Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe

Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe
Friday landed in the ever so popular San Juan, Puerto Rico. The final destination was GUADELOUPE but with an extra day to spare we decided to stay 1 night in PR to see what we can see.

The location in PR....The New Gran Melia Resort in CoCo Beach.

The Airport (Which is a factor of importance) was very well organized...No problems there... But when greeted by the Hotel rep with access to the Hotel shuttle is when we were notified that the Hotel Shuttle owned by the airport was Not free! Yikes! It was $60usd per Person!

I was like damn! and to add to it i found out ALL of the hotel shuttles charged something! with the exception of the hotels at the airport.

There were 5 of us so that was no longer an option...plan B..Catch a cab..$67bucks total for all of us in 1 van.

Problem solved.

Now i will admit..the ride was long to Coco Beach..at least 30min with the traffic.

Puerto Rico from view is a beuatiful...Passing threw the city its obvious there is a clear diffrence between those with and without wealth but its tradition embraces its visual presence. Puerto Ricans have big hearts and are built of tradition..they have a strong culture for real. The country side from a sight seeing perspective is really nice...if you can drop that window and soak up that sun and the breeze its relaxing.

30min later we hit the Gates of CoCo beach and the Gran Melia resort. Now first i will say this hotel is QUALITY! i suggest anyone staying there! the deco is amazing and they have everything. But its more suited i think for adults.

If you like a crowd then its big enough to spread out..No hotel rooms but resort bungalos that are really nice. my room:

I was there at a good time because im not big on huge crowds so this was a good time to come..they say the resort was 80% full but i didnt see it..the main Pool was damn near empty and it was cool to relax and swim in addition to the 5 Hot tubs that are located in the Pool...yes..in the pool. The Grand Pool:

I never left the resort so i cant tell ya about the street life and clubs..sorry but this was a relax stop and it was just that. Coco beach is the definition of relaxation and i suggest yall go there..its very cheap the months of Aug-Feb and the weather is still a cool 80degrees plus during the day and evening so if you got ya boo and ya wondering what to do this holiday i really suggest booking a trip to PR...especially since its part of the 50 states and passports are not needed for US citizens.

Now on to Guadeloupe.

Dicovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and taken over by the French in 1635 what would seem like a tiny island isnt so tiny at all. Its actually pretty big and very,very FRENCH!

Now i have been to France and it was cool being where i was at....I always felt a certain vibe from the French...like in the back of there mind there saying...U stooooooopid filtzey Ammmerican.

Well...Lets just say Guadeloupe is also a very,very beautiful island. The shores and beaches are amazing, water crystal clear.

Its not an island where outter exploration on the island is a must, i stayed at Club med and eberything you need will be at your resort. If ya dont speak french...Good freakin luck! Some folks speak english but not many and the ones that do dont have an extended english vocabulary.

Fellas...The girls are not that hot at all..a few but nothing to go crazy over,but you will be happy with the numerous topless woman at the beach who seem to just drop those tops and swang those french mini's around like nothin.

I did go to a beach party that was cool after my show..lasted until about 6am sort of like a Passa Passa if you know what that is.

It looks like jamaica but the folks speak french and creole.

Like i said i stayed at Club med...forgot the french name for the area i was in but the hotel was...Ok, the beach area was the best part..All inclusive with a gang of food at the dinner that was European and that = Nasty! if you ever had food or ever go to London...yeah thats what it taste like.

In my best french accent "Garbaaaage"!

Video: Guadeloupe http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=14376785270 Coco Beach, Puerto Rico http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=14376270270

I liked guadeloupe but its one of those places that for me was good enough to see once...Unless i get booked there again i'll go but not on my dime.

So there ya go...Do what you will with this report.