Black Beach Week Controversy #1

About the controversy:

For the past 7 years Black Beach Week has been delivering information on different events. We get alot of email that is 99.9% supportive. However, every once in a while we get that one letter that has a problem with either the website or the events themselves.

Here is the infamous letter that we received the day before Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday. We sent a copy of the letter to our subscribers and asked them if they agree or disagree with the letter.

We received over 500 responses back.

Read it for yourself and you decide


"First of all, I would like to say that the racist name "Black Beach" is so inappropriate for this time and age. Are you trying to segregate black people from everyone in the world??

By calling it this, you are excluding everyone else...I thought black activists stopped segregation a long time ago?? why is this racist bullsh*t still going on.

You just eliminated all other races to come to South Beach for Memorial Day Weekend. I think this is a disgrace and whoever thinks of this sh*t is a racist as*hole!!!

Yes, black people can be racist too.. Not only white people are racist. Here is a perfect example of choosing segregation!!! Get on with the times...Stop the racism!"



Was Gina right?

Do you think we should change the name of Black Beach Week? Is it racist to call a website Black Beach Week or have any event with the word "black" in it?


Well I must say, i have 2 opinions on what Ms. "Gina" has to say about this website..........factually this began as a part of URBAN Fashion Week during Memorial Day weekend in Miami, which included predominately Black designers, models and entertainers, hence the name BLACK Beach Week....Black People began the whole you gotta respect that!..........on the other hand, to make our non-pigmented, "urbanized" counterparts feel less outcasted than they already make themselves, maybe it could revert back to being URBAN Beach as not to face a discriminatory lawsuit from someone's rich, suburban lawyer daddy............HOWEVER I must say that I will remain a proud member of BLACK BEACH WEEK! My real ones, I know ya'll feel me on this!



Why can't we have a website dedicated to providing the most updated events for black people. Just because the name of the site is "black beach week", doesn't necessarily mean only black people can attend. It is still a free country, so in no way is this site saying "only black people can attend". It's simply a site providing information on where the most happening events for us will be located. What's the problem?



I think Gina is a racist, I get these type of messages on my phone at work. I work for an non-profit organization, National Council of La Raza (NCLR), and what these people want is for us not to recognize our own race.

I don't know if there is a group of people that go out of there way to make these comments, but when I started to read it, I was like damm this sounds familiar.

Just my 2 cents

Jose T. Los Angeles









Gina's statement is bullsh#t. She doesn't have a correct vision of what the blackbeach website is trying to do. The website promotes events especially for black people, but not only black people. Since when has this website stated no other races are allowed to come and enjoy themselves. No One! You have a choice to come to these events or not. If you do come, you are guaranteed to see black people in a great amount. I don't even know why she even got own the website, if she didn't think there was going to be events caretered to black people. Get off the website. She out of line.


This is in response to "Gina"'s letter (if that is even her REAL name). What in the world is she talking about? Obviously she has NEVER participated in any of the Black Beach events...I went to Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach last year and let me tell you...It may say Black Bike Week, but it's basically a melting pot of fine azz men & women of all races!!! In no way, shape or form should you change the name of the website or the names of the events just because 1 ignorant person piped up against it! If she doesn't like it, NO ONE is forcing her to visit the website or even subscribe to the newsletter, don't look! It's not that damn hard!!! So to you I say, keep up the good work & keep the newsletter coming...To Miss Gina, go find another cause to rant and rave about!

Thank you, Monica aka Caramelhunee!


I think Gina needs to chill. I think she has things backwards. Back in the day, phrases such as "whites" and "whites only" were meant to exclude those that were not white. However, the phrase Black Beach Week does just the opposite: it serves as an INVITATION and Notice to everyone out there that you're about to have a good time without regard to race or sex.

I've been to several "Black" events and I can say that I've never witnessed any negative racial activity at any time.

Gina also has to remember that when you're in the minority it is often insufficient to label your activities with a generic name and expect the level of attention you desire. For example, what if the Jewish Holocaust Museum was just called "museum". Or, what if Black History Month was just called History month. On the other hand, whites do not need to further identify themselves. If you go to an American History museum in DC or Bike Week in Oklahoma, you can be sure that the focus of the event will not be on African Americans or any other minority race in this country.


Gina maybe trapped in the white peoples world of thinking,...She mabe married to a white man and feels that he cant attend the all black events that are posted....Mabe Gina is white and wants to attend the events.....I feel that Black is Black and White is White and to change the name is Wrong !!!!!!!

Greg Jordan Wings Palace ..The only Black Restaurant in Blachsprings Tx


Obviously Gina doesnt know the word "racist" means. Just because you call it Blackbeach doesnt make it racist. Should America change "Black" History month to something else to accommadate Gina views? Will that make her feel like she can participate? Well, I have news for her, life isn't always fair.. She needs to get over it.



Do you think we should change the name of Black Beach Week? Is it racist to call a website Black Beach Week or have any event with the word "black" in it?

Personally I think that there aren't enough events around now that bring black people together in a positive way. It's nice to have found a site that gives all the information for black based events. Also i'm not 100% sure, but I would think that some of the events are run by black people. Why wouldn't you want to support that. Even if they aren't there are plenty of black vendors at the events continuing to make a living. Putting all of that to the side....I've seen plenty of people of all ethnicities at some of the events that I've been to. If Gina is going to make a fuss over this website I think she should fairly spend the next week sending in complaints to all the other websites that advertise events for their ethnic group. She might even want to spend her life to fight for this cause of hers. Instead of attacking such a positive website she should be out there listening to the things that come out of peoples mouth to one another in a negative racist way. C'mon now Gina be serious.



You know everyone always has an opinion that never makes any sense. First of all there is no way possible that your website or anything else is being racist. It is 2006 and some people just need to get over it. By any chances that Gina was to go to one of the events that you all host she will see that there are more than just black people there. Everyone in this world is entitled to go where ever they want to go no matter what the name of something is. People need to realize that the black and white thing is over. Just because you name a particular thing out of something does not mean that white, black, hispanic, or any other race could not enjoy. But I have come to realize that you can't make everybody happy these days.

Thanks Mel


Racism - Racism involves physical, psychological, spiritual, and social control, exploitation and subjection of one race by another race. It is the social institutionalization of the psychological concept of White/white supremacy (a man-made ideology of white/White superiority and black/Black inferiority). This means that racial discrimination and injustice are established, perpetuated and promoted throughout every institution of society - economics, education, entertainment, family, labor, law, politics, religion, science and war. Racism is also used as an abuse excuse to rationalize violent behavior and inhumane policies toward Melanites.

Melanite/Melanites - Alternative term for the words "people of color," "minorities," and "non-whites." Phavia Kujichagulia Recognizing and Resolving Racism: A Resource and Guide for Humane Beings

Gina has insecurities which have nothing to do with using the word Black. Let's say Gina is white. Gina has benefited from privilege. People with privilege like having benefits. Maybe using the word Black makes Gina uncomfortable. Maybe Gina likes to be around Blacks. It's okay to hang out with people you are comfortable with and not feel bad about it.

Did Blacks organize these events? Does these events cater to Blacks?

Are the events Exclusive to Blacks only? Can other races attend?

I am not offended by the name.

It's okay to be proud of your ethnicity.

