Start A Travel Business

Start A Travel Business

How Would You Like To Learn My Success Secrets On How You Can Make A Living By Starting Your Very Own Instant Travel Business In Just 24 Hours!

"Can You Name Another Business That Pays You To Have Fun And Make Money While Traveling The World?

Dear Friends,

How would you like to finally start a business that's easy, fun, makes money every single month and can be ran right from your home computer?

If you love traveling to different cities or know others who enjoy traveling, what if I told you that you could make money doing what you already love?

In fact, what if I released my secrets detailing how you can earn thousands to every week doing nothing but setting up a special travel website that makes reservations and where you get to travel to any place that you want to


I want to tell you all about my super successful secret travel club business that I operate using nothing but a computer and an internet connection. In fact, there are many of us who have learned the secrets and are successfully doing the same thing.

The only thing I used was my computer and the internet. I have been doing this in my spare time since 1999 and have been interviewed by dozens of radio talk shows, newspapers and television news programs. So everything I am about to show and tell you comes from our own unique personal success system.

You see...we are all what you might call ď Personalized Travel Club Agents.Ē

However...I'm not talking about just any run-of-the-mill type of travel agent that you see in the newspapers, the yellow pages or at the local strip mall.

We are a little uniqueÖ.

We are Instant Internet Travel Agents who specialize in ďspecial travel eventsĒ.

Special travel events are unique and it brings in ALOT of money!

People spend billions of dollars on special travel events, which occur every single day. In fact, African American travel is the #1 travel business to get into today and itís one of the few that is actually making any real money.

You wouldn't believe how much money you can make doing something that is so easy and fun to do.

I still canít believe I actually make money this way. Not only do I love it, but you will to!

And Do You Know What You Are Really Going To Love About It?

You can just put everything on the computer and you let it do all the work for you.

You have the option of actually booking reservations while you are at home or on your lunch break at work. In fact, if you are really motivated, I will even show you how to get your computer to do all the work for you while you sleep. That is exactly what I do.


Dear Black Beach Week,

This is Dana

I just wanted to personally thank you for your early Christmas present and show you I have PUT IT TO USE! We have our first event / trip to the Essence Festival (I got your info just in time to make arrangements & plan a trip!) Please check out our website:

Im so proud of myself and my BFF (if I may say so myself!)




Now let me ask you something...

You have probably been looking for a way to bring in some extra money to buy that car that have always wanted, traveling to exotic beaches, or maybe just sitting at home relaxing all day doing whatever you want.

Am I right so far?

...or what about paying off those over due bills, student loans and saving some money in your bank account?

Well guess what?

I'm going to give you the opportunity to learn the ONE business that can not only provide you with the luxury of working at home during your spare time, but also gives you the satisfaction of making some extra money while spending that quality time with family and friends and taking trips as often as you want.

You can work a few hours a week or work it full time. It's not even necessary to quit your job if you don't want to.

The Personalized Travel Club Business Is Fully Flexible!

Whether, you want to just

  • pay off all those bills
  • take a vacation as often as you want
  • buy that new car or truck that you have always wanted
You are now just a few moments away of taking that crucial step to obtaining the things you have always wanted.


Before you start a business, you should make sure it qualifies as something that is quick, easy and you would enjoy doing.

I didn't want to start just any business though and YOU shouldn't either. In fact, before you invest youíre hard earned money on any business you should make sure it passes my exclusive strict 10 - STEP CRITERIA

So what exactly is that strict criteria? Check it out for yourself?

  1. You should have the choice to work full or part time.
  2. You should be able to work out of your home.
  3. It should be extremely easy to make money.
  4. Very profitable. (makes you a nice SUPER sized income)
  5. Very easy set up.(no special skills needed)
  6. Offered no competition.
  7. Low investment cost (under $50.00 to get started)
  8. No equipment needed.( Just an internet connection)
  9. A business you could be proud to tell others about.
  10. BEST OF ALL -- The service or product had to sell itself. Millions of people travel and book reservations. They love going to different cities, countries, sporting events. This business literally sells itself
And guess what?

This business actually met every single one of those conditions perfectly!

In fact, it passed with flying colors. Itís the ultimate business for people who love to travel and have fun

What's even more amazing is that you will have absolutely

  • no bosses
  • no employees
  • no office spaces to rent
  • and no headaches.

