Men Respond To Brazil Controversy

Men Respond To Brazil Controversy
Here is what the men has to say regarding the Brazil Carnival Newsletter


Terrence, I'm a heterosexual black male..and I can see how our African-American women would feel slighted by your review. And, as a black male I can also see how I will be planning a trip to Brazil in the very near future! There remains truth though, in your characterization of how some women go about their "business" at the event/ get-togethers-"he's got to be a baller/millionare etc etc." But..there are those professional women who simply enjoy a great time with other professional, respectful brothers minus the BS. Some of the women who felt their feelings and egos bruised are those that have the nasty attitudes..while some earnestly just want better relations between the sexes (Black-American specifically).Maybe you should preface articles like this one with.."if you are a woman, you may want to skip this..."

best regards, Mike


Look here. I think a lot of you ladies have been real hard on Terrence in regards to his Brazil newsletter. Now lets keep it real...we all have been guilty of hating at some point in our lives.....just admit it. Out of all the years that Terrence has ran this site....none of the ladies complained when Terrance reported his experiences in Miami, Cancun, Black Bike Week, or Jamaica.

None of you said anything about the women being exploited in the "Outrageous pictures" section of this site which shows women half naked in thongs and sexy bikinis. Why didn't "Jacqueline" and the other young lady who requested to be IMMEDIATELY unsubscribed from this newsletter and bombarded us with a host of HIV/AIDS statistics from Brazil, (which in fact, isnt that much different from here in the US) request to be unsubscibed from this newsletter when Terrence posted not more than THREE (3) consecutive newsletters with pictures of damn near naked men.

The point I am trying to make is that Terrence has been doing newsletters like that for YEARS, but soon as he goes to Brazil for the first time and simply reports what he experienced....then all of a sudden he is a bad guy and this site is trash.

Once again, lets keep it real. Ladies the real reason you were upset with that newsletter had little to do with exploitation of women, AIDS statitics, or anything like that. If it was you could have mentioned those things before. The real reason that most of you were upset was because you felt that your womanhood was challenged or attacked.

Although I didnt agree with everything they had to least "Fatty Gurl", admitted that those women inspired her to go to the gym, and "Cheryl" was mature enough to admit that the newsletter simply hurt her feelings.

To be honest, I didnt see it before, but now I can see how some of what was said could have been hurtful to some women.....however, taking your frustrations out on Terrance and Black men in my humble opinion is not the proper and mature response.

I believe the productive thing is to talk about WHY you ladies felt your womanhood was challenged and what we both can do as Black men and Black women to improve ourselves and to have better relations with each other. Although I didnt agree with everything she had to say,out of all the ladies complaint letters, I think "Cheryl" kept it real the most and was most honest with her feelings in regards to the Brazil newsletter.

I have been to Brazil twice and I agree with a lot of what Terrence had to say. It can be very overwhelming for extremely beautiful women to approach YOU for a change...melting you with their beautiful smiles and agressiveness. Even though I know that the main attraction is probably because I am a well to do American, beautiful women is just about every mans weakness....especially when they are constantly smiling at you and treating you like a king. I dont mean to offend anyone, but I just want to keep it real.

Having said that, even though visiting Brazil is a fantasy experience for sure, I think I can probably speak for most Black men when I say that most of us REALLY would prefer to have a beautiful African American women who perhaps would treat us a little better. Take care and remember to keep it real.




Those women are buggin out, just brush that ish off your shoulder...we didn't start going to South America until they started going to the Carribean to get their groove back. So yeah, it sucks when its the other way around, now they know how we felt. So while they are gettin their Tae Diggs on, let us do our thing with Maria and Consuela. Ha Ha Im headed to Brazil on June 20th and staying until the 30th (to celebrate by 29th bday) - You just got me even more hyped! Keep doin your thing homeboy.



Hey Player,

Your info was great, keep up the good work!!! The info you provided was informative and stated from a male's perspective and that's okay... The unfortunate thing is someone will not always share your same views.

The bit on the naked men, with only there Johnson covered; I'm just guessing no complaints. "Hmm, hmm"... Well partner keep your head up and press on; who knows but I'm sure there still are women in broken relationships or those who just hate that their peeps ditch everything a few times a year, for some Wild-N-Out time to assist with the mental frame of mind...

I can only say with each article written both were spoken from the perspective to inform and perhaps entice additional patronage geared toward the type of event being held....

Each event Black Beach Week promotes will have the propensity to be stated from a promotional perspective that will not be neutral to everyone's readership. The advertising and or the hype of marketing the events usually conform to the tendency of the patronage of its benefactors or attendees.

