The Reggae Sumfest

The Reggae Sumfest


When: July 14-20, 2020

Where: Montego Bay, Jamaica

What Is The Montego Bay Reggae Sumfest?

The Reggae Sumfest is the world's premier reggae festival which brings the hottest reggae and dancehall artist from all over the world to the reggae capital island of the world.

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Where Is The Reggae Sumfest Held?

Montego Bay,Jamaica the island's second city, has been the home of the famed Reggae Sunfest and is now the permanent home of the Reggae Sumfest festival. The actual concerts will be held at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex.

What Are The Exact Dates For The Event?

July 14 - 20, 2020

Who Is The Event Geared For?

This event is geared for anyone who loves reggae, dance hall and having a good time. There are no age requirements. Thousands of people from all over the world arrive every year to become part of the largest Caribbean reggae festival in the world.

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What Other Activities Can I Look Forward To Besides The Concerts?

You will find 5 days full of super events including

How Much Does It Cost To Attend All The Events And Concerts?

Ticket Prices Vary from $84.00 - $169.00 depending on the types of tickets and which events you want to attend. Tickets go on sale very soon. See Below for details

What Is The Best Way To Make A Reservation?

You can reserve your air and hotel with Black Beach Week below.

Do I Need To Rent A Car For This Event?

We do not recommend renting a car if this is your first time to Jamaica. Most of you hotels and the event itself is only a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport to the hotels. We recommend taking a shuttle bus or taxi to your location.

Do I Need A Passport?

Yes, you must have a passport to travel to Jamaica

Can You Tell Me More About Montego Bay, Jamaica As In Island And A City A What Should I Expect To See When I Arrive?

Although patrons will be dancing under the stars of the friendly city at night, they can also partake of what this wonderful city has to offer during the day.

Montego Bay has been named as one of the top tourist locations in Jamaica, boasting white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and a hip strip that promises more enjoyment than one can handle.

The famed Doctor�s Cave Bathing Club is located in the middle of the Hip Strip and visitors are encouraged to relax, unwind and sunbathe in the therapeutic waters or take a chance on the wild side with the wide variety of watersports that are offered.

For those who want to visit Mobay�s colourful underwater world, there are several companies that offer this service such as Cool Aqua Divers. Located at the Rose Hall Beach, they offer scuba diving and snorkeling.

Montego Bay is also a very historical town; the Rose Hall Great House is one of Jamaica�s premier historical attractions.

This restored great house takes you back in time to the English Planter days, the ghost of the former mistress Annie Palmer is still said to roam the halls. For the ultimate music lover, there is the Bob Marley Experience located at the Half Moon Village, which features a theatre with a special multi media presentation about the reggae superstar.

For those who want a true taste of Montego Bay, visit the city�s top rated restaurants. Pier 1 On The Waterfront is a must for seafood lovers, overlooking Montego Bay�s harbour, visitors will love the ambience this restaurant offers. Authentic Jamaican food is the order of the day at the Native restaurant where visitors can sample the famed rice and peas and jerk chicken.

Also located on the hip strip is the Pelican Restaurant, which specializes in international and Jamaica cuisine.

After a hard night on the town, visitors can relax at the all-inclusive Holiday Inn Resort or at the ultra exclusive Half Moon Hotel. Both resorts boast prime beaches and wonderful cuisine.

Overall Montego Bay is the optimal location for the young and the young at heart, with activities ranging from horseback riding to scuba diving, one will never lack having fun.

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