Black College Reunion

Black College Reunion

Are you ready for a real uncut black beach week event?

You better be.

Because the Black College Reunion is the most famous black beach event of all. 150,000 attended the event last year and 200,000 are expected this year.

This will shatter the Black Beach World Record!!

You've seen the pictures and heard the stories and now see for yourself why Daytona's Black College Reunion is the largest Black Beach Week event in the world.

  • Concerts
  • Pool Parties
  • Beach Parties
  • Club Parties
  • Contest
  • Bikini Contest
  • Car Shows
  • And More

Do you have questions? Do you want to know more about the parties? Do you need a reservation? Which city should you book your car in? What airport is the closest to Daytona? Do you need to rent a car? Check out all the information below.