Keep your head up player; many of us in the community appreciate what your organization (BBW Team) do for us.

Thanks BBW


What's up Terrance. I have been a subscriber to your newsletter since 98. It has been very informative as I have traveled all over the world for black spring break events. I have been to Freaknic, Daytona, Texas, Miami but none of them compare to Brazil.

I went last year and I'm going back on Sunday. I have to agree with you that things are much easier in Brazil and that's why I like it. Its was welcome change from Miami on Memorial day weekend where you damn near have to break your neck just to get a phone number. To me the woman in America need to stop watching so many rap videos and come down off their pedestal.

Keep the newsletters coming


Yo i hope you post this on ya site.

I see where everyone is coming from and as a man yes there should also be a follow up on getting tested or info on the std rate in brazil but ladies you cant be mad at this man for putting his experience in the open.

Lets look at all the factors. Some men go on these trips just for what Terrance said some don't but the women are different here in the US not just black women. Its a shame that some men have to go to places like that to get treated nice. I have seen on more than a few occations that u ask a women would she like a drink she looks at her friends like she needs their approval.

Women here get their hair done buy new clothes get nails done just to act stuck up in the club. Then more an more women need a man with the big whips or the chain. Hell ive been to DC and a women will not even give you the time of day in some spots unless you are bring your AAAAAAAAAA game, ladies get off ya high horse and understand that not every man whats your goodies cause dont get it twisted std's are high in the states also.



I was just sitting here reading the email's you received about Brazil and man I'm laughing my ass off. I knew what kind of reaction was going to come from the ladies.

You're right, when you sent out that email with the eye candy for the ladies you didn't receive not one email from them taking up for the black man who doesn't have that muscular body or any email just about the exploitation of men as sex symbols, you didn't receive one negative email. I have come to learn that women only complain when something is not to their favor. Bottom line, "They Just Can't Be Satisfied".

Back on the Brazil trip, I saw one of your subscribers asking about hotels, and I think that you need to add one more number and this should be ranked in the top "three". For you guys that want to visit there and have fantasies about chillin with some Brazilian women, it's best to rent an apartment for the time you're there it's not expensive at all.

You can find places that are right on the beach or walking distance from the beach and they range in price from $250 to $500 for the week and some of these places are real nice. I have some fellas that went a couple years back and that's what they did, the reason is that the hotels are strict about you bringing natives back to the hotels because of prostitution. I too am planning to visit Brazil next year and I have found a few places to stay already.



I think you definitely touched a nerve, because in america many american women feel they are the worlds greatest females on the planet, and as long as they are being venerated they are estatic ! But the moment you exhibit other beautiful women around the globe who are just as beautiful as they are they lose their mind ! And as soon as they see that these other beautiful creatures, dont put all their emphasis that american women tend to put on materialism, and other superficial things, and who dont walk around with a Me, myself, and I mentality, they become extremely upset !!!!


Hey T,

Please don't let those emails from all the envious women hinder the great thing you have going with this website. As you said, there was no uproar from us (the fellas) when you sent the newsletter with that dude in a thong and his di** all out.

I personally DID NOT want to see that but realize that you are a BUSINESS MAN and cater to a wide audience. Therefore, I would expect something like that to be shown so you can let the ladies know what's out there for them. As I read the emails from the women, I noticed that they are missing out on that point. This is a Business!!

Black Beach Week Newsletter (YOU) provides us with a service in order for us to know what's out there in the world and how to get there. It's only beneficial to us to know what is REALLY happening in Brazil, Cancun, etc. People want to travel for various reasons, some looking for T&A, sex, Fun, whatever the case may be you give us that variety.

If folks are not interested in the events you've talked about, nobody's forcing them to go anywhere and you are not beating around the bush about what happens in any of these places.

Frankly, if you didn't get my attention with your newsletters I WOULD NEVER GO TO YOUR SITE thus never know what's going on. However, you being the smart business man that you are reel me in with things that interest me, such as WOMEN, NICE WEATHER and FUN and I am very grateful for that.

You do a great job at promoting EVERYTHING for men and women alike and I just want to say thank you and keep up the good work!! By the way, that Brazil email made my week and i'm curious as to how I can see more pictures or videos.

