Kelly Rowland Diet

Kelly Rowland Diet

Kelly Rowland Shares Her Secret Plan To Keep Her Flat Stomach With Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

If you are looking to get toned and fit enough to look good in a bikini on the beach then you must follow a specific consistent workout plan.

Staying trim is perhaps more difficult than losing weight.

Kelly found herself wanting to shed a few extra pounds that had crept on. She has managed to lose an impressive 10lb after cutting out sugar. Kelly worked with personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins on a special fitness plan.

Jeanette also helped her change her diet.

Kelly says: "Jeanette worked out what I should eat and how much water I needed to drink." But she also credits British diet expert Gillian McKeith with her new healthier lifestyle. "I read this book called You Are What You Eat. The author is talking about sugar, she's talking about meat, she's talking about cheese. I did some of those things for a month, but for the most part it is sugar that's gone from my diet."

But although she now watches her intake of sweet and sugary foods closely, it doesn't mean Kelly never relaxes the rules.

"I don't diet but I do follow the 80/20 rule. Most of what I eat is healthy fruit and veg, grilled fish and meat, but 20% is whatever I want," she has said. I work out every other day for at least an hour, sometimes more. And I practice yoga, which really helps me to tone up. I also go to the gym to do some cardio a couple of times a week. I particularly like the bike and cross-trainer."

But to add an element of fun, Kelly isn't averse to throwing a few sexy moves in her quest to stay in shape.

"I have a pole dance instructor in Miami and she teaches me a lot - you'd be surprised how hard those ladies work!"

But what we all want to know is what's the secret to her fabulously flat tummy? She does 200 sit-ups a day - although Kelly has admitted her tiny waist also owes something to every celeb's favorite control pants, Spanx.

And fans will be pleased to hear that having reached a size 8-10, Kelly is perfectly happy with her figure and will not be slimming any further.

"I would never want to lose too much weight," she says. "I love having curves and a butt. Men like something to hold on to!"

Kelly's body beautiful tricks

1 Pick a body area to focus on: "Curviness runs in my family. I feel I have to work on my hips and thighs the most."

2 Enjoy food: "I don't diet. I eat to live. You have to eat the foods your body needs to live a healthy life. I feel it's OK to treat yourself every once in a while."

3 Use exercise to hide flaws: "I have a nice amount of both (cellulite and stretch marks), so that's why I do lunges to keep my butt in shape. If you're in shape, you don't notice these things as much."

4 Don't look for shortcuts: "I've never done crazy diets because you just put the weight back on straightaway. Your body needs food! Exercise and eat right - they're the only things that really work."

5 Get to know your body: "I know what works for my body now and what doesn't."

Eat like Kelly

Stick to the following healthy food rules to slim like a star

Eat 'cleanly' - this means choosing natural, unprocessed foods

Reduce your sugar intake by avoiding chocolate, sweets and sugary drinks

Drink at least one liter of water per day

Eat five or more portions of fruit and vegetables daily

Grill or bake lean meat and fish, instead of frying it

Obey the 80/20 rule - eat healthily most of the time, but allow occasional treats

A typical day's menu

Breakfast: Bowl of porridge with blueberries

Lunch: Wholewheat pasta with crab and tomato sauce

Dinner: Grilled fish with steamed veg or duck salad

Snacks: Pumpkin seeds, plenty of fruit, carrots with houmous

Work it out

Kelly exercises every other day for an hour, but even 30 minutes, three times per week, of any moderate exercise that gets your heart pumping will make a real difference to your shape. And this doesn't have to mean the gym. You could pole-dance, like Kelly, or try salsa or cycling.

Aiming for three sets of 12 lunges, squats and sit-ups every other day before bed will also help tone your muscles, Kelly-style.

80% of what I eat is healthy - 20% is whatever I want I'd never want to get too thin - I love having a butt