram's held a pool party at our hotel and the guys OH MY GOD I've never seen such gorgeous men in all my life! Needless to say we didn't leave the hotel that day until in the evening, where we attended a private party (which we received free tickets for at the pool party). After the party we hit the Casino until the early morning hours.

Again, the guys were plentiful and fine! On Sunday, we met a taxi driver who spent all afternoon with us driving us to various places such as the 9th Ward and his home town outside the city to see the remnants of the hurricane.

It was sad, but the people of New Orleans were so nice and so glad to see us, which made the trip very special. I can't wait for next year!!! Tina Dallas Tampa, Florida

Testimonial #15

I am thankful that the huge entourage of guests at Essence07 had a great time and enjoyed all of the activities of the Fest. So did I on Thursday and Friday night (On the floor). The multi-age mix of young and mature fans was fascinating. I even met a six year old with his MoM. I also finally learned what the Hip Hop Culture at a first class level was like.

I am 56. I enjoyed it. I feel that the huge crowd of visitors now see that New Orleans is a vibrant city ready for a new life. With so many visitors and SuperStar Entertainers in my home town once again I know they will voice their opinion to the world they inhabit that New Orleans is a fantastic place to visit and bring their economic support that will help us..

This message will enhance our recovery efforts for the real grassroots of our city which was totally ignored by this event and hidden from the circle of Essence FANS. WILL YOU SHARE?

Now it is time to show that if we offer you this much Funmania that we should also benefit from it at the grassroots level. Someone ought to listen to the real New Orleans indigenous culture crying out and share the gross rewards that the producers, entertainers, and visitors absorbed and acquired because of our welcome mat to our city.


If not, next time we may close the door when you knock to come in. How much of the tremendous economic gain went into the hands of any of our local people of color that are the foundation of what makes New Orleans; New Orleans? None that I am aware of. Our people could not afford the ticket price to be in there. But it is not to late for the First Class producers, entertainers, and "well to do" visitors to step up and show the true heart of Essence is not just to MAKE / TAKE money but to come here and "Party with a Purpose".

Show your love for your ground level people and feel appreciative when we open the door for you to come into our special home. What is in your heart Essencer's. Are you a good neighbor or just a Taker from us? Do you love us or just use us? What is your purpose? Show me and our city who you are.

Bobby Johnson - Board Chairman

Family Advocacy & Neighborhood Services, Inc.



I'm representing Baltimore, Maryland. I had a wonderful time on every account. The Black Party was straight and everyone was everyone in having a good time. Atlanta Beach was wild in saying full of life. We had this gorgeous house that I shared with my colors. I enjoyed my first time and will be returning next year. The experience was overwhelming that I should've taken an extra week off to relax.

I give my experience an A for action all the time.

I didn't get a chance to download my pictures.

Tawanda Jackson


Miami Beach was a blast. Three of my girls and I stayed at the Dorchester. The rooms were nice but the service was bad. The streets or the beach was not as crowded as I expected, but that is good in a way. We met up with some cool ass Chicago and New Yorkers. I haven't met anyone out of town before that could be so cool.

We went to suite and it was live wire. Jezzy, BG and Jim Jones was there. Jim Jones was partying right in the VIP booth next to us and didn't act sidity at all. Buckey was on the strip along with Currency (where da cash at). Jeezy was rollin down the street on his scooter and Carmello was at Wet Willies shutting the place down. But fabolous was in Jerry's while we were there eating. I didnt see as many stars as planned but I seen enough. The club prices werent that bad. If you know how to talk to security and group people together, you can get some good deals.

P.S. There is a place called the Liquor Lounge its on Collins across from Loews hotel. We shut that B/itch down 2 nights in a row. Drink and prices were great. Dont sleep on this place. Back aches, foot ache, and leg cramps all worth it. South Beach 2008 here we come.



I am from Detroit and went to Miami for the first time and had a ball. Unfortunately I didn't party like I wanted to due to the company I kept but I still had fun. I can't wait to go next year. The party at the Mansion on Saturday with Rick Ross, Jeezy, DJ Khalid and MTV was the best party I have ever been too.

It was off the hook!!! Even though it was advertised that TI was going to be there and he didn't show it still was live. I also went to Allen Iverson's party on Monday and we was actually there looking good. It was good to see people from all over partying together and having a good time without any drama. I appreciate and enjoy your newsletters, keep up the good work.



Tanya Brock Culpeper, VA

I visited Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, this was my very first time attending and trust and believe when I say I had a blast - I HAD A BLAST.

I am a beginner biker and fit right in with all the other riders. I must say I felt the southern hospitality coming from all people regardless of where they were from. Our second day there we attended a cook-out sponsored by one of South Carolina's bike clubs - shout-outs to "N THE ZONE MC", representing the ATL.

I attended the bike rally on Sunday all the nice bikes; great food and fun people. I must say everyday I was there was very enjoyable just to be in the atmosphere with all of our beautiful black people!!

As far as clubbing we followed some people to go to the "G-SPOT" and if anyone has not ever been please prep yourself this is not all hyped up as the radio and flyers per traded it to be, it was a hole in the wall but lots of people so don't get your expectations up and its far away from everything else. Besides that everything else was fine, I will definitely be there next year!





I had hella fun in Miami. I saw Busta Rymes in the pizza shop. Young Jeezy said whats up as he was leaving the Jadakiss B-Day bash at Cameo. Diddy was vougue'in on the stage at the club(and he was stickin his bootie out while he was doing it). It was alot of sexy, handsome men on the beach all weekend. There was also a convention(celebrating pride), if u know what i mean, in downtown Miami with a lot of "TWANS" , i hav no prob with them, i just didnt want to make the wrong turn. Miami showed the Bay Area alot of lov. Guys were making it rain on the streets and in the clubs. The clubs were okay, Club Bed was trippin, I didnt get to go to wet willies, but that gives be a reason to go back to miami. I did hook up with somebody, so with that being said MISSION COMPLETE!!!! I had so much fun that everytime i talk about my trip, i get out of breath, it seem like i ran back from miami to the bay. Me and my three girls had hella fun. Whats next! lol.


Hey Terrance,

This is Tennille from Philadelphia, PA and for Memorial weekend I was in Miami. It was as hot as I thought it was going to be (like Cancun usually is) but it was hot enough.

Big Tigger, A.I., Young Jeezy, Mims and Fabolous were the celebrities I spotted down on Collins Ave and in the clubs. The 2nd night out on the town Mims performed at Amika club and the next night at Cameo club, AI threw a party and so did Young Jeezy.

The Cameo Club was jammed packed with wall to wall everything. LOL It was like a sweat box in there and the people were in line by 7 p.m. and the club didn't open until 9. The only thing I was disappointed about at the club scene was they didn't paly any Miami music.

You know, like Uncle Luke, Trina, Trick Daddy, etc. I heard the same songs over and over again and I went to Miami to hear my Uncle Luke. The only time I heard his music was in the stores. I was trying to party like a Rock Star but I couldn't get no MIA music. LMAO!!!

The event was cool for what it was and I make the best out of every situation. My crew connected with some Chicago Sigmas (men) from our hotel (the Dorchester Suites) and we hung out with them the entire weekend. SO we had fun but we won't be gong back next year.

We try a new spot every year. Last year it was the Dominican, the year before Cancun and maybe next year Myrtle Beach. Who knows. I give my experience there a C because I was looking for more of a party scene but it was mostly booty watching plus I was trying to find tickets to the urban fashion show and it seemed like no-one knew what the heck I was talking about.

There was a fashion show down there that weekend right?!!! HAAAAAA maybe not, but I was looking for one. Later.


My name is Tim Lee from Virginia. I've been going to Myrtle Beach BBW for the last 6 years. Even though I've been having a "Blast" each year, I've come to this conclusion.

I truly and strongly believe that BBW should be move to another venue. I've been tryin, each year, to just allow myself to have as much fun as possible and ignore some things about it that I really despise. But, this year, 2007, has reached another level. The treatment that was rendered by the local police was just horrible.

They were passing out citations like "free government cheese". The majority were for the most unbelievable reasons. For instance, $310 tickets for wearing a mask in public; using profanity in public; $200 for raising your engine rpm; women displaying thongs in public. These were just a few. This is not justice or safety practices. This is plain ridiculous!!!!!

Again, I believe that we should move BBW to another area like Jacksonville, FL. I say this not as an act of being on the run.....but to prove to Myrtle Beach, SC that we as Black people have a lot of "Dollar Power". They want to close their businesses, then we should close our deep pockets. Let's prove to them and ourselves that when we stand together, we are the "DOMINANT", not the minority.

I know this may be one of many letters that you guys receive. But, it would be greatly appreciated if you publish this letter on your website. My hope is that it's contagious.