Itís just you and your computer.

Isn't that just the way you always wanted it?

Now before I reveal you all my secrets in running your own travel business, you have to let me explain the whole concept in greater detail for you.


OK, now I know many of you have probably never heard of becoming an instant travel agent and that's ok because I know most people haven't so let me explain in detail what you will be doingÖ

Well this is what happens.

There is always an event happening every day of the year in every city. Most people are looking for places to travel to whether if itís with family, friends, events or just social get-togethers.

Now, here is where YOU come in...

You actually locate the best places and prices for your customers based upon their wishes for any event or location they choose. They can either do it themselves or you can have them call you and you can do it for them. You are then sent a monthly check by the travel industry for bringing in business.

But do you know what is really the neat part? Once your customer uses you one time for bookings, they will come back and use your service every time they want to travel.

You get paid time and time again for years to come. You can book their reservations from anywhere. Even if you are laying on the beaches in Jamaica you still make money while you relax.

There are hundreds of events going on every single day and millions of people needing help booking hotel rooms, vacation hot spots, cruises and so on.

If you do just one event or trip alone per year that's thousands of dollars in your pocket . But that's only if you did one event . With so many events, you never run out of business.


  • Your Own City And State Events: No matter which town city, state or .country you live in, they all have special events that cater towards that area. People love going to special events. If you know of just one event in your state such as a parade or festival, convention, party and etc. I will show you how to bring in thousands of dollars into bank account.

  • Family and Friends: Do you have family and friends who love to travel or just go out of town once in a while? Do you travel for your own personal luxury? Now you can offer them the best airfares and luxury rental cars and hotel rooms and no one will be able to match your prices. From now on you get a monthly check for something you might have already been doing for free.

  • Cruises : Do you have an idea or a theme that you think your customers will enjoy. What if you put on your cruises to exotic Caribbean islands? Cruises are the largest money makers in the entire industry and you can get your lionís share for whatever you put together. You donít have to lift a finger or invest any money. Itís all done for you.

  • Summertime and Holiday Activities: Millions of people take vacations during Christmas, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and so many more. Now you can be their #1 source for getting all their reservations made as you will book dozens per week.

  • Sporting Events Do you know how many people book travel reservations for the Super Bowl, NBA Games, Tennis Matches and etc? Your phone will ring off the hook and your bank account will grow as you book for these popular events.

    I'm telling is just too easy.


    I'm gonna spill all the beans on my exciting travel business.

    I Want To Show You How To Turn That Computer You Are Looking At Right Now Into Your Own Personal Travel Club Business Empire.

    You see, I've just created the ultimate travel club business course based upon my experience and a few experienced friends and resources.

    NO ONE else has this information!

    And let me tell you, this is not just an ordinary how-to course. While other courses that talk about starting a business in some vague complicated manor, I show you step by step with my "How To Successfully Start Your Own Travel Club Business Manual"showing how I do everything from start to finish using only your computer.

    You will learn:

    • How to place your business on auto-pilot and let the computer do all the work for you.

    • How to create your own professional travel website in one hour that will bring customers to you in droves.

    • How to get the press to feature your business on their news reports, TV Shows, and newspapers. You will never have to pay for any advertising after I show you this secret. .

    • And so much more


    My special report is a simple step by step process that shows you how to get started instantly in this business.

    Let me explain another thing

    Many people have asked me do you they need some sort of travel license, software, or some other credentials to get started? Absolutely not! You donít need any experience and you donít need any special training. This book contains everything in a nutshell.


    The price is set at $79.95 for this exclusive information. However, for a limited time only, the price is only $39.95 by priority mail. This is a special price for the next few days. You might not get this bargain again.

    So what are you waiting for?

    I have pored out everything in my brain out with information that will put money in your pocket. You canít find this information anywhere else online or in the bookstore because I have created it.

    What Iím about to show you is brand new. I only decided to release this exclusive information only after I started the business myself and understood it 100%. I have been doing this for 11 years so you can say I know this business like I know how to spell my own name.

    There are literally thousands of events going on right now and people love to have a place where they send you money so they can reserve their trips and have fun.

    Order now....and begin to feel what it's like too finally succeed in your own travel club business.



    Your report will be shipped on the same day and will arrive within 4 days by priority mail.