Don't change because of Gina. People who don't want anything to do with Blacks would not log on to the website. Gina must be intrigued with Blacks.

Thanks, LaKeysha


I think the question to ask is "Who the Hell is Gina!" Is she a racist or is she some brainwashed individual with a personal grudge. As far as the name Black Beach Week, wasn't that created because of the times? Where were the sites to support black oriented beach activities, etc? If Gina had a better idea, why didn't she put something down then? What website does she have, the "I got a gripe about anything related to black website"?

I am tired of people trying to make us forget what we are, where we need to go, and how we need to get there. Our great Black Leaders were not out there protesting so we could forget rather to get the equality we should have gotten everyday we live. We are still not there yet, if you don't believe me ask those folks in New Orleans.

Tired of Gina's


No I think BLACK BEACH WEEK shoud remian the same I hear what Gina is saying, and do agree that racism still exists, but dag on it it is just a name and it is all for fun I mean we have other issues in the world now to just focus on this name. I am a African American young black women and proud of it I have ran into some racial issues in my life but I am too strong for any person or race to break me down. I work with all types or people of races and I asked a few white, asian people how do they feel about attending a function called Black Beach week and I also asked them do they think the name is racistl and they said HECK NO!!! they said they have been to a lot of Black Beach events and they had a ball. It is all about fun!!! Gosh wasn't it just MLK Day!!!! Tell Gina to pipe down it is 2006 lets all get together and party hard for "06".

That being said NO I say keep the name.....

Pocahontas from the BX


"Letter" First of all "Gina" you need to take a chill pill. Since your throwing out all this UN-educated info maybe you need to look up the term "Racism" because you seem to know very little about it. FYI: African Americans cannot and will not ever be racist because we are and will always be the Minority not the Majority "sweetie". Yes, this is a web site for Black people but I have never read nor heard about black beach week not allowing other culture's oriented people into this web site, so where are you getting your info? What gets me is how every time "black folk" create something to entertain our people its wrong but every other race can have as many web-sites or whatever and it's OK. Flat out Miss Gina if you don't like how the web-site is, Get out!!! no one is break in your arm. Oh PS: was out that nasty mouth with some soap ,ladies should not curse so much.


It's only called Black Beach Week because of the vast majority of people who come are of African-American heritage. It's not being prejudiced. And it's not telling anybody else that's a different race to stay away. Just like the week before Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach is just Bike Week, and there are too many Harley Riders with the majority being white. The next week is Black Bike Week, with the majority sport bike riders being black. It's really nothing to get your panties all in a bunch! Last year at BBW, there were a whole lot of white girls there, getting their ride groove on, and nobody was lynching them for being at BBW, so what's the big deal?


Gina is totally out of line. Its not racists. This Website & Newsletter provide busy professionals as well as college students with a list of entertainment.

Its not to exclude any other race its just to say hey guys this is for US.


We are entitled to have events where we as a Race can come together and enjoy ourselves. no different that a Familoy Reunion

We do not go to Rock concerts...

Very few of US are into Rock Climbing ...

There are just events all races have that usually due to no fault of anyone are attended by that race.

Religious celebrations are attended by those who follow that religion.

Lastly to address the issue of get with the times. We sometimes we as blacks would like to gather have fun and not be profiled by the police. Its sad that a man cannot own a luxury automobile in this day and age and not have to defend himself to the police.

My husband is a Firefighter we had just moved into our new home in a very nice area (mostly white). He was pulled over for driving too slow (trying to read the very small signs in a very dark area no street lights where we live) by the way he drives a Lexus.


that's the case we they should change BET too. Tell Gina that it's not that serious. If she is offended then remove yourself off the list and don't bother going to the site. This is America. Its a freedom to name what you want whatever you want. Ya don't like it, don't look at it. It's that simple.


My response to the angry subscriber is this:

When I see events or websites such as this one I am more inclined to view the events because it is being sponsored by African Americans and I am an African American, who is more interested in events that include other African Americans. I am more inclined to give my money to African American sponsored events.

To say that “Black Beach” excludes all other races is silly. Every race has their own way of advertising in order to invite people of their race to participate. It does not read "Blacks Only". If you are so offended by “Black Beach” What is your view on Black Entertainment Television (BET)? Does BET promote exclusion or separation? No! If you turn to this channel and you are not African American are you immediately bombarded with racial slurs and feel excluded from watching. No!! It would be no different than a Jewish website, advertising Jewish events that cater toward Jews. Does that mean you are not invited or you can’t participate? No..

To simpify “Black Beach” or any other headline or title to something as stupid as segregation is small minded. I remember seeing an invitation to an “All White Party”. Instead of jumping up and down as an African American and shouting racism, I put on an All White outfit and went to the party, which is what “All White Party” meant.

Black Beach to me means to be around other African Americans enjoying each other. If when YOU read the headline “Black Beach” and your first thought is exclusion, than maybe you are the one who has not gotten past segregation.



its weird but i kinda agree with the letter but then theres a part of me that doesnt..i dont think its racist to call it black beach week but on the other hand would be alittle uneasy if i saw something that said "white beach week"...i do think its time that black people and white people can both go to these events and have a great time.TOGETHER! NICOLE.


As a black woman I believe that "Black" should not be taken out of the title "Black Beach Week." This is an event to embrace our people and recognize it for what it is. There is no reason a person should be offended. This is our time and this is what we want to do. Enjoy our people. Not to be ignorant to the fact, we deal with different races everyday in society. We deserve our time to represent our people and our heritage. This however does not exclude other races because of the title. But for you to be aware of what it is.

- Just my 2 cents


In response to Gina's letter, no one has stated nor has implied any type of racism, segregation by simply calling the website, "Black Beach Week." Yes the events promoted and announced on the website are geared more toward the Urban audience, but no where has anyone stated that it was for Blacks only. So let me ask Gina this America racist for delegating February as Black History Month? Is the city of Indianapolis racist by having the Indiana Black Expo annually each summer? Let me give you Webster's definition of racism because you are clearly confused.

-Racism-a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

So when has naming a website "Black Beach Week" become racist? The website has not discriminated against any race...all who are interested, are more than welcome to participate. If you're unhappy, unsubscribe or simply dont go to the website, simple as that.


To all,

First of all, I am a Puerto Rican female who does not agree with Gina. To being, she is totally misinformed when she made the statement that "Black Beach Week" refers to Memorial Day Weekend in South Beach. Before she made the unintelligent comments she should have done her research. As for the name of the website, who is to say that it has only to deal with African Americans. I am fully aware that that term is also a color and does not only refer to the color of one's skin, especially since it is impossible for one's pigmentation to be black. I hope that Gina gets a grip on reality and realizes that Black Beach Week. Com is a site dedicated to minorities and non-minorities around the country. Hopefully, that will end her ignorance of the segregation that she seems is being brought on because of one site's name.