Tim Lee Virginia ---------------------------------------------

Hey Terrance,

Cancun was aiight... I've been going scince 2000(by the way best year ever). The rain on saturday sucked me and my girlz didnt even try to make the boose cruise we figured it would be a washout. The partys were off the chain I had a drunken good time each night, however the DJ needed to shut the hell up YOU CAN NOT TALK OVER EVERY SONG!!!! The overall crowd this year was nothing compared to prior years such as 2002, 2004.Slices wasnt jumpin at all.. anybody who attended back in the day probably cant believe that. I didnt see not 1 celebrity like prior years. I made the best of it and had a good time but I will not be going back.. its defintely for the 20-25 crowd!


Good day: Black Beach weekend was the first weekend that I have attended, and I must say that the crowd was very young, and untasteful. The event could have been a success if the activities were put into place, to gear the crowd and give them something positive to do. Instead they choose to hang out in front of businesses, and fratinized the customers with their fowl mouths, and desrespectful hands of wonder. The concept is a great idea along with the location, it just needs some tasteful minds bringing it all together in order to enjoy. Of coarse the police was in full effect, and I could see why, the youngsters give law inforcement no choice. Females.................lost generation. Although all the females were beautiful, they needed to act in such a form.



All I can say is " it don't make any since" this was my second year to Blk Bike week and it's crazy the people FINE people, this year i let my son's go with me to have there first experience. well all i can say is they are saving there dough for next year. It is so nice to be SINGLE. I want to learn how to ride a bike now. GOD bless, Brnsuga in Fl.




Yo T what up! I have to give Cancun 07 a B+, The parties at Daddy O's were on and poppin! The Booze Cruise was unorganized and would NOT DO IT AGAIN ! The white party was too crowded and too stressfull just to get into! The Beach Party on Sat was the only Beach Party that was cool! NO OPEN BAR....What's the cover for? To stand around???? And that Tea Bag stuff...come on man we need to respect our Blck Woman more than that! How are theuy going to be in the mood to party with that stuff going on! Keep in mind I've been going since 99' when the *Allstarfiesta had you NOT even going to the clubs! Don't get me wrong "O" is definitely doing his this..but nothing beats LIL customer service.

Rich from Cali!

This weekend in Miami was cool, but it is to over rated!!!! The clubs were to DAMN expensive ($100 & up)!!! Akon & T-Pain was supposed to be at "The Opium" and never showed up. I made the best of the trip on the beach and took alot of pictures, but I don't think I will ever go back for Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Black Bike Week was a great! This was my first year. The weather was perfect. Although I don't ride, there were some really cool bikes in town. The parties were cool but for big weekends like this, they should let the clubs stay open past 2am. I give Black Bike Week 07 a B: real chill relaxing weekend. I will be back.

Roxi from PI


my name is Gina Knuckles and I rep Flint Michigan. My so called "friends " back'd out on me @ the last minute. But I will tell you that long 13hour drive baby was worth it. Didn't see any celeb's but you could not tell, by how deep we were @ myrtle beach black bike week. I had a blast partied like a rock star. Rode bikes and i enjoy'd it so much i am going to take classes and purchase my own bike. It was the best time i ever had. It was like a car show bike show and everyone show'd uch love to one another and that was the best thing. It was beautiful i recommend it to all. Next year i will go back as a rider!


My name is Marcus from Milwaukee and I went my girl and a couple friends of mines. We had the time of our lives down in Miami. I must first say that I am upset to read some of the comments made about the Cameo. Maybe you guys went on the wrong night. We went when Allen Iverson, Fabolous, Hurricane and DJ Drama were there and it was the best club I’ve went to that whole weekend. We only paid $50 to get in and DJ Drama kept it live all night long.

We also went to Lil Boosie’s party and it was ok expect the fact that he didn’t hit the stage until 4:30am and you could tell everyone was getting restless waiting for him. On the strip, I seen and took some pictures with Young Jeezy and on a scooter and Buckey from Flavor in Love. Over all I would give Memorial Day in Miami an A and the only reason it is not an A+ is because I could not find a scooter for myself because everyone was sold out


Hey Terrrence, This was my first year at the Cancun Jumpoff, and I will be back next year. Just a note for people who stay in the all inclusive hotels, you CANNOT bring anyone that is not from that hotel to your room. I almost got arrested trying to sneak this hot ass man up to my room. They are serious about those room bands, so make sure you are staying at the RIU or somewhere close to all of the action. Other than that, it was a good time.

Carol in Seattle


All I have to say was...IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN

Fat Tuesdays on South Beach was JAMMIN, they men were fine and the girls were rockin their hips. This was my first time going and I have to admit that will be one event that will be on my agenda every year. Memorial weekend on South Beach was like art in motion, because black people are so beautiful when they are having fun


I had a ball when I went me and my homegirls didnt even get a room....we knew so many people dowen there and I knew people in bike clubs.....Damn I maybe got 3 hours worth of sleep the whole time...I am going back next year ....


i had a blast a black bike week 07 i went with a fat lame ass dude but i meet some really nice guys from all over so i had funnnn!and i believe that all big girls should stick together when one wear something that isnt right you should tell her dont let your big friend make a big fool of herself.


Cancun, Mexico

All I have to say is a waste of time and money. I paid over three hundreds dollars for these party packages and then I find out that the clubs were charging almost 80 percent less then what I paid had I just paid at the door. The white linen party was a joke. I stood in line for almost three hours and could never get in. AND IF YOU WERE NOT TEABAGGING THE PROMOTORS YOU WAS NOT GETTING IN! The Boose Cruise HORRIBLE, if you were there you know what I am talking about. The promotors for this party should have honored the people that payed in advance, but instead they showed more luv to the people who was paying at the door. This trip was horrible. I should have went to Miami like I planned. TO ALL WHO PLAN ON GOING TO CANCUN NEXT YEAR, DONT. TAKE MY WORD.

And for the ladies, way more sexy men in Miami and Myrtle Beach. Tis All


I went to Myrtle Beach for black bike week and I will have to say and I am sure there are people that would agree with my statement as well.. Myrtle Beach has turned into a car show it was very hard for the bikes to ride and be able to roll due to all the cars and each year it gets worse. People i spoke with and comments i overheard was pretty much the same thing so i am sure Miami will be getting some of the Myrtle Beach crowd next year. Other than the cars taking over bike week, it was fun.


So you wanna know how my weekend went?? well, i almost died!!!! Yup this memorial day weekend was one of the most memorable of them all.. Let me tell ya it started on Saturday, it was pretty nice outside we decided2get a bite2eat from the miami subs on collins where we met "GIVE THANX", this brotha was a trip yelling "give thanks" all threw the restaurant..hes some kinda vj/dj on XM radio(he told us like 3x's or more).Then he spit his bilingual lingual on the staff since they werent really concerned w/getting the food 2the customers that paid, but NEway that wasnt gonna stop us...

as we waited patiently4the first smoothie of our day we decided 2hit the beach up, so afta spiking the smoothies with my vodka we were ready 2go2the beach........it was soooooo nice out saturday nite, atleast thats how i felt.(i was tore up) sooo not2much went down saturday 4me. Just a lovely day w/the boo..

...now here we go: Sunday(27 2+7=9) heres to you.... we get up, have breakfast and start out for the beach2go swimmin' and chillin in the sun(my boo had planned it out we were gonna stay @the beach till evening) So we are havin a ball splashing water on each other and just havin' fun...although it wasnt long till all that fun came2 an death defying halt!!!!!!

we are swimming w/these floating devices, and my boo goes lets go 2the sandbar, i thought like cool, hell yeah cause we could see it, and plus we had been2the sandbar b4, no problem..atleast thats what i thought untillllll..the pull....the freekin'waves were pulling so strong/we got pulled in the rip current!

That shit freaked me out soooo bad i really thought i was going 2die, the both ofus. i didnt want2panic out there sooo i would paddle for a bit then stop and let the waves pull me in, but let me tell ya, that water aint shit2fuck round wit, thank God we made it out but unfortuneately someone wasnt as lucky as we were..

EVEN THOUGH WE WERE ALMOST OUTTA HERE, THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND WEVE HAD IN A LONG TYME.....i mean where else can u go, get f'd up c all these celebs, not2mention the hott girls and boyz that were there, and almost lose ya life,(WITH A BIG SMILE, A SLIGHT CHUCKLE, AND AN EXCRUCIATING THOUGHT OF WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKN'!!!)





I attended Black Bike Week for Memorial weekend in Myrtle Beach. This is my second time going and each time it gets better and better. I am now learning the ropes of how to hang especially if you dont know where all the happening spots are . I enjoy the vibe that is there . I knew people that actually are from a bike club so it was easier to ride. I don't feel the whole being half naked to get attention thing , but to each is own. I was there from friday to sunday nite and i enjoyed each and every nite.

