Build A Beach Body Like Nelly

Build A Beach Body Like Nelly

Nelly's Diet And Workout Plan

The Secret On How He Transformed His Body Into A Lean Mean Muscle Machine and How You Can To!

You can finally take your shirt off at the beach without feeling ashamed.

Nelly has never been what we might call "out of shape". Since he started his international music career back in 1999, he has always maintained a lean physique. However things changed when he decided it was time to take it to the next level. Part of succeeding in the business has to do with image.

He wanted to be BIGGER!

He wanted to be THICKER!

He wanted to and create a CHISELED body that would command ATTENTION. His goal was accomplished.

Here is his workout and diet formula for creating his eye pleasing physique:

1.) He trains 5 days per week. Monday thru Friday

2.) For abs and chest he does 1000-1500 situps/pushups per day (yes you read that right 1000-1500 situps/pushups per day) However he breaks his work outs in smaller chunks.

He will complete 50 situp/50 pushups when he wakes up, then 50 situps/50 pushups more before breakfast, then 50 situps/50 pushups after breakfast and just when ever he takes a small break. If he is watching TV and a commercial comes on, this gives him time to do some quick workouts.

3.) He prefers the gym machines for a varied workout. For upper body, I like the military press. During crunches, I hold a 25-45 pound weight plate across my chest for added resistance. I also do calf raises and squats for my lower-body workout.

Specifically, this is what his 5 day workout looks like:

  • Monday: triceps
  • Tuesday: back and shoulders
  • Wednesday: biceps/legs,
  • Thursday: chest using a bench press machine;
  • Friday: start over with triceps.

    He prefers to keep the weights heavy and the reps low. Each set gets about 6-8 reps The key is to keep moving around the exercises so I donít get bored or used to one thing.

    SHOULDER WORKOUT - Use the military press machine, which works both the front and middle deltoid muscles. Nelly uses machines for variation, and you should also switch the barbell for dumbbells occasionally to work smaller muscles that stabilize and protect your shoulders from injury.

    ARM WORKOUT - Drops sets are the king because they exhaust your arms and makes the grow Here's how: Do as many biceps curls as you can using 75 percent of your one-repetition maximum (the most you can lift once). Without resting, reduce the weight to 50 percent of your one-rep max and go again. Continue reducing the weight and repeating this technique until you can't do any more.

    CHEST WORKOUT - Pushups and bench press. working your chest muscles from various directions by increasing or decreasing the angle of the bench. He's worked his max up to 270 with this strategy. Boost yours even higher with strong triceps. Do a set of close-grip bench presses after your regular bench routine, or do a drop set of lying triceps extensions at the end of your chest workout.

    ABS WORKOUT - Hold a 25- or 45-pound weight plate across his chest during crunches. It challenges the abdominal muscles to work harder. But it would mean little without a sound diet and cardiovascular-exercise plan.

    NUTRITION AND DIET PLAN - He listens to his body, which tells him to ignore the three-meals-a-day rule. "I eat as I go. There's no set time. My body tells me what it needs." Typically, it tells him about six times a day. "I don't eat chicken, beef, or pork--I will eat turkey every now and then. And I do eat fish." So where does he get his fuel? It's not the pimp juice he raps about; it's Muscle Milk (available at GNC), protein shakes, and a lot of water. He also eats plenty of fruits and vegetables.

    THE CARDO PLAN - You won't catch him on a treadmill or bike--he gets bored. Instead, "I play basketball. Full-court, get my sweat up." Playing ball also gives him a goal to reach for--the rim. He says that for the first time in 4 years, he can dunk. Not bad at 5'10".

    LEG WORKOUT - Aside from running and jumping on the basketball court two or three times a week, he trains his calves with standing calf raises and also does squats to condition his entire lower body. Another option is to use a medicine ball. Stand in front of a bench with your left foot on top of it and your right foot on the floor. Hold the ball in front of your chest. Now push off your right foot and bring your right knee to the ball. Then lower your foot to the floor. (Your right foot never touches the bench.) Do 15 repetitions, then switch legs and do another set.