Hello fellow Beach week readers As a single 27 yr old black female that travels quite abit I find that websites such as this are godsent. This website is not racist or excluding other races its merely advertising where people of the same color, with same interest can be in like company. One thing that is intimidating for me is traveling alone and feeling like I'm the only black woman on the ship or island. It's happened quite a bit. The travel business is dominated by other races mostly white and unfortunetly these people think that blacks dont belong on the same luxious island or vacation so theres this tendency for them to treat us different. Websites such as Black Beach Week help other black folks to come together to have comfort in numbers while taking that much anticipated vacation! Respectfully



there is a way to address an issue, i think gina needs to learn some beside manners. on the other hand if it supposedly be so offensive then why does as many other races be at the events as black people. i dont think black beach sounds offending, because it acknowledges something that we are apart of as our own people and surely invite any race to celebrate in our shine as long as we can all get along. being called black beach gives people the knowledge what to expect if they wished to come. for example i would like to be aware the party if i'm invited to a homosexual event, especially being a heterosexual female. but maybe the name could sound a little more diverse: urban beach, hiphop beach. and hell it's your website, call it what u wanna.



Me personally......I don't think that the "Black Beach Week" name should be changed because it's a tradition!!! It's not that it's saying that it's ONly for black people, that's just tha NAME....You can't judge anything by it's cover or tha name. You have to just try out things then judge them on the way you think!!!


don't think that the website is racist in any way. I think it's a way to let black people know about events that are not usually advertised to us. If this website is racist then so is BET since that's BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION and Black College Reunion in Daytona. However, that doesn't stop other races from watching this channel or attending the events. Because your website is called doesn't mean that other races can not enjoy the same events. However, I believe it does mean that the majority of attendee's will be African-American/Black which I personally like. There are not that many events targeted to us (black people) and it's nice to know there is a website that lets us know where and when these things are going on.

In regardings to South Beach for Memorial Day, I thought the event was called Urban Beach Week.


Allum Spence


Hi Terrance,

How are you? I'm writing in response to your email from Ms. Gina with her problem. First of all. this world will continue to be segregated because the "white man" is always going to try to take over the world. Please do not change your name of something you created and proud of. You have done a tremendous job on the past several years.

We as people of color need to have our own thing and there is nothing wrong with it. I'm sure she is expecting all of us to respond to her in the ignorant way she came at you. However we do not have to that. Do you really want to know who the most important people are in the world "people of color". Why is that? It's because they all wants to be like us. They are either trying to tan to become our color. They are trying to play the sports like we do and can't. They are trying to dip in the chocolate to get a feel of it and don't let go. Why is that their women have to purchase what God has bless your beautiful sisters with naturally. So why are we so important? Because this is how it is suppose to be. So please don't allow them to add to their list the many things they have taken away from "people of color". Thank you and have a bless day.


This letter is in response to Gina's angry letter about using the words "Black Beach Week" to describe the numerous events that take place around the country and abroad every year that this site hosts or announces. I think it is completely ridiculous to say that the site is racist. The fact of the matter is, for Gina and anyone else who agrees with her, is that the majority of the people who have, do and will attend these events are African American. My grandmother use to say "sometimes you just gotta call 'em how ya see 'em," and that is what's going on here. Now if it had been called something along the lines of " Don't Be Alarmed It's Just Dem Negros Week" instead of "Black Beach Week" then I may be inclined to agree with it's racist undertones. But honestly Gina...let it go honey, it's not that deep. Other races/cultures are more than welcome to come out and partake of the various festivities. No where does it say that these events are strictly for black people. But let's be real now...there is a difference between black events and other events. For me personally this let's me know that these are not events for sitting down and enjoying tea and crackers, it's time to get crunk and enjoy ourselves with little restriction on our individualism. So with all that said...Gina, and anyone else for that matter who clearly understands what she is talking about...go to a black beach week event...have a drink or two and be easy!

Sincerely, Candyce


was sad to see Gina's letter. She missed the point and here is what I think:

1. It's called "Black Beach Week". Nowhere have I seen it said that only black people were invited. If you see the word "black" and that makes you stay away, then SHAME ON YOU, because you are going to miss a one great party! When you see "Hispanic Festival" of "Asian Day", does that make you stay away from that event? Do only Hispanic or Asian people attend those events? I think not. You should go and experience the culture. Accept it for what it is and enjoy the differences. Learn something about those other cultures. Give Black Beach Week the same chance you would other cultural events.

2. Black people - my people, are some of the most accepting people I know. Yes, there are some knuckle heads that hate other cultures, but we are not all like that. We don't mind sharing our space with Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, etc., as long as you are there to have a good time. I have actually been to some events where people from other cultures were determined not to have a good time but ended up having a great time because we made them feel welcomed. I am sure the same will happen at Black Beach Week. Hospitality is one of our greatest gifts!

And finally

3. People; stop cussing all the time. Learn to express your opinion without the profanity - it's unnecessary. But I digress.

See all of you at Black Beach Week!!



In regards to what Gina said, I disagree, this isn't racist. Let's account all the times racism has held us captive. They are: When Tiger woods won the Golf tournament, a racist comment was made about eating Collard Greens we turned the other cheek. It hasn't been until recently that 2 black men have won an Oscar, an organization whose been presenting awards to white people for the last 50 years even when people obviously knew they didn't deserve it, but we turned the other cheek. I have been to Myrtle Beach and Miami South Beach, during the year round, and all I see when Im there majority of the time is white and spanish people, but I dont let that dampen my fun, I just turn the other cheek. More recently, lets not get started with the Katrina Relief efforts, where white people were carted to safety at least 72 hours before their socioeconomical African American counterparts were even considered being saved and then accused of shooting at cops, we still turned the other cheek. To round this up, why do you complain when we dismiss white people and call us racist, when we have been disrespected and disregarded for over 600 years, and presently today with unequal opportunities, unequal earning wages, and targeted as America's number one threat...So if we have one week called black bikers week, were we can have fun and bug outt, and you have 51 weeks, why are you complaining? Before this person starts talking about having Black Bikers week, maybe she should be fighting the causes to help inner city youth, and helping our educational system function properly, who cares about a week of fun when our people are suffering at home. She needs to get her priorites straight, and if she wants to attack one measly item on the list of 'black only events'.

~Ms. C


IGNORE "gina"!!!!!! I see events all the time advertised and have wondered...."how many black people will attend"? Now I have the 411 on all the "black" events and I love it. Don't let one person mess it up for all of us.


Dear "Gina",

To get right to the point, I have some questions for you. Have you ever read or taken the time to understand what this newsletter is for? I'm unsure of the authors view of race, and to be honest, I really don't give a damn but I do know that he is insuring racial equality with his Newsletter. How many times, have we, as people, would love to travel to events that cater to the specific taste and culture we proudly represent? How is it that no one complains about race when another culture names an event or has something that represents them as a culture? Have you read anywhere, that naming an event Black makes it racist? Read the newsletter, does it state that you must be Black, African-American, or for politicals like yourself, pigmently engrossed people , to enjoy any of the events listed?Quit trying to tear down a great inspiration, and find the good out of having a event inspired, that has transpired into one of greatest Festivals of our Generation of People, Music , Culture! Please Ms,Don't plug into the Haterix.


Good afternoon!

Gina is an idiot. I'm sorry to denegrate one of my own, be she Black, oh wait, African-American, darn that might be racist too, a person of mixed ancestry currently living in the United States of America, or female (I'm ashamed of my fellow femme).

Let it be known, that the term "black" when used to describe a member of mixed African/Native American/European or whatever origin, is not racist. Merely descriptive, in at least that it helps to group - a pattern human beings from time memoriam have displayed.