I think during the whole trip i got 2 hrs of sleep . I came from Delaware so i had a nice drive but the anxiety that i had to get there kept me up the whole trip . A word to the wise if you are a female and you go with other females make sure they have no jealousy issues and they are able to have a good time with or with out you just in case you dip off and want to meet with someone .

Cause there is so much to do , meeting with so many new people you have no time to actually spend chilling in one spot. To wrap it up in a nut shell i had a great experience and i will go back next year and have even more fun .I didn't see any celebrities but I heard that Da Brat was in the area and that Rick Ross was there and fell off what every he was driving on.

Shout out to the Oyster Bar on Kings Hwy Jason the bartender was the greatest he told me funny stories about what he sees every year at Bike week and i had my first shot of Petron there.

The bar is off the hook actually , the owner was drinking with us and he was throwing money off of the roof. As far as hooking up with someone yes i did but i knew the person already. We had been talking on the phone off and on but once we met up there and had a couple of drinks and going to the beach at 4am in the morning you know something something went down , but i don't regret one moment of it .I give my experience a A+.



I had a great time in Miami Memorial Weekend once again this year. This is my third year going and I had a blast. I went to Cameo Saturday night and Faboulus was there. That club was amazing it is really huge and I like the VIP treatment to! I went with only one of my homegirls because everyone always cancels out as usual so it was just me, her and two of my homeboys, but we still had a blast.

I wish that we could have done more, we went to Wet Willies and we saw DJ Clue he was nice and let us take a picture with him. The first day that we got there we saw White Boy from the I Love New York show driving a Bentley. We also got tatto's it was her first my third.

The last night that we were there we saw Busta-Rymes with his fine self getting ready to go in Cameo, no one spotted him but at first, but I did!

I will defintely go back to Miami again and again but I will defintely bring more MOENY once again! You have to pay to play in MIAMI!!! But overall I will give MIAMI an A+

Shaneik Greeville, SC



Who ever that was that said Cancun was a mature crowd must have only been 18 years old, I am 34 and I felt as though I could have brought my teenage daughter and she would have had a better time. Yeah, there were alot of cuties but, none appeared to be over 25. I thought this was to be the 25-35 crowd, that is false advertisement. I bought the party package but, after all the rude young guys at Daddy O's on the first night I was afraid to go to the the wear what you dare party.

If guys dont know how to act when women are fully dressed I would not dare go to wear what you dare or any of the pool parties. I made an attempt at the booze cruise but, the wait in line (long after 3:00) and the people pushing to get to the front of the line as though there wasn't already people waiting, made me just turn around and go back to my resort.

I did not make another attempt at any other events, frankly I feel as though someone owes me some money back. I went to Cancun because Miami was a young crowd and once again I was very disappointed. When you actually have a mature and sophisticated event please let me know.


My name is Nikki from Brooklyn, NY and I went to Cancun for Memorial weekend. This was my second time in Cancun and I must say that I enjoyed it more last year. To me, the events were not organized this year, especially the Booze Cruise. Last year there were less people and about three boats departing from Fat Tuesdays. This year there were more people and less boats, which did not make any sense to me.

It was pouring raining and like 1000 people were out there getting wet waiting for the next boat, which I heard was the last boat taking people to the Island and from the Island. My friend and I turned back around and went back to the hotel b/c it was not worth getting wet.

The pool party did not start at 4:00pm like the party package said. I think whoever organized it this year did not do a good job. Overall, I had fun at the parties, the wear what you dare and the white affair was awesome. However, I think this might be my last time going to Cancun for memorial weekend.


Hey Terrance, this is yo girl from the "D",

Well here is my grade for the Cancun Jumpoff- strong B++ weak A-

Good points: -Omodele/"O" International, You, and Ben definitely made a sister feel at home in Cancun. -Definately off the hook the entire weekend!! in fact the White Party was problably the livest party that I have ever attended! The music, the DJs, the whole package. All parties were equally as live (beach & club) -Plenty of eye candy! Men and Women not too old and not too young.(Plenty of trouble to get into!) -If you are into non-stop partying and kickin it from 4-8pm and then 11-7am then you were definitely in the right spot.

Things I could have done without: - TEA BAG! Yeah i said it, I am in the safety of my own home and I donot have to worry about being beaten to bloody pulp because I am not DOWN with the MOVEMENT! As Ronnie/216 stated, the song is filth! And it seemed to be the anthem for the weekend. I think it's an east coast thang - The Booze Cruise. The Booze Cruise was not ENTIRELY whack, however the long to 2 hour wait to board the boat, the bad weather and teetering boat, and the ridiculously long dance contest put a damper on the evening. *Had the weather been better, had we left on time, and had the DJ started the party earlier, the Booze Cruise would have been a lot hotter.

Overall: Hot event! I prolably would do again. I might even give the booze cruise another shot. "O" you knOw how to throw a party! Give Cancun a shot instead of Miami, I thought it was a nice change of pace. Holla! C-licious.


Hi my name is Tajuana and I'm from Brooklyn, NY. Well first I would like to say I had a wonderful time in Cancun. It was bananas out there. It was a mature crowd as advertised and the parties were poppin!! I had so much fun at the Wear What U Dare party and the Players Party. The only thing I would change is the way the booze cruise was set up (there wasn't enough boats) and the location of the all white party (it should've been in The City because it was sooo packed in DadyO's). Other than that I had a ball. I met a lot of interesting people (in other words good looking brothers!) I'm definitely attended next year for the 6th anniversary of CANCUN JUMPOFF!!!


Ok...my name is Gigi, I visited Cancun for the first time. Overall I had a great time but there were a couple situations that put a damper on my parade...It wasn't ALL bad but my beef is with the party promotors...They are blessed to have young, black, educated people want to attend their events...however they are extremely greedy and rude to the people who support them...

I saw plenty of bouncers start fights, curse at people, and yell for no reason...they have bands that were sold for over $100 for a party where you are suppose to be able to walk right in...lol, didn't happen...then they have the Booze Cruise...you would think with them selling thousands of tickets they would have more than 1 boat to carry the patrons back and forth...we stood in line for hours in the rain, then got thru the gate only to be told the boat was full...

it then started to rain even harder and we were forced 2 walk back to our hotel, soaked, with a boarding pass that we paid $120 for in which we were told were not refundable but if we wanted to wait in the rain for yet another 1 1/2, not counting the 2 hours we already waited in line, then we could still make the cruise...I was happy with the beach, and most of the patrons of then event but feel the party promotors need to be kissing our ass for supporting instead of trying to kick asses of the very same people who make them rich....

Gerren (Gigi)


Wow!!! Is all I can say about Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, SC. Atlanta, GA was representing very hard at BBW!!!This was me and girls first time going and can I say we didn't get back to the hotel until 4am every night. We arrived Friday afternoon and sat in traffic for an hour just to get to our hotel.

After we checked-in, we got real jazzy and walked the strip meeting all types of people from all parts of the US. Saturday was no different. We hit the beach, and hit the cookout/pool parties we were invited to. There were so many bikes to choose from and the dudes was willing to let any chick take a ride.

I must say the dudes was looking right, everyone brought their "A" game, for real!!! And lets not talk about the cars, oh my goodness!! From the "Mr Best Buy", to "Crown Royal", to the "Twix", they were all hot. I must say the police was pretty cool. I didn't see them bother anyone hardly. We already booked our hotel for next yr. Thanks alot for the information, keep the newsletters coming!

SW (Atlanta, GA)


Memorial Day Weekend is the hottest weekend of the year with over 5 major events on one weekend. Black Bike Week, Urban Beach Week, Cancun Jumpoff, Urban Paradise in Dominican Republic, Tom Joyner Cruise

We asked some of out subscribers to tell us how it went for them and here is what they said.


Hi my names Alana, me and 3 friends came all the way from London, yes that's right!! we came all the way from the UK just to go to Miami memorial weekend, and it was fantastic, we had a ball and soooo much fun.

There is nothing in London like this, so after coming in 2006, I knew I had to be there in 2007. We stayed in a hotel on 10th and Collins, so we were right in the heart of everything.

We went to the top clubs like Mansion, Opium/Prive and Cameo. I have to admit out of all the clubs Opium was the best, the DJ there played the best music, Cameo in my opinion was nothing to talk about, it just felt like a regular club night, not a special weekend night.

We met RedMan; and of course took a picture with him, we also saw Diddy, when he was at Cameo and a few others. We met and connected with loads of people (something to do with our accent I think!!) people (especially men) are so surprised to see black women from the UK!!!

Cons of the weekend:

1) Its a special weekend, so the prices of clubs are going to be hiked up....but if a club is going to draw ladies (E.g first 100 ladies free for club Cameo, the night Diddy was there) they need to stick to that rule and not change their minds at the last minute.

