Nude Pageant DVD

Nude Pageant DVD
Over 69 minutes of real footage showcasing the sexiest chocolate women on the planet competing to find out who is the very best.

The Pre-Party-The Pageant-The Afterparty

Lay all your inhibitions aside as the #1 island resort host HBO's most popular televised event. Jamaica is going to get real hot as all of the "FINEST" women of color from all around compete for Miss Black Nude Beach. The music, the water, the sun and the most beautiful warm chocolate heavenly bodies take over the islands. In case you missed it, watch all the fun we had with the beautiful women LIVE on DVD

-- Evening Wear

-- Swimsuit

-- Talent Showcase

-- Dance Routine

-- Nude Showcase

Other Events Include

Wet T-Shirt Contest

Fashion Show

Battle of the Sexes

Pajama Party

Body Painting

Nude Volley Ball

Toga Party, Naked Twister and More

You will never experience a unique event like this again. It's a non-stop, flat out party. The

Once you watch the video, then experience what it's like in person as you travel with us to Miss Black Nude Pageant 2009 where anything goes.