Now, had the site been titled "Ni*** Beach Week" or "Coon Beach Week" or some other similar and utterly revolting phrase used to put a people down, then sure, Gina could take issue and would be justified in her little rant. My well-educated advice, or maybe just a bit of common sense, look up these terms dear Gina - "prejudice," "discrimination," "hate," and "racism". You might also want to peruse your history and read about the effects of segregation, integration, and the subsequent (or maybe that's just my correlation) decline in concentrated Black economic commerce.

On another note, unless Gina has been passing her whole life (and if she's "black" she'll know what I'm talking about) or has had her head in the culture blind clouds, she'll understand that "traditional" spring breaks have been almost wholly geared for those of non-black persuasion. Yeah, sure. EVERYBODY is welcome. But come on. How many times can one (I mean US) go to THEIR functions and still feel somehow out of the loop before we create a fun-filled time WE can also enjoy. Hence, Black Beach/Biker/Kappa/ week. Geez! And if Gina can pull her head out of the white colored sand for another second, she'd come to realize that no matter how long it seems it's been since legal integration was forbidden, or how many strides this world feigns it's taken, we ain't there yet. So what's so wrong with being comfortable? God didn't mean for us to go through life miserable. Even if some of us are idiots.

So chill out chick. (Darn, was that misogynist? That women's college I went to obviously didn't teach me any respect for my own. Oh well. What are ya gonna do??)


Ja'Milla Kamariah

Houston, Texas


I love this site and my newsletters!


I think "Gina" could have wrote her letter better than that. She was very "ghetto" unprofessional about voicing her opinion. The name black beach week for the website is alright. But what about blackplanet, blackvoices. :-) That's the name of your website.... you are advertising for everyone to go out and have fun, correct? If you would name it -- -- would that be more appropriate. There is a lot of racism between all ethnic groups... Here's a name for you :-)

Ms. Queen - A Sophisticated Lady




Gina--if it would make you feel more welcome we can change the name to "African American Festival" because I'm sure you dont feel segregated when it's the a Greek Festival going on ...or a Vegetarian festival....or St. Patrick's Day party/event....or any other race/culture specific event happening other than a black event.

N. Dobbins Ft. Walton Beach, FL


Ok normally I would never respond to such comments. However I am moved to say something. What I am about to say is in no way a direct attack to Ms. Gina. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions. But I also want everyone to know that opinions are just that - suggestions. And if you take the heat don't start a fire. I am not sure what race Ms. Gina is, but it really doesn't matter. First of all she has no true since of what it is to "really" live in this country. (USA) Segregation still exists. Secondly, whatever you call yourself: an African-American, Afro-American, Black, a Negro or a straight up Nigga; we cannot be a "Racist." To imply racisim means that I am doing something that will to hold another group of people down. And as we all know "we don't have that much power" The name "BlackBeach" simply implies that We (as Black people) are going to be on the beach or having party. I never took the name as a seperatist, but as an easy way for "us" to find out information on what is going on. Besides noone knows your ethnicity online. I have been to several events over the years that BlackBeach covers and I always see people of numerous ethnicities. So, Ms Gina, simply put if you don't like the name, don't go to the site. And then you don't have to worry about it. Because if this bothers you, then I am sure you stay pissed off all of the 28 days of February (Black History month) or the 30 days of June (Black Music Month). I find it funny that more and more I hear people say Black people need to get over what happen to our ancestors, but those same people have a problem with the way we are getting over. With our Black Pride. Either pay me or keep quiet! 40 acres and a mule (don't forget the interest)!

I love all people, its just harder to love the ignorant ones. Tamica


Ok normally I would never respond to such comments. However I am moved to say something. What I am about to say is in no way a direct attack to Ms. Gina. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions. But I also want everyone to know that opinions are just that - suggestions. And if you take the heat don't start a fire. I am not sure what race Ms. Gina is, but it really doesn't matter. First of all she has no true since of what it is to "really" live in this country. (USA) Segregation still exists. Secondly, whatever you call yourself: an African-American, Afro-American, Black, a Negro or a straight up Nigga; we cannot be a "Racist." To imply racisim means that I am doing something that will to hold another group of people down. And as we all know "we don't have that much power" The name "BlackBeach" simply implies that We (as Black people) are going to be on the beach or having party. I never took the name as a seperatist, but as an easy way for "us" to find out information on what is going on. Besides noone knows your ethnicity online. I have been to several events over the years that BlackBeach covers and I always see people of numerous ethnicities. So, Ms Gina, simply put if you don't like the name, don't go to the site. And then you don't have to worry about it. Because if this bothers you, then I am sure you stay pissed off all of the 28 days of February (Black History month) or the 30 days of June (Black Music Month). I find it funny that more and more I hear people say Black people need to get over what happen to our ancestors, but those same people have a problem with the way we are getting over. With our Black Pride. Either pay me or keep quiet! 40 acres and a mule (don't forget the interest)!

I love all people, its just harder to love the ignorant ones. Tamica


This person obviously has some issues. Did she even think of where the name started from? Maybe at Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, or Urban Beach Week in Miami. What other websites can we go to, to get information on these different events? Try going to Google and pull up Bike Week you will see all kind of information about Harley week, Daytona and Sturgis which is predominately white. So if Black has to be in front of beach week in order to set us apart from other events. Well then so be it



disagree with Gina's comment on "Black Beach" being a racist name. She obviously hasn't been to any of the events or was totally blind when she went because I have attended Black Beach events and have seen people from all different ethnic groups attending these events and having fun. Yes it is predominantly black but Black Beach events are one of the only events that I actually know of where all people can have fun without being mistreated because of their race. So, how are we excluding everyone else? "Black Beach" to me is just a way of bringing us, African Americans, together to meet new people and have fun, no matter what color they are. A lot of times black people are not welcome in vacation spots and to me, and I'm sure a lot of other folks, having something like this makes us more comfortable to do the things that we like to do and meet new people. This is coming from a true personal experience.


Gina's letter was in one word stupid. While these are mainly black events you see a variety of people there who do not find it racist to call the events "black" This is a way to let us know it is our time as blacks to get together and just have a little fun in style. If you find it racist just don't attend, Gina.

Sincerely Yours, WyKeima





think the note/letter is absurd! Next will she want for the HBCU's to be shut down as well? By stating "Black" in the title of something does not exclude others it just identifies that our culture will be prevalent and the majority at the event. No where do the invites state Black only, therefore there is no segregation or racism involved.

Kristle Manuel


I think that it's not b/c we except anyone at all times! We've always been receptive to interacial relationships and or etc... Beseides other races are they're attending the function, and nothing has ever happened. So it is what it is, but I think u kill the tradition! We've made enuff adjustment with law and all the other crap as it is ya heard meeeeeeeee. So come and join the fun, they say if you can't beatem ya might aswell join them.....

Georgia Boy DOG121


Black Beach Week, is a PERFECT name!! Gina, has the concept wrong, it doesn't single out a particular race nor is it racist in anyway - it doesnt state that other races are not welcome!! I love the name because it gives "us" a place to find out whats going on with our people. White people have events all the time and they are publicized, when it comes to African Americans our events are pushed under the rug. We have the chance to be around each other and enjoy ourselves w/ out a lot of stares, rude comments, and racist behavior.