2) The security at Club Cameo were letting people in the damn line, that got me mad. Promoter didn't give a damn when we told him what happened ( some hospitality for people that came across the Atlantic to be there)

3) Wanted to see if we could meet Diddy (Cameo again), we were told NO! rudely, I just thought being that we came from so far for that special weekend, they would maybe allow us a hello and a picture, but I guess no special treatment!!

We will be back in 2008, and give the weekend grade A!! Who ever missed this you should be ashamed!! you better start saving from now for next year!! oh yeah must rent scooters next time!!


Hello My name is Butter, I represent Cincinnati. I had a damn blast in Miami at Urban Beach Week! I've been to Spring Fest 06' and I went to Miami in July 06', but this was the busiest I've ever seen South Beach. Men and women from all over lined Washington and Collins Ave. The party was non-stop and the streets were packed 24hours a day.

All the clubs was off the chain, except Club Suite. We waited in the line to get in from 11:30pm until 1:30pm (we are BIG fans of Jeezy and Jim Jones!) then at about 1pm, a bouncer announced that the club was raising the price of admission from 40.00 to 100.00. I complained to the point of no return and a nice lady in the front let me and my girl in for 60.00.

We met and partied with Jeezy, Fabulous performed at the Mansion on Friday, and he performed at Cameo on Saturday. Carmello Anthony was at Opium on Sunday, and Lil' Wayne and Trina was at a hole in the wall club on Thursday, both rapping they hearts out to each other. I had a ball and I connected with a lot of New York, Philly, Baltimore, and Down South Cats...We definitely partied like ROCK STARRS!


My name is Erika from Augusta, GA Grade B I had a nice time, but of course the cops had a lot to say about parking. Also my heart goes out to all the riders who lost their lives or loved ones.


visited Miami and I had a ball. I am looking forward to visiting some of the other locations to kick it and hang out. Keep me updated on the next few places that you plan to host some events and I will be sure to attend. Black Beach knows how to keep the party jumping. Give some shouts out to South Beach in Miami.


Hey Terrance, I am a Black Beach week subscriber and I finally have something to say. I am born and raised in Miami and now live in Hollywood 10 Miles outside of Miami. I love to hang out during Memorial Day weekend but I hate South Beach ( I will explain later).

For the past 3 years I have hit Urban Beach week. I really enjoy myself and the vibe has always been GREAT! Not this year.

Less people attended this year which wasn't so bad it made it easy to get parking and the flow of traffic over each bridge onto the beach was non existent. But here come the problems the police were more visible than ever. You saw cop lights on every major corner and street.

On Washington Ave you had cops with flashlights who were walking up to cars as they stop due to traffic and would check there cars and pat them down in there cars. Now this happen to two cars in front of the one I was in which we cars that were tricked out and contained Black males. When the got to the car I was in they didn't even bother to check us or even the White males in the car behind us.

Go figure! I even had a cop disrespect me by loudly making dirty comments about my body and when I confronted him he was speechless. Wet Willies charged a $10 cover charge just for the freakin holiday which they never charge you to go up in there. The clubs out there are not usually jumping that beg you to come into there had the nerve to be charging $50 to come in their garbage ass clubs. They only do this because they know the out of towners don't know any better so they punk them. Then some of the men out there we the lowest forms of men I have ever seen, smelt and heard in my life.

I hate men who lack qualities to get a woman who have to grab and pull on you to get your attention and make nasty ass comments because the lack pu**y in their life. Grow the f**k up gentlemen. I hate going to South Beach because of it's cruel past against Black people and it's bold racist existence right now. That place is no better to Black people now then it was 40+ years ago. The hate is just shown in other ways vs. how it was just out there years ago.

People do ya home work on South Beach and you will have a different view of the so called "Paradise". I am done with Urban Beach week it was a mess, it was racially uncomfortable and tired. So let me know what will be jumpin next year because I need a new experience!

SoBe Hater! And I have no shame about it!!!!


Well, I did attend the event in Miami for Sunday. It was a lot of people as usual and everything for the many hours I was present appeared to have been well to a certain extent. I seen one female get arrested because she was smoking marijuana. The cops that arrested her was in regula clothing looking like college students with back-packs on. The police was very coordial in conducting their jobs and they had a female with them to search the young lady. The young lady should have took into consideration that this is a main event every year, security is tight, police from various cities join forces, and the marijuana is illegal. I did not run into any celebrities during this visit and did not hit the club scene because the price gauging. other than that I had a great time and will go back on next year! Thanks

PS: I have no pictures because I left the camera!


I attended black bikers week. It was off the hook, but very crowded. The police were not a pain in the ass this year like other years. The ladies were ghetto fabulous as usual. I went to sleep one night about 12am and there was a fire in the hotel we all had to go outside and the strip was jumpin at 4:30am as if it was 10pm. I give the event an A-


This was my first year attending Miami Springfest and it was off the chain!!! My husband and I went and so did my best friend and her husband. We busted our butts at the gym so that we could be fly and I must say, yes we were, completely had our sexy on!! As a matter of fact some one who claimed to be your photographer took our pictures, but I haven't seen them on your site yet. He said give it 3 weeks, so we'll see if that ever happens.

We stayed at the Dorchester Suites, great service, off the chain suites and most importantly in the heart of everything!! We saw Jim Jones across the street, he spoke and was cool, we saw Lyfe Jennings on beach strip on a scooter, he was cool, Chingy and his girl were making a u-turn in a Land Rover on the strip, he acted like he wasn't nobody, kinda rude. We got hugs and kisses from young Lloyd doing his thing at the concert, signing autographs and taking pictures.

The clubs were hot and we partied ALL NIGHT LONG and everyone was looking fly gettin their dance all the way on. The concert was so completely hot, I lost my voice, P-Diddy and Yung Joc definitely did their thing, made the crowd, oh so crunk. It was the best $45 we ever spent on a ticket. We danced so hard in the aisles, they put us on the camera for Radio One. I can't say nuthin, but I'll be back next year!! Yeah, I'd give it an "A"!! I'm Nikol, representin' Baton Rouge!!!


ok. i follow your calendar though out the year. let me advice those on South Beach Miami Memorial Day Weekend. This use to be the hottest event of the year in America. It has now become the cities way to increase its revenue. No question, the hotels and restaurants boosted their prices knowing all the business they receive during this time of the year. Yes their are a lot of beautiful women, from all over. 50% of the place is tri-state area people if not more (CT, NY, NJ).

Since i fly 1st class, my weekend started off with 2 women passing me their numbers on the flight. Me and 5 other friends had a 22 passenger stretch limo take us to the Loews at 1601 Collins Avenue. The Loews was heavy on security. No one could walk in that did not have a drivers license and room key. You could only have 2 guest per room and they would have to put their names into the hotels system. Say now you would like to invite a 4th person. That person would have to pay 30.00 to enter, small fee.

This must hurt the women the most since half the times i've stayed at the Loews (the last 7yrs) the women seem to pack up to 8 people in a room and of course tell the front desk they are bringing 2. Too bad cheap skates, lol. Plus the clubs hit women up from 50.00 to 100.00 when they are so use to walking in for free, love it!! lol. Heres the downfall. The reason why slavery lasted so much longer in the south, the ignorance. Southern men who have no game, don't know how to talk to a woman, most likely more use to talking to prostitutes or hoes. and number one line all weekend was "a bay bay!" killing me to hear that over and over again.

Then you had the super car/truck rental. I never seen so many big whips, big rims and custom paint jobs in my life. Rental whips to get ass. To all those cats, you make me sick. Then half these southern cats are so willing to pay, they though that at a chick from start, pitiful. And then again 50% of the women were hoes/prostitutes so if that's your thing, this is where you should be. Let me continue...

The main issue in Miami and the reason after 7yrs of travelling there and staying at the Loews why i will never return again is not only the price hikes but the IGNORANCE. after being harassed, grabbed, cursed at, pinched, pulled and so much more, it leaves an anger or change of attitude in the women that eventually kill the entire trip for us guys from the east coast that are use to working the gift of gab to get any woman we want must then work so much harder.

Number 2, ALL INCLUSIVE sounds so so much better. I rather pay half the price and still have all the beautiful women without the noisy train horns on these super vehicles or paying 80.00 for 2 chicken parms with 2 drinks or the cops coming up to my limo requesting me to "turn my radio down or roll up your windows". I think that sums it up.



Hello I'm Luis and I'm a member of blackbeachweek and I live in Miami. I'm about 30 min driving distance from where they had that urban festival in south beach. It was an excellent festival and I strongly advise a lot of people to go if you love great restaurants,great bars & clubs,great hotels and a great crowd.

