Contestant #2 - Eliminated Round 2

Contestant #2 - Eliminated Round 2
Name: Michael Banks (I go by Michael T)

Representing: Washington, DC

Age: 28 - Weight: 193 pounds

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Systems Engineer/Sr. Lotus Notes Administrator

email address to use:

3 Words that best describe me: Dynamic, Intelligent, Passionate

What do I look for in a woman:

I like a woman who can match me on all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually. I have that fear of being bored with my woman mentally. There is a world of cultures and life to explore lets not limit ourselves to this city! I probably should have put determination among the 3 best words that describe me because that really is me in a nutshell, DETERMINED. I am determined to be a great MAN, Determined to be an even better husband, Determined to be the Father all fathers are modeled after, Determined to have the love movies are made of... I just want woman who is equally determined...

My Future Goals: I have only one goal, It doesn't matter what it takes but I want to be in a position so that my future family (currently I have no kids) does not WANT for anything.

Future events I plan on attending would be the either of the cruises but definitely MIAMI!! See you there