Thanks for the opportunity to express our views.


Wow, where do I began......

I would like to start by saying that I think that everyone is entitled to there opinion. However, I do believe that manner in which she chose to do it was ignorant. Those activists that she referred to believed in peaceful means to achieve your goal. There is no need to resort to name calling or using curse words.

There is nothing "racist" about Black Beach Week. It's not called Blacks Only Beach Week and it's not like anyone who happens to be of another race will be turned away if they attend. And it's not about segregating Blacks from other races. These events are a chance for Blacks to unify and connect on a positive level. Anyone that has ever attended one of the events knows that. Other races have these same types of events so why is it now "racist" for Blacks to do it.

In conclusion, under no circumstances should the names be changed. It represents too much.

Sincerely a past, present, and future supporter,



I personally don't think it is anything wrong with calling it "Black beach", if you don't want to attend then don't!!! But on the other hand if you do then your more than welcome to any of our events, regardless of the title!!! I think Gina needs to get a grip and chill the hell out!!!

Nya Houston


do not totally agree with the wording that Gina used. I mean I don't think that black people can be racist technically speaking. But anyway, I think we should get away from the word "Black" in titles. There are ways of letting the audience know its a predominately black affair, or black thing. You can use Urban. Or Hip Hop. Or just the pictures says it all right? I mean how can we tell white society to let us in, & then turn around and alienate them? As a black man, I don't like white-stiff-snobby women, but I do love the ones that love black culture. I mean good people come in all shades, & there are only a few on this planet. There's just so many other things to worry about. My opinion, remove "Black" from all titles!!! What exactly is the purpose anyways.


Gina's view point does appear quite extreme at first glance. However, she should be educated about a few facts. African American's as well as other minorities were for decades excluded from participating in beach getaways and spring break festivities with open arms from various communities throughout the U.S.. We were shunned away by local businesses,politician's & law enforcement (Anybody remember Myrtle Beach,SC in the late 80's early 90's?) until they realized they were throwing away millions of dollars in revenue for their cities. Now these cities depend on us attending these events every year and actually project the revenues to be gained in their yearly fiscal budgets. Therefore "Black Beach" (I believe) is not intended to be exclusionary but, a reminder that we can take the "Black Dollar" elsewhere. Everyone is welcome at these events. I do now see more Latin, Asian, and Caucasian people at these events so in Gina's defense I think "Urban" Beach Week would be a fair medium to represent all parties.

Thanks, John Poignard


Personally I don't think its racist!!!! You just calling it how u see it who's really down there at the event? BLACK PEOPLE!!!! I think this person might jus have her own inside issues which is fine & she is entitled to her own OPINION but thats jus what it is HER OPINION!! I wouldn't chg it do to the fact peps look at stuff more when the name is more interesting & catchy!!! So jus let Gina think what she feels but I think the name should stay!

The Beautiful One

P.S. Yes Black People can be racist too but we're more racist towards IGNORANCE!!!


Because of the institution of racism we were labeled black, nigger, coon, etc.

These labels were given to us by "racist white people" who separated us based on race. We had black history because "racist white people" did not include us in thier history. We have Black Beach to let black people know young, old, and black friendly to come join us for fun.

I travel allot and "racist white people" are still out there giving us hell when we come to their towns, cities, stay at their hotels ,and travel to their beaches.

We are overwhelming harassed by the police and security. Prices are raised to sky rocket amounts when we come to various cities, some business even refuse to serve us. So things like Black Beach are out there to let black people know because of "racist white people" this is a black friendly event. A place to be around people with similar backgrounds and attitudes.

We are not racist, black people can dislike or be mean and even murder because of physical differences. But racism is rooted in power and believe me black people don't have the power to be racist. For example our presumed hate for white people does not effect policy, or change laws, our presumed hate for white people does not cancel events like Harley WEEK in Daytona and Myrtle Beach... Like Freak Nick was canceled in Atlanta....

The white man is the only person that can go any where in the world they want, from the ghetto to wall street, from the trailer park to princeton, the whiteman is free to travel and stay where they want without problem... Racism is rooted in power and in no way does something like black beach stop white people from doing the things they want...

Its crazy and funny how white people say black people need to get off there butts and do something, and now that we are doing something they find a way to complain about it..

"racist white people" Never Satisfied


To Whom It May Concern,

My views are mixed on this at this time. I hate the label of a "black movie" or a black television show" or a "black radio station." But, how else do you inform African-Americans of something that may be of interest to them?

No one ever said that people of other races cannot join in on any event, show or concept that is labeled as being "black". That is what they CHOSE to do! I may chose to go to a Black Beach Week event and I may chose not to. I may chose to go away somewhere where most everyone will be white and I may chose not to. The point is if I want to go, I will, regardless of what is going there. I don't feel left out, or as if I don't belong, when a city hosts an alumni gathering for a school I did not go to, or a conference for a profession in which I do not work or a sorority in which I did not pledge.

I cannot be sure of the race of the individual who wrote the letter, but it appears she may be white. If she is, and decides not to go to Miami on Memorial Day weekend, it will be because that is what she chose to do and should not place the blame on your marketing scheme. She should take responsibility for own feelings and thoughts about race and not impute a desire for segregation on someone else.

If she is black, then I must say that I am dumbfounded as to how she cannot see a need to inform African-Americans of events where they can meet, mingle, have fun and party with other African-Americans. Regardless of whether or not these events would be something of interest to her, do not take these opportunities for a good time with like individuals away from someone else that may be looking for exactly this kind of thing.

So, to wrap it up, keep on doing what you do. I haven't had to much interest in the events I've seen so far but I am looking forward to the Grownfolks email. And I have passed information on to others who were a little younger who I thought may be interested. But again, just because I wasn't getting as much from it as the next person, doesn't make it a bad thing.

Take care and God Bless, Kelly Jenerett


Terrence, I don't think that the name is racist nor is it implied to be racist. I feel the your name was created because probably 90% if not more of the functions are attended by blacks. Everybody is welcome no matter what race. I wouldn't trip if I saw Gina at one of the events. As long as she's there to party and have a good time She must be jealous that all us black professionals are taking trips across the country, cruises, and to other countries. She just need to take it easy and stop looking into things that are not. BTW Keep up the good work and keep things "as is."