I went Sat,Sun & Mon and it was packed. I went sat around 6am and i thought it would b dead and all of a sudden i said to myself "don't you people ever sleep" The party never stops in south beach. They got great hotels and the women were incredible. I talked to a few from out of town and they love it here. I had the one from Atlanta and she wants to move to Miami. I'm a people person and i love to go to News Cafe to watch people go by. Sometimes i'll take my dog with me.


My name is De'Aundra Garvin and Attaria Woods

Detroit, Michigan is where we are from.

I would just like to say I loved every day the men where soooooooooooooo nice and they treated us to everything big kisses to all the men from the east coast D.C, Philly, Baltimore, V.A, and New York. The hotel Paradise on South Ocean Blvd. and 21st is A MUST, the hotel is not even a year old the service was great and the hotel was in the middle of the strip but it was quite and peaceful, I will be back forever or as long as I can lift my legg and get on a bike.

My heart go out to those who lost there friends or love ones in the accident over the weekend.

Still Parting like a Rock Star!

De'Aundra Garvin


First time in Miami and I wish I would have went another time. Now it may have been what folks were talking about back in the day.....but I guess I'm slow and everybody moving a step ahead of me on that big boy shit. Lots of young folks (16-24) and old men chasing after the young folks. Most of the cool people were from up north like New York. But I did not enjoy my time. Its time to fly across water for any event these days because everything else is now dead.

Ka'Tisha Lashay








I've been several places, Hawaii 4 the pro bowl, fight night in Vegas, Memorial Day in Miami, Cancun, Jamaica, etc... But NONE can compare to Urban Paradise Weekend in Punta Cana. It was RIDICULOUS. Everybody that was there, was there too have a good time. There wasn't any drama. Everyone was friendly and well behaved.

The parties were held at club mangu and every night they got CRAZIER! DJ S&S, Tony Touch, Biz Markie and Kid Capri did their damn thang!!!!

Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff was also in the building. The celebrities that were in attendance were very approachable and they took pics with fans without a problem.

Tray Brooklyn, NY


My experience in Myrtle Beach was one I would soon like to forget. I got to Myrtle Beach Thursday May 24 had just taking my bike off the trailer decided to go get something to eat. When I came out of the restuarant only to find that my bike was missing. So I called the police to report it stolen. After getting them to run my tags I come to find out they had took my bike. So after showing my registration and calling all the way to Virginia to have my girlfriend fax my title to prove my ownership. they still wouldn't release my bike to me. Today is Tuesday May 29 I had to leave my bike there, and I still to this day haven't received my bike back. When I call there I get the run around. I personally feel that the target blacks during Black Bike Week. I asked one of the police officers about how many bikes were taken during Harley Davidson week and he told me none that he knew


had soooo much fun in Myrtle Beach. It was not my first time going. This year was different b/c we had a room right on the strip. I did not get to attend a lot of the parties. I was interested in going to the club that had DJ Drama there. I did not get a flyer. I was walking down the strip and saw the flyer on the ground. By then it was like 12 or 1.

I would suggest maybe putting flyers or some type of posting in the hotel, motel or resort. Because other than that you don't know unless you bump into someone on the strip or word of mouth. Another thing that tore my nerves up was them having the streets blocked off. In my opinion when you start closing off and blocking streets it really only makes things worse. The local police office need to realize it's bike week and a holiday weekend there is going to be traffic and people everywhere.

I say have all your ducks in a row and make sure enough officers are out to handle this type of environment. Also I hate the way some of the officers treated us ( young black people )! Man we stopped in the middle of the street b/c an officer was leaning on the wooden fence that blocks the street. We wanted to ask him for directions and also find a place to park were we would not be towed. He then said " keep it moving don't be looking at me. Go on Drive! Drive! Now that was just so rude.

There was a few more incidents that occurred where I saw officers talking and treating people in an unkind manner. I don't have the time to describe in full detail this particular situation nor the other ones. So send this to Law Enforcement. Not everyone that went down there this weekend intended to cause trouble. Some people such as myself and friends went down there to enjoy the holiday weekend. We're young black professionals and we wanted to kick back and enjoy the beach and festivities going on. I give the whole event an "A" because I partied like a rock star and had a good time! I will be back next year if I can't afford to go to Miami!!!!! Myrtle beach is the next best thing!!!! Picks coming soon....

Thank you, Amanda McCoy


My name is Jennifer and I'm from South Carolina. We live about an hour away from MB and decided to ride down Sat to the beach. Man what a crowd of people and some great looking bikes and cars. We had a great time and plan on returning in the furture for more fun like we enjoyed this past weekend.


Ashley in Virginia.

My husband and I attended black bike week for the first time this year. We absolutely loved it and will definitely make this a yearly thing.


What's up Terrence

This is Tiffany representing Baltimore, MD. I went to Myrtle Beach Bike Week this year for Memorial Day Weekend and this will be my last year going. I went to bike week in 04 and 05 and this year was nothing compared to the previous years. I think people got confused about what BIKE WEEK is because I felt like I was at a car show. I always looked forward to bike week; the build up while driving down and than the excitement when you arrive, there was none. This year I was ready to go home and that has never happened. There were so many cars and little boys driving them and not enough bikes with sexy men riding them. The entire atmosphere was different. I don't know where all the ryders were but they were not in Myrtle beach.

I don't even want to mention all the accidents that was happening down there and I think it was due to so many cars being there. It can be expected to see 1 accident or so, but I was seeing 2 and 3 accidents a day. That is bad and can really change your attitude about hopping on the back of a bike. A lot of people that I spoke to who previously attended agreed that things have changed. For the first timers, I'm sure they had fun because they did not no any better. This will be my last trip, I think it is time to try something new. You said that Cancun was the jumpoff, well I will see you next year there.

Holla at you girl. Tiff


My name is Tonya I am from Wilson N.C. My friend and I went to bike fest this year and it has went down hill from all the years that we have been going. There were women walking around in outrageous outfits that look like they were 2 sizes to small and there were a bunch of teenagers down there and the only good time that we had was when we rode the bikes and went to Studbakers to see Little Boosie and he was on stage for a hot 20 minutes and that was it. I think that the atmosphere was just for kids and too many lives were lost again this year. We went down to Atlantic Beach and that seem to be better than Mrytle Beach. So if I was to go again next year I will go down to Atlantic beach instead of Mrytle Beach. This year Bike fest I will give it a D


went to the black bike in Myrtle Beach. Man there were to many go looking honeys but, the only thing that messed it was to many cars. It was BLACK BIKE WEEK not Black Car week or Black SUV week. There were also to many kids from the looks of it some may have ben 13 on up. Most guys can get a bike for what they spend in wheels and tires for OLD cars they drive.


Terrence, i follow your letter as much as you can. i attend mb black bike week.....tons of people events etc......how ever no sporting events etc.......run fashion ....i would like to change that....i would like to discuss with you about helping put together some events upcoming during these events.....i want to do something on a crusie ship.......

Thanks for your time !

Brian Mills CEO 3pt splash entertainment


had a ball. I didn't meet any celebrities. This was my first trip and I will be attending next year. Hopefully I will be on my own bike!! The ladies represented big time on the bikes! I saw tght whips and plenty of sexy men! I will be talking about this vacation until I go back nex year!

TreCiera D. Crawford


Hello Terrance,

This is Ronnie from Boston also known as room # 261 (LMAO). I had the best time in Cancun. I want to give the event a grade of B, because even though the weather was unpredictable, people just stood around at the pool parties. The DJ's that kept the "Teabag" song on repeat are the other reason I can not give an A. Horrible song. The most important reason why the grade isn't perfect, is because the BOOZE CRUISE. Need I say anymore? The crowd seemed to be forgiving once we got to the island, well at least the ladies forgot about the wait, once the gentlemen hit the stage. I was expecting sooooo much more. Last thing I want to put out there, I met Terrance and Ben, from Black Beach Week and I also got to meet Omar from "O" international and ya'll are cool people, definitely down to earth. I'll be in Cancun next year, but I will skip the Booze Cruise. Thank ya'll for everything!


Ive been at Bike week before. I decided last year to try something new so I went to Miami in 06. I really didnt feel it like that. I missed the realness of the true south in Myrtle Beach. They Keep it real in Myrtle. The cars are all tight and you know the ladys roll. No reason for you not to have a good time there. Breakers was pop n off. Studeabakers kept it crump. New artist at Kryptonite trying to blow up. More Artist need to bring it to Myrtle to the realness. Loved it death!!!! As always and I will be back in Myrtle next yr!! The heart of it all!!


