Sexy Lady Contest 2007

Sexy Lady Contest 2007
You Loved It So Much, You Demanded That It Return

Black Beach Week Presents: THE 7TH ANNUAL SEXY LADY CONTEST 2007

Will You Be Crowned The Next Modeling Superstar?

As you know, Black Beach Week not only brings the sexiest ladies to the events but we also want to find out who is the sexiest lady online period. Each year we hold a contest based upon online votes on who should be crowned sexiest lady on the internet.

Do you want to see your photos on the cover of Black Men, King, Smooth, The Source, Vibe, XXL? Do you want to be the feature video model for G-Unit, Nelly, T.I, R.Kelly, Usher and other hip hop artist?

Do you want to model for AppleBottom, BabyPhat. Roca-Wear and other clothing lines?

There are over 200,000 visitors who visit Black Beach Week each month. Voters from all over the world including athletes, entertainers, record labels, studio directors, magazine editors, photographers and more will vote for who they think is the best.

Past winners have been placed in movies, magazines, videos, fashion shows and have furthered their career in the entertainment industry. This is YOUR shot.


1.) You must be 18 years or older to enter the contest. Absolutely no exceptions.

2.) All races and nationalities are encouraged to apply.

3.) You must be in descent swimwear shape. If you do not think that you can match up with the ladies from urban magazines such as King, Smooth, Black Men Magazine or XXL, then we encourage you to work out and try back next year.

4.) Deadline for entering contest ends on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 11:59. Only the first 50 contestants will be allowed in the contest. You will not be able to enter once it has started so the sooner the better.

5.) You can send as many photos as you want but no more then 8 of your best shots. Remember that this is a beach website so swimwear is strongly suggested.

6.) Please send in your photos, full name, your age, your occupation or name of school if you are a student, the city your represent, height/weight and your body measurements to Please put "modeling contest 2007" in the subject line. It will take 24-48 hours to upload your photos and we will email you your own profile and contestant number

7.) Give us three words that best describe you.

8.) Optional only. You have the option if you would like your email address shown. Please let us know if you would life your email on your personal profile page.

9.)Optional only and new for 2007: You have the option of sending us a video from MySpace or YouTube showcasing who you are and why your fans should vote for you. We will place the video on your personal profile page.



This contest will have an elimination based type of format. On September 3, 2007, at 6:00 P.M, the voting will begin with 50 contestants. We will place a voting poll on the website the day before the contest starts. Each person may vote only once per week.

Over 200,000 people will have an option to vote for the winner.

  • On September 3rd, round 1 begins the 10 contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated. The polls will start over again with the remaining 40.

  • On September 10th round 2 begins, the 10 contestants with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated. Polls will start over with remaining 30.

  • On September 17th ,round 3 begins, the 10 will be contestants with lowest vote totals will be eliminated. Polls will start over with the remaining 20.

  • On September 24th, round 4 begins, the lowest 10 contestants,with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated. Polls will start over with the remaining 10.

  • On October 1st , round 5 begins, the lowest 5 contestants,with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated. Polls will start over with the remaining 5.

  • On October 8th,round 6 begins and one winner will be chosen by the highest vote totals during the last and final week.

  • Last vote will be cast on Monday October 15th at 11:59 P.M. Winner will be announced in Saturdays Newsletter.


  • Black Beach Week will award $500.00 cash payment for the winner with the highest votes(FEDEX To Your doorstep on October 19th)

  • Assignment Working with the #1 Most Requested Modeling and Talent Agency For Urban Models - Diamondz N Pearlz Diamondz N Pearlz, has supplied models for over "250" music video's and over "50" major magazine's, as well as t.v. commercials, sitcoms, billboard ads, magazine cover's, music artist photo layouts, album / c.d. cover's, calendars, alcohol / club promotions, award show's, t.v. shows, red carpet event escorts, spokesmodels, movies, etc... Diamondz N Pearlz,

  • Top Winner will become a Black Beach Week Model and will be paid for their photos for advertisement purposes.

  • 2nd and 3rd Place Winners Receive other special prizes.