Dr. Chris


It is interesting how after 400 years of keeping us down because we're Black, when being Black is used in a positive manner all of a sudden this is supposed to be a colorblind society -- Gina Please. Gina needs to take Marketing 101and pay close attention to the term "Niche Marketing". By using the term Black Beach Week I know for certain I will be welcome. I will hear music I like and enjoy a diverse group of people who enjoy having fun and I won't spend my whole vacation being sized up by a bunch of insecure people wondering how this black guy got enough money and free time to take a vacation and constantly asking me "what do you do for a living". So keep on doing what you do Black Beach Week. Black is a powerful positive word that Unites people of Color around the world and those of all races who support people trying to develop and sustain a culture that for the majority of the last 400 years was stripped away. See Gina people of all races who support pride in all peoples heritage have no problem helping them celebrate their heritage -- Yes I wear green on St. Pattricks Day. So people of all races come out and enjoy the Black Beach Week events but if anyone feels bad about us feeling good then stay at home. I'm not saying Gina or folks like her are racist but she 's the text book definition of a player hater and all haters should not come to Black Beach Week events


feel we as intelligent african americans must stop acting like little kids. I am not saying it is right or wrong but we must be intelligent enough to accept the fact that if white people give an event and call it white beach week, a lot of us would call it racist, including myself. The bottom line is in 2006 WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER. If we can exclude ourselves and call our events black events, then lets not get upset if another race of people do the same thing. jettblack


No!!! Do not change a thing. Black beach week is for people looking to hang out with other black people. There is no discrimination about it. We have always welcomed other racist. Sometimes we just want to hang around our kind to show how far we have come as colored people (she'll probable not like that word either). Everywhere you go that's not in the black neighborhoods, we are just a handful. It's nice to a beach, ship or a strip with just us in every color there is. I mean this first thing we do is check to see how many blacks are around. So sometimes it's nice to say "how many whites do you see?"

My Opinion, Elaine


The email I read in my latest mail form black beach just made me bust out into laughter. This moron Gina is so ignorantly screaming that to call anything black perpetuates Let us just think about that for moment angry e-mailer Gina. Is black history month a title that promotes racism? Or what about Historically Black Colleges, is that another title that also slings around more racism? What about Black Entertainment Television, BET? Are all of these titles a blatant example of blacks being racist? Oh, Gina everyone is entitled to their own opinion but your language takes away from any valid point you attempted to get across.

Lyndsey,Clark Atlanta Student, writer





Unfortunately Gina has misunderstood the purpose of the website. I assume Gina is not "black" because she would understand our need to have a website that informs us about where other people who share our culture, interests, taste in music, etc., are hanging out. My husband and I have been on vacations where we were the only black people on the entire resort. I thought I would lose my mind if I heard one more D.J. play "YMCA!" Don't change the name on the website, if it wasn't called Blackbeach I would never have found it as this is exactly what I was looking for.

So, Gina it's not that we intend to exclude anyone it's just that, "sometimes you want to go where everybody knows (how to pronounce) your name." If you like the things that black people like by all means, feel free to join us!




This in reference to the letter of "Black Beach Week" title being racist. I dont necessarily see it being racist. But think about it, if white people came out with "White Daytona Spring Break Week" Black people would have a fit. If you are not black, you could easily interpret it as like well maybe I shouldnt go here this week, its not for me. The question I have is why is it ok for different ethnic groups to have their own title such as the Dominican, Puerto Rican Parade, but if a white person does it, it is deemed racist. The only reason why I can see it is because when things were white organized, it had heavy racial overtone such as KKK, Skinheads to say the least.

Another question is what is black? You know the black culture is in every race now. Our slang, street gear, and music is donned and listened to by everyone now. We are also a sad culture right now, it seems the only time we come together is if we get our feelings hurt from a racist comment. The Unity is no where to be found. We are too busy trying to outshine each other instead of coming together. That was off topic, but I dont see the big deal with the name, but if you want to change it. Let it be "Urban Beach Week"?


Terrance, I do not think you should change the name. Several reasons, but let me give you one. Take "Black Planet" for example, this is a site that is geared toward african americans, yet you still have asians, whites, latinos, etc. on "our" planet. It feels good to be Black and we should not be ashame in naming our events. I really think it pisses people off knowing that we too can afford luxury getaways and have plenty of fun doing it. Keep it "Black" bro!!!! Peace J.L.D.

P.S. To the reader that wrote that, I say this...If the website offends you, plainly hit the back button or just don't visit anything black....PERIOD!!!!!!! And if you just so happen to be an African American, you should really think about what you are before gettin yo A** waxed by thousands of readers. To me this is nothing more than more motivation for Terrance and his staff to keep doing their thing and I hope they will.


I must say that she seems a little angry. lol. The common sense to this entire thing is that EVERYONE can go to south beach. The balck beach website really opened the doors to invite people that didn't feel that south beach was for blacks or that a lot of the other things that go on. I don't care what you call the website. Neither should she. You site opened my eyes to many positive and fun venues that occur throughout the year and I would like to thank you. And you helped she how we can get to events like the BET awards or to the NBA all star game. The truth is that the majority of participants that will be at the events you talk about will be blacks. I would like to thank you. I never knew how to get the events that I wanted to go to over the years.

Love Always, Re'yMona (Time isn't something that you gain....Time is only something you lose.....Are you going to make the best of what you have left or waste it.......?)


Hi. I would just like to respond to the "angry letter", that was posted regarding the "black beach memorial weekend in Miami. I do not think that having that title for that weekend is being racist. I live in Miami and I have attended this event for the past 3 years and I must say that I've seen people all of nationalities on South Beach. Its only a name, a theme, just like in Daytona. They have Black College Reunion. I attended that event as well and I have seen other nationalities there as well. Hey, the bottom line is, its all about partying and having a great time, no matter if you are red, black, green, white, or what ever. The name of this event (Black Beach Week), should not be taken as a racist thing.

Calandra Miami, FL


In response to Gina's letter....

I don't think there's a problem with naming an event with the word "Black" in it. If anything, it prevents the bugged-out eyes and dropped chins on redneck's faces who just happen to show I attend Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach every summer and I always see that misplaced family who regrets booking their family vacation during that time. I even once witnessed an irrate white lady in a hotel lobby who demanded a refund because the booking agent didn't tell her that Black Bike Week was going on during her vacation. LOL....I don't think she got a refund. All jokes aside, I do think that when "Black" is inserted in the name of an event, that there should be invitations to all races to attend, and that people should not get mad if a few white people happen to show up to join in on the festivities. Let's all just get along people!!!!

Thank you, :) Vanessa

"Women belong in the House.........the White House"


Hi Terrance

First of all, how unprofessional this is portrayed in her letter which is not acceptable. So if I wanted to take any credence in what she is saying; (but I don’t) I would not due to all the language used in her letter. This just tells me she either needs to go back to school of etiquette or read her history/our history if she can comprehend.

This is a wonderful news letter for us. I feel we have the right to have any form of information for our viewing at anytime. How dare “Gina” display such criticism towards this Newsletter? If she does not like what is going on, don’t read it. African Americans can do whatever we please. Free Country! Free Speech!

Thanks Terrance. Keep sending the Newsletters. I love them.



In response to Gina's belief that B;ack Beach Weekend is racist, I think she needs to bring it down a notch. I can't believe she took it there. First, and foremost, what is her ethnic backround? Secondly, she should no that this is a time of celebration for our culture. She should know that this derives from black college students coming together to celebrate who we are and what we are accomplishing. It is a break from our studies. Just as with the many black colleges and university throughout the United States, all ethnic groups are accepted and welcome to attend, and with this time and celebration all etnic groups are welcome to party! So, does that mean we should stop calling them Black Universities and Colleges too. I mean come on it seems like now that Black Beack is the "in thing" and so are so many other things that we started, "hip-hop", urbanwear, and so on is so popular and other ethnic gruops want to partake in it, we are suppose to change the name, so that the "newcomers" find it acceptable. When we particpate in these events, it is not about downing or degrading other nationalties or ethnic groups, it is about having a good time, unlike actual racist groups such as the KKK or "skinheads". We accept everyone, and if you partake in the events you would no that, it isn't about the name, it's about what goes down there. So HELL NO, the name should stay the same, because it is about us celebrating who we are as young adults and having a god time because we are more successful than what the actual racist groups want us to be. Sorry Gina, no disrespect, bu if you come out and see for yourself, you will know that we are far from racist!!!!!!!!!!!