To All My Urban Family,

I attended Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, NC. This is my fourth year attend as a member of the bike community and 2nd year as a family member of the Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Division. It is with great honor that I held as a motorcyclist but as an African-American Woman I was degraded. Not by the white man, no not even by my black brothers but by my own race and own gender. I had sistas working around the street shaking there *ss to get on anybodies motorcycle. I heard one conversation go something like this " Can I ride? (female) let me see you from the back? Hell Naw! (Male replied). Girls, walking the strip that were so young, marketing the body and having one night stands with men they will never see again. And my ladies and lil sisters wonder way men treat us like sh*t under neath their feet. the only other problem I had. It is Black Bike Week, key word here is BIKE, everyone that does not have two wheels you or our admires please respect us and show us some love. Riding on the two-wheels is dangerous enough but when you have a monto carlo sitting on 28" jacked up about 3 feet and you sitting side ways dipping in and out of traffic. scares me and makes me realize you have no love and respect for the weekend so stay your *ss home.

Of course the cops did their thing that goes with out saying but if anyone reads this that word like a word of advice for 2008 Black Bike Week make us a motorcycle lane on the two main streets- Ocean Blvd and Kings Hwy. This way you help cut down on traffic and you avoid motorcycle jumping traffic and receiving tickets because we cant sit in traffic as cars can without running hot!

Thanks for the opportunity to express my concerns. The weekend I would have to give a B. Only because I was confused if it was focused around cars, trucks, or motorcycles and the crowd disrepected us the most. The events and activites we great the bonding and love between the bike clubs and independent riders were tight. And YES! The Ruff Ryders held the city down!

Barbara-Bubbles 1st Lady of Ruff Ryders of Jax


New Friends, Celebriteis, Parties, Walking

New Friends

I had a ball in Miami this year. I went solo, due to last minute cancellations made by "friends". Let me tell you, this was the best decision I ever made to go anyway. I met a group of the coolest people from Chicago while chilling in Wet Willies...these girls quickly became my friends, they invited me to spend the rest of my weekend with them. When I tell you we partied the entire weekend, this is an understatement.


We saw Young Jeezy riding his motorbike on Ocean Drive. Coolest cat ever, stopped for photos and autographs. Bishop Don Juan was all pimped out in his white suit, holding his classic pimp glass on the beach, picking out women to interview in reference to "relationships", for a possible upcoming show. Although I didn't see as many celebrities as I wanted to see, still had a blast.


We ended up in Club NiKki Beach on Sunday Night, we had our own party and table for the night, sipping on Grey Goose with some of the coolest guys from Chicago (real hypestgentlement).

We also went to one of the pool parties at Hotel Victor (courtesy of my new wild and beautiful friends from Chicago, we were able to make it through the velvet rope, thanks to new ball player friends they met over the weekend)...Everyone was dancing poolside to the latest hits, as well as old school classics...Had a ball....

The Walking...

Last, the walking......miles and miles of walking the strip, continuously meeting sexy, horny, intellectual, fine, big, bulky, tall, short...you name it, we met them! The rides, of cars is always exciting to watch...I have been to Urban Beach Week for the past three years, I have to say, by far...this is the best I have ever had....My legs are still killing me from all the walking..

In Conclusion

This event gets an A. Although Miami Beach PD was in full force, they were pretty much enjoying the view as much as we were....Legs cramping, feet hurting, and if asked if I would do it again...YES!! I had a ball thanks to Chi-Town's finest who treated me with much love...."A Taste of Chicago" is possibly next on the agenda!


West Palm Beach, FL


Hi Terrance,

My name is Jeanie I am originally from New Jersey. I have been attending Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach each Memorial Day weekend for 7 years. It is a great way to let loose from the stresses in every day life. Overall, the weekend is a blast, full of more bikes than you have ever seen in one location, unique cars that are keep you looking for what could possibly be next and the people --- oh, the people!!! The only downside is how KOUNTRY some of the people are. I'm talkin' "BIG" women in bikinis with multi-colored up-dos and men that don't brush their teeth and have dirty fingernails!!! It seems to be getting worse each year. When will they ever learn??? Don't get me wrong, there are beautiful people too. But I have found to truly enjoy the experience, you have to get away from the strip on Saturday day and night. Thursday, Friday and Sunday on the strip are more to my liking. I will be back again next year.


all I have to say is hey bey...... bey....... Everyone who was down in south cacalack know what IM talkin bout. That was the damn theme song of the whole trip. Thats song is hot to dealth and I will be bringing it back home to ct. Myrlte was off the damn hook. Bikes, Bikes and more bikes. I saw some the most amazing picture perfect bikes cruisin the strip.Ive been sayin for some years now I want to learn how to ride but now after seeing these chicks riding...... inspired me even more.......When I say these broads was ridin......they was ridin. Ive been to mia on memeorial day 2 years ago and its was off the hook too, but something about these bikers and their country accents did it for me. It was bananas........... I will definetley be back next year.

Thank you



Hey, it's Tasha from Cleveland,

The Cancun Jump off 07 was off the chain. Tea bag was the Anthem... Is you dippin?



I give Bike Fest in Myrtle Beach B+ overall. I'd never been before so I really didn't know what to expect. I wasn't disappointed though. There were guys EVERYWHERE! I saw a lot of girls that were dressed like they had absolutely no sense, so I know the guys were not upset at all. Besides shielding my face from the cameras and holding on for dear life as I took my first motorcycle ride, I kicked it on the strip, at the beach and at the club. Hurricane (is that his name?), the A Bay Bay guy was at Club Kryptonite on Friday, and it was open until 4. . . that club was HOT that night. We went back again on Saturday and they closed at 2! Shaq was in the mix that night. They didn't even warn us they were closing early. I would have been highly upset if I had paid to get in. My girls and I do plan to go back next year before we change to another location. . .



My four friends and myself attended the Cancun Jumpoff. This was our first year attending and it was off the chain, real talk! We had so much fun and we look forward to attending next year. We only seen one celebrity which was Ben Gordon. We met alot of people and New York represented so hard!!!! All I can remember was everybody yelling "NEW YORK".

However, there were a couple drawbacks that we encountered which were:

The Booze Cruise - They had us standing in the rain waiting for over an hour to get on the boat. We ended up leaving but we were able to exchange the voucher for a different event so that worked out in the end. However, next year I suggest they have those boats on point and ready to pick-up everybody in a timely manner.

The White Party - Was totally over packed!!!!! This event should have been held at the The City nightclub because in my opinion, it is a bigger club. When we got there we could hardly move, it felt like we were trapped. We left 20 minutes later after we pushed our way out. My suggestion is that the promoters have this event at a bigger venue or if it's gonna be held at Dady O's, they need to stop allowing people access when its overcrowded like that. Since I'm from the Chi, all I could think of was how those people died in the club E2.

Overall, this was one of the best vacations I've ever taken! What I wanna know is if everybody is going back in 08' or will it be going down in Dominican?




Urban Beach Week hits Miami once again and every single celebrity will be there. The pool parties, the clubs, the beaches, the entire strip will be lit up like a Christmas tree on steroids.

Let me tell you right now , that if you have never been to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend, prepare yourself for the shock of your life. This is bigger then the Superbowl. This will be bigger then the NBA All Star or any super boxing match..

You must get to South Beach early to get a good parking spot if you are doing the car thing because parking garages fill up before noon.

This is the biggest deal in South Beach during the whole year. The takeover begins.

Fellas let me tell you right now. about the #1 rule when you come to an event like this. Do not bring sand to the beach or you will be sorrrrrry. By the way, Forget all that Freak-um dress talk. That is cool in your own city or at the local club but we are at south beach for Urban Beach Week.

The women who come to South Beach dress in Lick-um Bikinis. They do not play! You know we love to see skin, skin and more skin and I am sure you do to.

You are going to get dizzy from your head spinning from all sorts of directions as the sexiest model looking dime pieces will be all over the streets, the beaches, the clubs and if there are poles on the sidewalk then look out for all the extra action.

Watch them get busy at night as the darkness replaces the sunlight and the drinks from earlier in the day begins to marinate in their system .

Special message to the ladies, if you are single, you are going to be in heaven. So many men, so little time. But I won't tell, if you won't tell.

Fair warning. If you have a man back home already, be warned. Once you arrive in South Beach, you might have to make that upgrade to another.

You know the fellas in South Beach come with their bodies glowing. They have been in the gym for the last 3 months to prepare for this moment just so you can take a peek at what they worked so hard for you to see.

I mean if you like to look at chiseled six pack tight abs, thick chest, broad shoulders, V-shaped tapered muscular backs sculpted arms. Here you will find the richest, most successful sexy brothas, latinas, golden bronzed italians and every other ethnic group taking over the streets looking like they stepped out of a GQ fitness magazine.

The celebrity NBA, NFL players will ALL be there. Your favorite hip hop artist will be there. Your favorite R&B artist will be there. They will all be looking for you. You cannot afford to miss this event because you never know if it will happen again.



I know I always talk about the postive side of all the black beach week events but I also have to tell you about a few things that just completely rattles my freakin nerves.

