Inauguration Weekend

Inauguration Weekend
President Elect Barack Obama's Inauguration Weekend

Date: January 16-20, 2009

Actual Inauguration Day: Jan.20, 2009

Place: Washington, D.C.


This what you have been waiting for. We have been showcasing the hottest events, parties for people of color for the last 10 years but there has never been an event that has matched the magnitiude of what will happen in Washington D.C on January 20, 2009. The party starts on Friday January 16 and concludes with the very first inaguration of a African American President and the next resident of the White House on January 20,2009

You must be there.

You have to be there.

It is your duty to be there.

Never in your life will you be able to witness the celebrations, the celebrities, the parties, the parades, the excitement, the electricity and the exact moment when Barack Obama is sworn in as the next President Of The United States.

Be there LIVE!