Mel B.Totally Fit Workout

Mel B.Totally Fit Workout
Get Fit In 28 Days

Her first ever fitness DVD; Totally Fit, which follows a simple plan to transform the body-shape of the masses to the attainable level of the super-sexy mother-of-two

Totally Fit Workout

For anyone with jubbily bits, I'm going to tighten you up, make you laugh and enjoy your work-out no matter what level of fitness you are."

Whilst many celebrities go to great lengths to get trim, Mel B's Workout regimen is very simple and easy-to-follow for both men and women, of all ages and body types.

The 28-day workout plan

Based on a simple 28-day plan, that Mel B followed after the birth of her daughter to shift excess baby weight, Totally Fit features a highly effective 60-minute do-at-home fitness class, broken into a cardio and advanced cardio workout, plus four 10-minute workouts that focus on specific problem areas - arms, legs, bums and tums.