Bus Transportation Business

Bus Transportation Business
The Charter Bus Report Is READY ! 72 HOUR SALE -

There are thousands of people in every city who would love to travel to the different events. The problem is that they have no one to travel with, no way to get there and most importantly they want to make sure they have a good time with others from the same area.

Did you know you can charter a bus for special Black Beach Week trips, NFL games, Ski Trips, Black College Football Games, Girlfriend Getaways and more.

You call the charter bus company in your area. You ask how much to charter a bus to a specific event. They give you a price per person. You charge a a fee for everyone to ride on your party bus to a specific event. You have 100 people on your bus. You charge $100 per person. Multiply $100 x 100 people and you just made some nice pocket change for that month.


Cost: DISCOUNT $19.95 if you order before Thursday At Noon

Cost: $29.95 if you order from Thursday to Saturday

Cost $39.95 if you order Sunday