Before integration, Blacks especially American-Blacks had blocks of businesses like hotels, restaurants, bookstores, movie theatres, and bus companies....We are the race of people least likely to come together and socialize or even interningle our money amongst each other. We need to attend Black events like Essence, Black College Reunion, Black Beack week, and etc and keep our culture going.



No matter what people do there is always a hater trying to put someone down. In regards to changing the name, keep it. Other people will always have a comment on us using the word "Black, African American, Pan African, People of color, etc." Your website does not say other cultures or race cannot attend. We should be able to celebrate the fact that our people are uniting for a cause- networking, learning, educating others, embracing our culture and sub-culture, meeting new people, and of course....having fun.

Sheree' Michellee'


Hi, I read Gina's letter in your e-newsletter stating that it was wrong to use the term "Black Beach Week." As a white person who unwittingly booked a ticket to Miami that weekend, I have to say that it was definitely an experience! I was with a black girl and another white girl, and it seriously seemed like we were the only white people left in town (a have a similar experience when I go into Wendy's). I've heard this event referred to as "Urban Beach Week" and I think that's more appropriate. Hip-hop and rap appeal to all kinds of people, not just black. It all boils down to this: if you want hip-hop fans of every race to come (especially Latinos, who are big fans of hip-hop), then change the name. If you want to keep it an exclusive event, then keep it "Black Beach Week." Shira, NYC


In responds to this person ''Gina's letter'' no I do not think that this website should change its name because I truly like black beach week just fine. This website has been a very good source of information on the most popluar and hottest vacation spots. Well if Gina does not like this website page then she should not chose to view this particular site. Thank You Ms.Michael Bell,Jr


I’m not totally against the letter I personally think more energy should be placed in other areas. I think we have enough events, days, and contest with black in it not to keep adding more to it. If we were so proud we (BLACKS) wouldn’t do half the sh%t we do. We are so much more than Black. I am personally offended by the word in some ways. Why do we feel the need to identify this weekend with just BLACK? We being unaware exclude some others in a way and not to mention if the white kids did this. Oh boy you would see Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and everybody else marching saying that’s racist. We all would call them Klan, and I bet you a group of BLACK young men would show up to support White Beach Day. Yea right! The officials would be called to explain and the whole nine yards.

Enough with all the Black this Black that and be Black. Try to get along with each other and stay out of Jail. Get off the highest drop out rate statistics, and every other negative stat there is. Just call it Beach day





Heights Day! Oops! Did I say Black?


sorry, i dont believe it is segregated.i am black woman from a little redneck town in gallipolis ohio and every year i go to black bike week in myrtle beach. when i go there 10-12 other women that wait on this week and go to. they aint black either. we feel it is the real party meet great people and no one feels segreated because bikers from bike week the week before are also still there and they aint black either. whats wrong with representing you self. i know a lot of people that cant wait until black bike or beach week is posted. if they posted white bike week i would be there to. i aint segregated, i just enjoy fun as most others do besides people stated they are having a certain week to party tells me where the party at. i didnt see any where they said black only. maybe your still sitting in back of somebodys bus.wake up and stop trying to put black people down for representing and come to a party you wont forget. love sweet pea from OHIO.p.s. i ride a harley too.





I would like to comment on Gina's comment that she made regarding, "black beach" as being raciest. Yes, I would have to agree with what this young lady stated, Why are we (Blacks) calling it black beach Week? Is this event not for whites and other nationalities? We should look at changing this, so every one can feel welcome. What if Whites named it" white beach week" ? My people, we would get up set. I'm proud this young lady has brought this to our attention, because she right. Black people can be raciest to. So let's change the event to a more positive, strong minded event and welcome everyone. Besides I like to party, with all colors because it makes it even more fun.

Thanks, Valarie Dickson (Decatur Ga,)


First off i want to commend you and the job that you are doing. I am a 24 year old black female and frequent alot of the events that have been fetured on this site. I see absolutely nothin wrong with "black" being in the title, seeing that most of the events that are fetured on the site are visited by by more blacks than whites. As for her comment is she going to send an angry email to B.E.T seeing that it stands for black entertainment and they specifically caters shows and entertainment for black people? I highly doubt that. I think its just another case of "black" women upset when black men and making progress and doing something positive for us.So with that being said keep up tha good work. i kno my friends and i are very pleased with the info on the events that you post and packages that you offer.

Sincerely, Chandra


To whom it may concern,

I think Gina needs to get over it and grow up. I dont think you need to change your name at all. It has been this name for years without no compliants, and all of a sudden you have someone like Gina, that comes around and make something more than what it is. I have been to black beach week in Miami, and i dont think any of the races have a problem with us spending our money and shaking our asses. If they didnt like it, it will not still be going on every year. Gina, why do u feel the need to make something tiny be so big. Instead of being concerned with name changes, how about you go to you local State Senator and try asking why nothing was done to wonderful people in New Orleans, Missippissi, Loiusana, and etc. You need to check yourself and really focus on the real problem is the country. I gurantee that you are the ONLY person having a serious problem with a name.




No, I do not think that you should change the name from Black Beach Week. I found your site from a search engine because I was specifically looking for events that were for predominately African-Americans. I have vacationed and traveled extensively throughout the years and most places where I take a trip, people of color are very scarce. Therefore the cruise lines and resorts do not provide entertainment and activities that would carter to people of color. Networking and meeting others who share your similar interests were virtually non existent. I am personally looking forward to the live hip-hop shows, Spoken Word Set, featuring Def Poetry Jam poets, professional seminars, white linen parties, dominoes tournaments, gospel concerts etc.

Your site gives us an option to spend our vacation and tourism dollars on things we like. Anyone else, regardless of race, who enjoys such events, is welcomed to attend as well. Your site, nor any of its links, specifically excludes any ethic group.

To suggest that “You just eliminated all other races to come to South Beach for Memorial Day Weekend” is completely ridiculous. Apparently, the writer does not realize how large South Beach is. There’s enough space and love for everyone. Please continue to provide us with the most complete and comprehensive information about latest and best vacation destinations.

-Karen Simmons


I have no problem with a black only event...If that sister wants to party with white folk she has plenty other events to go to. Some folk are just stupid. I love to party with my people!!!!!!!

Civil disobedience is not our problem Our problem is civil obedience-Justice is conscience,not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity-Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable-Beat me with the truth, don't torture me with lies-People demand freedom of speech,to make up for freedoom of thought which they avoid-Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity-Truth is not determined by majority vote


I have no problem with a black only event...If that sister wants to party with white folk she has plenty other events to go to. Some folk are just stupid. I love to party with my people!!!!!!!