I don't know if you even noticed but there are always political and society pressures to shut all of our events down.

Whenever there is a Black Beach Week event, we are the only group where they have to place barricades around certain streets, telling you where you can and cannot go on a PUBLIC STREET.

We are the only group where laws are STRICTLY enforced vs. any other gathering.

We are the only group where they have the exact numbers of how many people arrested, how many tickets were issued and etc.

You will never find those mumbers for another "non-black" event such as Mardi Gras, Harley Bike Week or any spring break function. I guarantee you that for each day of Black Bike Week, Black College Reunion, Memorial Day Weekend in Miami, BET Spring Bling, the media will have all our exact crime statistic numbers.

You know last year at the Kentucky Derby, it was announced that they were going to try and kill the popular Derby Cruising because it was getting out of hand. So they have doing a slow kill on that event.

I get alot of media quesions on whether I think it's racial. Hell yeah, it's racial because no other group has to withstand the scrutiny that they place on us.

We constantly have to go to court to always prove something when we should not have to.

In fact, I always tell my critics, that if you treat other groups just like you treat us, you will never hear a peep from me because it will be fair. But to always single us out for any small thing is nothing but some racial bull*hit.

People always ask me Terrance, how come I never heard about anything that happened at Springfest or Black College Reunion or the BET Spring Bling that just passed?

Do you really want to know why?

Because it was all positive. There was nothing bad for the media to report. But believe me, had there been a fight or other common occurance that happens during an event that brings 350,000 people it would have landed on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC and every other news outlet.

Now, I know for a fact that Black Bike Week and Urban Beach Week is about to hit in less then 2 weeks and the media is getting ready to talk about it. I want you to check out how the event is portrayed in the media.

Watch the media spit out crime stats as if to say " we expect you to commit crimes", but we will only put out crime stats for black beach week events only. Now I finished my rant, let's get back to the fun.


My name is Lakisha Curtis and i went to Spring Bling this weekend and let me tell you I had the time of my life i met Jim Jones ,Bobby V. and Nick Cannon all I can say is Damn Damn Damn ! This was the event to be at every year so to all those who missed out all I can say is to bad so sad! Holla Back next year ANds thank you BET for Inviting me and my friends


Yo this is J from Chicago! This was my first time attending BET Spring Bling and I had a ball. I was a lil nervous coming way from the Chi alone for Spring Bling but things worked out fine! I met a bunch of cool people at the RAW so I was able to relax and enjoy myself and the event to the fulliest.

The performers we're awesome and the crowd was jumping! With the exception of lil rain and a few fights ( cant we just all get along) everyone seem to be having a good time! For those of you out there who've never been to Spring Bling you should check it out!

This was the best FREE and SAFE event I ever been too and the best part about it is, you can do it all by yourself haaay now let me see you do it!

J, from Chicago


I was there at Spring Bling and I had a BALL!! I'm glad it came close to me this year, hopefully it will come back again. I plan on going to Daytona too, I know thats going to be an awesome event. Hopefully the weather is good so I can wear a sex bathing suit


BET SPRING BLING was not a total disaster because i was able to get to the front row of the concerts and every celebrity that performed i was able to at least shake hands with on Saturday. the concerts were very exciting, and the weather was nice.

now that the good things have been said on to the bad, the location was a total suck. the fact that there was no strip to walk down or get a hotel and step out onto and be right in the middle of the action is what really sucked the most. since there was no strip to house all the hotels, clubs, cars and people the fun was really broken up. when i speak of strips i mean as in daytona or panama city where the strips allow you to walk up and down them all night and the clubs and night life are there on the strips that way it never seems dull or boring.

long story short lets do better on location and never go back to west palm beach again if we can help it. thanks.


i thought BET SPRING BLING was pretty wack.... i came with 14 other people from bowie state and we had way more fun in Miami. Maybe because it wasn't live enough...we tried to come saturday and it was too pack to even get in sunday it was very dull. Maybe at the next spring bling there should be other activities for the people who attend spring bling....


I had fun at the spring bling the only thing I that was at didn't like was the people of West Palm Beach that was at spring bling, they are rude the girls and the boys,It was like so many hood people there and they was all in the front.I got a fantastic hug from Neyo, no man has never hugged me the way he did it felt so good and not just becasue he is neyo, but the way he held me show me that he know how to treat a lady and I also meet Pretty Ricky, those guys are off the chain and you will never have a dull moment them and they are cool. Overall its was nice and I had a good time there at Spring Bling in Riveria Beach and Miami


Hello Terrance,

I enjoyed myself very much at Spring Bling. I had a great time. I too got sunburn. The place was packed and the concerts were awesome. It was nice to see the people on TV up close and personal. I thought the even was extremely well organized. The ONLY negative thing I could say about the event (if you want to consider it negative), is that I was upset that the car show was in front of the stage and allot of people could not see the cars. The only way to see the cars in the car show was to be in the front row. Allot of people complained about that. I am actually looking forward to attending again with several friends next year.




Hi, my name Shakenna Stephens. I'm from Queens New York, it was a total disaster to me. I couldnt even get into the Spring Bling it was crowded and raining heavy. I havent enjoyed any of that.


It was off the hook. I wish the lines to get into the event would have moved a little faster. I think it was a success, considering there were all kinds of negative predictions of the outcome.

I am a local resident and I hope they will bring it back next year. Thanks BET!

Here are a few pics to add to the collection.

K West


Terrance, How are you , just checking in on you and i wanted to let you know i had so much fun this week at Spring Bling. The only thing that killed me was waiting for the big events. Other than that Bet did their thing


I really had a good time at Spring Bling 2007. It was a major event to me because im from Palm Beach County and we really dont have any major events going on up here we usually have to drive to Miami. I ment alot of Stars like Lil Duval and the kids from College Hill. Im also happy that no one got hurt because they didnt want us to have Spring Bling in Riveria Beach! I hope we have it here next year! Thanx very much for all the info you guys gave out about the many events going on! Hope to see You guys next year or at the next event!


Hey terrance, I went to Spring Bling and i was kind of disappointed with it. They had lines out this world a small stage and when B.E.T. wasn't filming (with the same background music) it was quiet. We all wanted to dance and there was no music.. They wanted energy from the crowd and yet they did not hype us up at all! We were all dehydrated and burning up yet the drinks cost an arm and a leg and were far away from the stage.. Other than that.. The people, guys and girls were looking good and awesome beach and great performances. Hope they bring it back to Riviera next year.


Spring Bling was off the chain and anyone who missed it was dam crazy, they dont know how much fun they missed out on and all the people and the celebrities. I hand't never had that much fun in my hole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was nice, the only problem is that its boring in between taping. You should have some games in the middle of taping also call people on statge to play games and win prize. Beside that i had a nice time


Spring Bling was ok .The line to enter on Sat March 24th was awfull, a three hour wait in line. There was no hang out spot after . Please have a hang out spot next time Bet think about having Spring Bling in Riviera Bch. Whenever I go to Spring Bling we hang out after all the celebities perform. In Riviera Bch they shut everything down around 7pm. There was no place for us to hang out so we hung out on 45th street. I'm from Palm Beach County so we had to find a place to hang out maybe next time they will leave the Beach open for us to chill out. Are they thinking about having it in Rivieera Beach in the future?


Hi my name is Glenda and I attend spring bling in Riviera Beach, I live in West Palm Beach. I had a very nice time and I have a major sunburn, my face is so red. Overrall I had a good time. I'm so happy that everyone was on their best behavior, we should have something here more often.


My Spring Bling experience was off the hook! Yes it was hot waitin in that line on Saturday, but it was all worth it because I made it to the pool on stage! I honestly wish I had went all three days, but I got tons of great pictures, had lots of fun and got my spring bling beach towel and beach ball. My friends called me from the crowd talking about wed ready to go so I'm like yea right I'm on stage! Wow the men were pretty decent looking this year and the Drag queens were hilarious! I honestly had a great time even though I wanted some autographs, but I definitely will be there again next year. I'm hitting up Spring Fest in Miami too because this year has got to be the best!!!



Hedonism is not an event. It is not even one place. They are actually two large scale all inclusive resorts located in Jamaica. Hedonism 2 is the oldest resort and is located in Negril Jamaica. Hedonism 3 is the newer resort located in Runaway Bay Jamaica.

Basically they are what you call adult playgrounds. For 24 hours a day, you get to wear what you want when you want and if you don't want to wear anything, you get to do that too. It is wild but also very relaxing.

One of the most talked about pleasures of Hedonism are the two sides. They have a prude side and a nude side. On the prude side you are allowed to wear anything you want, while you eat at at the all you can eat buffer, drink all you can drink, play pool, lay on the beach, play sports, play games and etc.

