The Source Awards

The Source Awards

Place: Miami Beach, Florida

Date: October 7 - 10, 2005

You have heard about the MTV and the B.E.T Awards but there is one event that brings all the hottest hip hop artist together to find out who was the very best for 2005.

It's time to take to the clubs, the beach and the stage. It's on again as the best in hip hop gather in Miami, Florida.

If you havent heard about it, now you know. Over 100,000 participants are scheduled to arrive for Columbus Day Weekend for the annual Source Awards in Miami. This event will be televised on B.E.T. so you can be sure that there will be alot of action throughout the entire weekend.

Please tell me more about this event?

Last year, you might have witnessed the 2004 Source Awards show on B.E.T. The red carpet entrances, the performances, the clubs, the after parties, the beaches and all your favorite celebrities. It looks great on television but it does not even compare to all the fun you are going to have once you see everything live. You are going to have a ball. But you have to book your hotel early.

Are there other things to do in Miami other than the award show?

There are plenty of other activities and events that surround the actual.

  • Celebrity Yacht Party
  • Celebrity Pool Party
  • Celebrity Golf & Pool Tournament
  • Professional Boxing Championship
  • Celebrity Car Show
  • New Products And Vendor Expo
  • Celebbrity Basketball Game

    Plus you have all the activities along beach, the restaurants and more will be all waiting for you. Believe us when we tell you that you that while everyone is getting cool during the fall, you will find yourself on the beach under the warm glow of the sun with a drink in your hand meeting people from all over the country. You will love it.

    When Do Most People Arrive?

    Many of the activities take place from October 7-10, 2005. Most people arrive on Friday and leave that Monday morning. However, we suggest that you arrive on Thursday and leave Tuesday if possible. That way you can avoid some of the long crowds at the Miami airport and you can also check out more parties and events throughout the weekend.

    You mentioned the concerts. Who will be there for 2005

    We are still waiting for a list of confirmed acts. Please make sure you place your name on our newsletter and we will email you the exact performers when they are announced.

    When does the Miami Source Awards take place?

    The date October 7-10, 2005. The actual concerts will take place on Sunday October 10, 2005. The pre-parties, after parties and more will all be discussed later on in the newsletter.

    What hotels should I stay in?

    If you want to stay close to the venue, downtown Miami will be the hot spot. Everything is within walking distance or a short cab ride from the venue. Of course, many people also enjoy the atmosphere in the South Beach area. If you decide to south beach, you can easily drive to the downtown area if you have access to a vehical.(10-15 minute) You can choose to rent a car to travel throughout the city.

    Miami Source Awards Weekend in Miami, Fl - October 7-October 10, 2005 Click Here To Make Your Reservation -- Miami, Fl Hotels

    Is it better to fly or drive?

    That is up to you. If you decide to fly, most people choose Miami to as their final destination. However, Ft Lauderdale is usually cheaper and is only 20-30 minutes away from Miami.

    I am under 25 years old. Will they allow me to rent a car?

    Many car rental agencies in Florida realize there is a strong demand from Spring Breakers. Most agencies have an age policy of 25 years or older to drive. However, every agency is different. Some will allow you to drive at 18 if you pay all the extra fees and full coverage insurance.

    There are alot of smaller car agencies besides the major ones (Alamo, Hertz, Avis, Etc.) who will allow you to rent cars at a younger age. You might have to check individual agencies to find out their policies.

    Of course to be on the safe side, just take a friend with you that meets the age requirements.

    Do I really need a car to get around?

    Not really. Everything takes place on one or two streets. Unless you like to drive up and down the street, a car is not necessary. Most participants who want to venture out to other parts of Miami can just catch a cab right next to any hotel

    Ok, I still don't have a way to get from the airport to Miami and I dont know anyone that meets the age requirement....What can I do?

    There are busses and taxi cabs who will take you to Miami Beach from the airport.Most run about $20.00

    How can I find out more information on hotels, past experiences, discount flights and get all my questions answered and information regarding The Source Awards?

    Only one way to find out all the inside information. Just make sure you join the exclusive Black Beach Week Newsletter right here.

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