Beach Road Trip Weekend

Beach Road Trip Weekend


AKA. The BRT Weekend " 3-Day Caribbean Music Festival

6 Main Events | Eat & Drink Free All Weekend!

Where: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Date: July 7-9, 2023


Created in 2012, Beach Road Trip Weekend, or #BRTweekend simply put, is the ultimate destination, day-party series. Now in several amazing cities, patrons from around the world take a road trip to party, vacation, and revel in each other's company for an entire weekend. Inspired by Caribbean culture, each of our festivals includes 6 uniquely themed events, all-inclusive with free drinks & food, across a multi-day span in a beautiful resort location.

What Is A Weekend Pass?

Weekend Pass Tickets are always the best option. With a Weekend Pass, you'll get entry to all (6) main events including: 1) Brunch On The River. 2) Maui Wowi with KES performing live! 3) Xtreme Wet 'N Wild "Water Party". 4) BRT "All White" Guilty Pleasures. 5) Jouvert "Breakfast Party". 6) Yacht Club "Members Only". We'll provide Free Drinks & Food at each of these events.

VIP Weekend Pass Benefits:

Your VIP Weekend Pass will give you access to all VIP sections for the main events throughout the weekend. Youíll get to skip all lines for the main 6 events + Your VIP ticket also includes premium all-inclusive drinks & food at each of the 6 main events.

VIP Ticket Upgrades:

VIP ticket upgrade options are not available in advance & are not guaranteed to be available at the event. If they are, they may be in the range of $150-200 for each upgrade.

VIP Day Pass or VIP for Individual Events:

VIP Day Passes & VIP for individual events do not exist. If you'd like to be in VIP, please purchase a VIP Weekend Pass.

Event Themes & Attire:

Each event has itís own unique theme. Please save our event schedule and dress to match the theme at your own discretion. Most events take place on the sand, so feel free to dress in beach attire.

Food Menu:

The food menu will be different for each event and will consist of a variety of different dishes from the Caribbean & U.S.

For more information,(954) 805-4544.


  • PARTY PASSES - $225.66 Ė $350.00 (3-DAY Party Passes)

  • HOTELS- $100.00 - $400.00 Per Night (Choose Your Hotel)