On the Nude side, they have world famous nude beach and whirlpool. You must take all your clothes off to enter this part. If you even attempt to just sit there with anything other then your socks, security will escort you off the nude section.

Ooooooo and let me tell you people get wild in that whirlpool at midnight. I mean can you imagine what I saw when 20, 30, 40, 50 people got in that nude whirlpool at midnight after having drinks for the last 3 hours.

They won't even show what I saw on in Cinemax or Showtime during nasty hours on a saturday night. There are alot of couples who come but many strangers who meet up and all inhibitions are completely lost.

Now just to let you know, I see alot of celebrities who come to the events. Jerry Springer always does a week long show from there. Many famous people ( especially black celebrities) go there to relax and get wild themselves during the summer.

In fact, let me tell you how shocked I was when I was eating my roast beef sandwich with mayonaisse.

I was biting down for a big bite when all of a sudden I see a naked body trying to reach behind my back for glass. I saw the arm could not reach the glass, so I reached for it myself and hand it over to:


I stood in shock and dayum near bit off my right pinky finger as I handed the glass over to the popular television judge That person ( I am not saying if it was a male or female) was standing there with nothing on right next to me as I handed that person the glass. We were right next to the bar near the pool.

There was no embarrassment on their part so I tried to act as natural as possible. That person will remain nameless but you know this person very well.

I just said that to tell you that this is not another freaky type of event. ( although it really is) People come to relax and have a good time. It is very classy and It is something that you must see for yourself though. Once you go once, you will always come back.

I wanted to list a couple of Hedonism events that are tailored towards what we want to see and you can plan your dates around one of those events.

  • GOT ASS EVENT (Yes, you read it right) (A Hedonism II Event)

    Place: Negril, Jamaica(Hedonism II Resort)

    Date: June 3rd - 10, 2007

    Comments: Come and join Got Ass June 3- 10 as they invade Hedonism II for the biggest booty event of the year. Women from all over the country will battle for the right to claim that they have the best booty of them all. A week of booty buffet and fun with winners from previous contest held all over come together for the Super Bowl of Ass, the World Cup of Booty, all the finalist go head to head (cheek to cheek) for ultimate in prizes. If you are a booty-ologist this week has been designed just for you. Ass lovers unite!!

  • JAMAICA JUMPOFF (A Hedonism III Event)

    Place: Runaway Bay, Jamaica(Hedonism III Resort)

    Date: June 7 - 11, 2007

    Comments: This off the hook phenomenon was indeed a blast and an out of this world experience. Party with the stars from TV, Radio NBA, NFL, Movies Stars and Musicians. Come on now did you expect any thing less? This is Hedonism III after all


    Place: Negril, Jamaica ( Hedonism 2)

    Dates: June 16-20, 2007

    Comments: You Have Never Seen An Island Beach Event Like This Before Place. Michael Baisden, Doug Banks bring you a weekend full of activities, beach parties, cruises and more that takes place in Negril, Jamaica. The actual event is centered around 3 different hotel and nearby venues in Negril, Jamaica and will bring everyone from the U.S. and the nearby caribbean islands for a 4 day weekend full of fun, sun and parties.

  • CHOCOLATE HEDONISM GETAWAY (A Hedonism II Event) Place: Negril, Jamaica(Hedonism II Resort)

    Date: June 20 - 24, 2007

    Comments: Sooner or later, it's gonna happen. The primal urge to just let go & unwind, you're not alone. Hedonism II, on world famous Negril Beach, is the PLAYGROUND for your inner SPIRIT, nourishment for the MIND, BODY and SOUL. With absolutely everything included in one upfront price, you never have to think about money. Not even tips. Just what to do next and how! "Life is what you make of it. Its almost like a box of CHOCOLATES, you never know what you are getting until you bite into it" Join the "PUNANY POETS": Jessica Holter, "Ghetto Girl Blue", Exotic Male Dancer / Poet "SLAM", "The Head Doctor" & Comedians "Cocoa Brown & Big "Kenny Rob" @ Chocolate Hedo.

  • CHO-CO-LATE FANTASY WEEK (A Hedonism Event)

    Place: Runaway Bay, Jamaica(Hedonism III Resort)

    Date: June 29 - July 4, 2007

    Comments: The hottest sexiest chocolate men and women come together for a week of fun in the sun at the most uninhibited resort in the world.

  • 1ST ANNUAL EBONY LIFESTYLE REUNION (A Hedonism II Event) Place: Negril, Jamaica(Hedonism II Resort)

    Date: September 5th - 9th, 2007

    Comments: Hedonism II and Atlanta's Grown & Sexy Affairs present the "1st Annual Ebony Lifestyle Reunion" featuring the "A-Town Shakedown". Come and witness 8 amazing female adult entertainers performing against each other in a shake/strip dance off. This event will be hosted by a famous comedienne who will serve as Master of Ceremonies during the shake off. Some of the featured events for the weekend will be: Midnight Candlelight Beach Party with live DJ, Urban Fashion Show featuring up and coming designers, and Saturday night's main event "The A-Town Shakedown".


    Date: Septemeber 23 - Sep 30th 2007 Hedonism II

    Comments: Lay all your inhibitions aside as the #1 island resort host HBO's and BET's Pay Per View most popular televised event. Jamaica is going to get real hot as all of the "FINEST" women of color from all around compete for Miss Black Nude 2007 Pageant on September 29th. The music, the water, the sun and the most beautiful warm chocolate heavenly bodies take over the islands.


    Place: Runaway Bay, Jamaica(Hedonism III Resort)

    Date: October 13 - 21, 2007

    Comments: Sensual super networking party (and other types of fun) for black couples at the world famous Jamaican resort.



    When: April 27-April 29, 2007

    Where: Miami, Florida

    The Springfest has been going on for the past 3 years now and has moved from the islands to the U.S. It's an event geared for graduating college students. Radio One (which is one of the largest radio conglomerates in the country) in the which includes dozens of todays hottest artist in one area along the beach. You mentioned the concerts. Who will be there for 2007?

  • Jim Jones
  • G-Unit
  • Rich Boy
  • Lil Scrappy
  • Crime Mob
  • Mims
  • Lloyd
  • Mike Jones
  • D4L
  • Rick Ross
  • Jibbs
  • DJ UNK
  • Boyz N Da Hood
  • Trick Daddy
  • Slim Thug
  • Young Joc
  • Rasheeda
  • Trey Songz
  • Many More Coming

    Get more information by checking out Miami Springfest on the left and joining the official newsletter.



    When: May 24-May 28, 2007

    Where: Cancun, Mexico

    Let me tell you something right now. If you want to truly have the time of your life ,accept no cheap imitations or gimmicks this Memorial Day Weekend, there’s only 1 Cancun and nothing can compare.

    The Cancun Jumpoff is the # 1 vacation destination for young progressive African Americans

    The 5-year Anniversary of the Cancun Jumpoff is anticipated to be the largest Memorial Day Weekend gathering ever! This is a hands in the air, drink till you drop, non stop party affair! Lady's bring your Freak-um Dresses, Fellas get Buffed out and get ready for the time of your life. This is for the young, Hot and Sophisticated.

    Black participants from all over the world take over Cancun. We are talking a sea of thousands taking over the bars, the clubs, the restaurants, the pools, the streets and everything else.

    The Cancun Jumpoff hires the hottest urban and hip hop DJs from the U.S to make sure that you only hear what you want to hear. That weird techno - babble babble will never be heard.

    You can leave your cars at home. No need to burn expensive gas or getting lost driving across the country.Everything is within a 8 minute walking distance from your hotel. If you need to eat, the restaurants are right there, If you want to get in the pool, it's right there. If you need to shop, the mall is right there. If you need to drink, it's right there. If you need to change clothes, you can practically take a 3 minute stroll to your hotel and get your new fits 5 times a day if you want. It's no problem.

    The 5-year Anniversary “O” INTERNATIONAL Cancun Jumpoff is set to be the Super Bowl of all urban events for 2007.

    Over the past 4 years, the Cancun Jumpoff has entertained over 50 thousand urban trendsetters and hip hop enthusiasts, and has introduced the world to a new league of Super Star DJs, The Prince of NY DJ Self, DJ Tay Roc(Atl) ,DJ Mars (Atl) and DJ Quick Silva (DC)

    The 5-year Anniversary of the Cancun Jumpoff will celebrate 8 incredible theme events at some of the most sophisticated, most luxurious clubs in the world this Memorial Day Weekend, Dady O’s Ultra Lounge, The City Night Club (the largest club in North America) and Playa Cabana.

    As seen on MTV, the Cancun Party Zone is set in an exotic beach oasis surrounded by white sandy beaches and incredible resorts. With over 50 spectacular hotel resorts working together to commemorate the largest urban event held outside of the United States, the Cancun Jumpoff will again be the place to be. Over 15 thousand people expected.