National Bikers RoundUp

National Bikers RoundUp

The 2017 National Bikers Roundup

When: Kansas City, Mo

Where: August 2 - 6, 2017

What Exactly Is The National Bikers RoundUp?

he National Bikers Roundup (NBR) was first organized in 1977 by a group of African American motorcycle clubs. Considered the largest camping rally in the country, the National Bikers Roundup is governed by bylaws created by the Motorcycle Clubs that attend.

Each year, more that 1,000 motorcycle clubs attend the event. The event serves to unite the motorcycle community, celebrate accomplishments, rejoice in promoting camaraderie and provide an excellent opportunity for brands to gain exposure and connection with the motorcycle community.

NBR is a five-day event with an anticipated audience of up to 30,000 enjoying camping, exhibits, vendors, stunt shows, entertainment and a host of other motorcycle-related experiences.