Take Care,




I would have loved to have made that trip to Brazil with you. I read some of the hate mail from the angry black females you received and would say you should expect that from those who dont have what it takes to attract a man. Seems to me they may have been more upset with the beauty of the Brazilian women in the pictures and hating that they dont have what those beautiful ladies have. AIDS is an epidimic in every country and culture not just limited to Brazil. Even here in America where some of these very so called to good to read your newsletter women live. We all know to take precautions when having sex because you can very well if not more catch AIDS in the US as one would in Brazil. Its the lack of ability to appreciate a compliment of a man recognizing a beautiful woman wherever she may be from is why they are having so many issues. Many of them if walls could talk bedroom would tell the truths they are hiding about the freak in them. I like your newsletter and planning on visiting Jamaica or Brazil this summer. Keep me informed and shake them haters of the email list.




There was nothing wrong with the content of your Email on Brazil! You spoke about what men like to see....beautiful women. You mentioned your own personal experiences.

You also spoke about a subject that some Sisters don't like to talk about, and that is their behavior at times. The women in Brazil are known to be extremely beautiful and are known to be very friendly. I will point out that the country is very poor, and I'm sure that American men with money are very attractive to them.

The Brazilian women are extra friendly to a man that might spend money on them. They are nice, and treat a man with much respect. Many Sisters want to get the same attention or financial gain, but want to give as little respect as possible. There is nothing wrong with a man taking a vacation purely for pleasure. Women do it too. If you're married or committed, that's another issue.

I see nothing wrong with you buying a beautiful woman a drink, having a great time at a club, and then taking her home. The both of you are adults. Many Brothers have been interested in Sisters and bought them drinks in order to have conversation with them. I've seen Sisters instantly walk away from the Brother after getting the drink, and then give their girlfriends high-fives like they've just scored the winning touchdown in the Superbowl.

If you're a NBA player or NFL player you'll have a better chance of getting with many Sisters. To deny this fact is just plain silly. Women have "girls night out" all of the time. The women that complain about your Email are in denial and need to give it a rest. Feel free to print this on your website. Keep up the great work! I'll be in Myrtle from 24 May to 28 May 07.



You know how black women are. If you had a bunch of white women in there, they would be complaining and saying "what you couldnt find any black women in Brazil?" Black American women always got something to nit pick and complain about. But I really think their main reason for complaining is that, now they have some real genuine competition. I mean these sistas in Brazil are top notch and their attitudes are great. American women don't want brothas going overseas and broadening their horizons and bringing back these foreign less materialistic, angry women.


Yo T- Ive been a member of your newsletter since 98 when I was in college. This is my first time emailing you despite the fact that I was probably one of your first members (before the wrong negroes got their hands on computers). I started going to all the spring break events like BBW & BCR because of it & ended up walking out on my college sweethart, moving down south and even running some adult entertainment web ventures. Almost ten years later, Im single, rich & I love you for it! Forget these insecure tricks who are all up in arms about Brazil! The nerve of these women to yell about AIDS when I get followed around by sistas demanding to know how I can be so hot & not have any kids in my late 20s...AS WITH AIDS, YOU NEED 2 HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX 2 HAVE KIDS LADIES! Don't talk to me about luck or condoms either because my numbers are bordering on disturbing. Ignore the lonely & miserable, do you & keep bringing the heat to the masses Big T!



This is my comment to all the women that sent you their negativity on women in Brazil issue. Well, you just told the truth and stated facts.

I have not been to Brazil yet, but I plan too. However, I do business in the Dominican Republic and own a home there. The women there are similar to the Brazilian women. They do treat you like a KING!

I have come back to the good old USA where I live part of the year in Las Vegas and now must admit I fall into the category of what you said in never seeing dating or marriage the same. We all must accept that there are different cultures that developed out of the slave trade. You can just follow the languages and know who set them up.

However, back to the comparison of American women to Brazilian women; it is a definite difference that makes a man feels the Kingship where America has no thoughts of a Black man being treated like a King. Unfortunately, the women have fallen into that Americanization which makes it easy for a fellow to see the difference when going to a place like Brazil or my favorite, the Dominican Republic. Thanks for spitting the TRUTH!

By the way, I have a Vegas house on golf course for sale. I've been single for quite awhile because of Americanized women that don't see the deal. I plan to be in DR most of year. I will probably be in Brazil the other few monts. I like being treated like a KING!



What is wrong with our Black Women here in the USA. I feel sorry that they came down on you so hard when in reality they were just validating the opinion most men, Black and White, have of Black American women in the first place.

They may not want to hear it but the fact is most black women have attitude, they are rude, stuck-up, condesending, unappreciative, and several more negative words....when it comes to interacting with black men. True some black men are no good! True some black men are bad news! True some black men are lazy and don't want anything or care about any one but themselves! But guess are some black women.

But when you have a whole culture of a certain race of women that maintain the same negative attitude towards the men of their race then you, the women, create the problems. Any women who can be real with herself and real with the men she encounters will not have a reason to be offended by Terrance's article because she will have her man with her and she will know that she offers him something the Brazilian women can't match and it isn't about SEX. It is the single, lonely, angry women who were most "offended" by the article.

I would love to start a dialog with women without men to see if they will openly discuss their issues and then work towards making it more attractive for Black American men to want to be with Black American women instead of preferring white women or woman from another culture.

Keep up the good work and the information flow on Black events.



Because of your newsletter, me and my brother are starting to save so we can be there next year...we're eating top ramen (noodles) all year!!!! Iím looking forward to addition information.


You did a great job. You actually toned it down very well when you did the Brazil article. Women that are hating, usually have never looked like this, never will, or remember a time when they did. Seriously, competition is strife and if my sister can't hang, well it is what it is. Brazilians have the same African base root as African American women. You can tell my sisters to step ya game up. We (brothers) have stepped ours up and now we're importing. Hell, I signed up a Portuguese class off the strength of your word today. Peace, Rico Let (Atlanta GA) p.s. as soon as I stack $1.2 mil I'm up out of here anyway. lol.


MAN, You left out the most important of Brazil...when you get back to the states you literally want to tear your phone book up and your tolerance level for BS goes waaaay down, not to mention every girl you thought was beautiful is now suddenly a 7 at best...and as you have stated instead of dating when you get back you just stack the date go back again and again.

Let me know when you are ready to buy a place there. SMILE! Count me in...


Man I'm ready to move there and find a new career!!!! DAMN!!!!!!


PLS be sure to fw shoot me the next MEMO, I need this trip to Brazil


WOW! WOW! WOW! Yo, you the man man. These pics are crazzzy. I'm sooo madd I ain't make it out to Brazil this year. Please keep me in the loop for next year. Looks like you had a hell of a good time. Damn



Are you going to put anymore pictures from Brazil up?


Bruh those picks are tight. I want to know where the best place to stay is, how much was flight and bodgeting for next


Hey Terrence,

I am glad to know you are feeling better. My brother has been trying to get to Brazil because some of his frat brothers have told him about it. I will definitely share this with him. Do you know of any events in Puerto Rico in June. I will be there that month. Thank you for keeping me posted on upcoming events all around the world.I hope to see you somewhere!

Warm Regards,



DAMN!!!! I tried and tried and tried to make it to Brazil & Carnival this year but it didn't happen, Nevertheless thanks for the pics and update. I damn near fell on the floor at that crack addicted penguin thing. (lesson #7 ) But ... I WILL BE IN BRAZIL WITHIN THE NEXT 2 YEARS!! Keep up the good work. Peace & Be well,




I'm planning my trip for the 2008 Fat Tuesday in Brazil. What is the best location for the Carnival? Rio De Janerio or Salvador Bahia? Also, what are the main hotels for this event?



Dude. Please share more pics and when can we C the video Thanks


oh its on now yo

make sure u answer the following question on next week

what hotel stay at (i wanna know wich hotel YOU stayed at son) clubs best time of year how much do i need, cause son am tryin ball word up its BK thing na mean do i need car pics pics pics pics pics yo.....aint tryin pay fo it eitha on dvd i aint got time watch or order so make sure u put hot pics by next week, cause am about go ASAP get away from NYC mamis na mean fo week atleast, i might not come back!!!!! who knows lol word up son






Man, I have to go to Brazil. I'm planning on going there in April or May. Do you recommend any hotels that are near THE FAMOUS COPACABANA AND IPANEMA BEACH.




Hey Terrance, No apologies needed for me.You are the luckiest brother I know.I'm jealous,I'm pissed and if you don't invite me on your next trip there,I'm going to hunt you down,and well,i'll think about what i'll do to you.BUT,for now,I appreciate the photos and the updates.I'm glad you are feeling better.But after seeing all those beautiful women,I'm sure you say to yourself that it was worth it all.I WOULD,but that's just me.Thanks again and PLEASE always keep me updated on all events and goings on.Your friend,Oh,Jealous friend, Jeff


Man that seems and looks like you had one hell of a trip. Hopeful one day i can say have that kind of trip, but i must say that Brazil is one of the places that i am going to visit. Thanks for the newsletter it made my day.


That was the best newsletter ever! I plan on going to Brazil next year (during Carnival) so this was a good F.Y.I. for me.