Civil disobedience is not our problem Our problem is civil obedience-Justice is conscience,not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity-Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable-Beat me with the truth, don't torture me with lies-People demand freedom of speech,to make up for freedoom of thought which they avoid-Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity-Truth is not determined by majority vote


So the question is...should we eliminate BLACK History month? Kwanzaa? They are black events. Or what about anything with African American in it? Why is it because we choose to use black we have to be racist? What about being proud. I am proud to say that we have an event that deals with our ppl, black people. I think it shows that in the new millenium we can still be united and come together for an event. It only becomes racist when we exclude EVERY OTHER RACE besides blacks!! I never seen on the site where it said, no whites, mexicans, asians, etc allowed. Dr. King wanted us to be integrated but he also wanted us to be proud of who we are!!!! Thank you BLACK BEACH and never be ashamed to let the world know who you are



I don't think it should matter what the title is. We (Blacks) know what the title means. It's not being racist in any type of way. All races have their own way of identifying certain things.I don't believe the intentions of the "title" were to be racist or discriminatory toward other races. It's a public access website, which means anyone can go to it and check out what's going on. Why do other races get so worked up when we identify things as "Black" or "African American"? I don't think they will ever understand our reasons for identifying anything in that way...and then again, who says we have to explain ourselves for wanting to have something of our own. I've never once seen anything on Black Beach Week that says "No other races are allowed to attend these events." Why would it? If the author of that letter took a title that personally, then what does she think about all these white supremacy groups and terrorists groups? Are they being prejudice not allowing the races they hate to join their organizations


If Gina has a problem with "Black Beach Week" then she can keep her ass at home. What's wrong with Black people from all over North America, coming down to South Beach to have a good time? Why not have a week named after the majority of people that are going to be there? Get over yourself. You obviously have nothing better to do. Find a hobby


Terrance --

I've got two answers. One really short and sweet. The other not so short, not so sweet, either. You choose which one you want to make public. Or you can make both public; I don't care.

"Look, this entire country belongs to white people. Gina -- know this song?? "You're so vain/you probably think this song is about you." It's NOT. Black Beach Week about US. Blacks. It has nothing to do with trying to be predjudice against you or any other race of people. By the way, look up the definition of racism. Most of us -- you included, are not in a position to be called "racist". We don't have the power to push our dislikes and ignorance on to other people. So that makes our beliefs to be predjudices. "


Look, this entire country belongs to white people. You have your Beach parties and outings and whatnot that are inherently white. No, they DONT blast us with the title "White Beach Week", but they don't have to. The problem with this country, White America has always labeled the other races. You've got Black/African Americans, Mexican Americans, etc. etc. But when you simply hear the title "American", guess who they're talking about? A white person. Since my title, Black/African American, has separated me, I am not a TRUE American. Why don't you fight against that? Give everyone in this country that is a citizen the label of American. Then perhaps I will listen to you. Your cursewords show that you're angry. They also show that you lack the vocabulary to truly express yourself. That makes me want to disrespect you but I will not. I will now cite the obvious -- you are ignorant. You probably know nothing about anything but White people problems and White people situations. You feel disenfranchized because we choose to have something called "Black Beach Week." The rest of the U.S. belongs to you. You take on this "Woe as me, no one likes White people anymore" attitude -- but do you ever think of WHY? What have you people done that anyone should like you? You brought our people over here from Africa and think we, their ancestors should be grateful for it. Africa would not have the problems they have, had we not been taken. And we, their descendants, would not have the issues we face as a people, had we been left there.You make treaties with people and every time you lie -- our 40 acres and a mule, promises to the Native American that some of their land would be left alone. The white race's history is too sullied. You have not proven yourselves to be a likeable people. Have some empathy, learn about the other people of this world. Open your eyes to things that do NOT help the white race keep their distance from the rest of us. Find out more than just your stereotypical point of views. Perhaps then you will find out the truth of your people and this country.


That letter that Gina wrote was very ignorant. I don't remember reading anything on this site that excludes anyone else. The purpose of the black beach week newsletter is to keep people of color informed about whats going on in our community. The other reason why we have this website because will still have racism alive in 2006 and many events are not tailored for a person of color. There are alot of events that exclude people of certain races,religions,creed,and beliefs. One time this sister told me that in Myrtle Beach,SC she saw this shirt that says "One week Bike Week next week Buck week". So she really needs to get her facts straight. Racism is here and its not going anywhere anytime soon. So keep the name! We need to know whats going on. Its a cultural thing not a racist thing. Peace


This is in response to the letter you received concerning the 'racist' name of your website:

First of all, I would probably at least respect the girl's argument if it wasn't poorly written and full of curses. How can we get people as a whole, regardless of race, to respect and understand our opinions if they are not even written in a grammatically correct (and not rude) fashion? Second, the whole point of this website is to advertise and otherwise provide information about social events THAT ARE GEARED TOWARDS YOUNG BLACK ADULTS! Hence the name 'Black Beach Week'- obviously the name can't be taken too literally because not all of the events are even at a beach or near a beach. You are not excluding anyone by calling it that, and besides, the internet doesn't know race or color. It's not like you have to have a password to access the site, so where is the basis for this segregation argument? And how does this site eliminate other races from coming to South Beach for Mem. Day weekend? Last I checked South Beach was still part of the free world, and you don't have to show your 'Pure Negro' pass to get there. All Black Beach Week is doing is advertising events that MIGHT have a PREDOMINANTLY BLACK attendance ratio- we're not preventing anyone from showing up, but I know I'm personally tired of being the token black at the 'white' spring break events. Obviously black people can be racist too, but I'm interested to know if this girl is even black, with all that huffing and puffing she's doing. Plus she's blind- black activists may have tried to stop, or at least diminish, the effects and actions of segregation in the U.S., but it's still ever-present. Especially when people like her are worried about the wrong thing- Worry about the racism that I know I live with every day, and leave this (harmless) website alone.


Honestly, this is how I feel. I think that there is nothing wrong with the title black beach week. It's for everyone, but just so happened to be directed towards african americans. Everyone is free to watch it. We were talking about this subject today in my African American studies class. There are a lot of "white" TV shows and Hispanic TV shows as well as mags and books. Sure, they are directed towards their community, but it's geared for the entertainment of their people. Everyone, well a lot of people, enjoy watching BET right??? Do you think it's racist to have a whole Television network called Black entertainment television? Why does everything have to be racist if people put the color words in statements. African American studies is not only for african Americans, but directed towards the betterment of knowledge of African American people for the people. Black Beach Week isn't directed only towards black people, but directed to african americans who have the common interests of knowing whats going on in their community.



I don't think that calling it Black Beach is racist at all what about the HBCU's no one calls them racist it is just another way of saying you are proud of who you are and you want to be around others of your same race. What other way to let people know you are proud of being black anyway I didn't think it was called that for any particular racist reason.



First off, I want to respond to Ms.Gina's comment about black beach newsletter being racist. Girl, I can't even believe that you made a comment like that. Obviously you just joined the website and just like anything else, if you don't like it, leave it alone. This is something for everyone, just like Black History month. Are you trippin' about that too. Terrence I think Gina is trying to be heard or want some type of attention. Sorry, this is a fun website that keeps whatever race posted on the upcoming events and that's that. Stop trippin' about nothing, we're just trying to have some fun some of everywhere. It's all about all races coming together having a ball and it's not just about black people it's for everyone and there's nothing racist about this website. Just know that drama brings drama and that's not what this website wants. If you can't be positive, stay off this website because we as PEOPLE don't need the negativity. Nothing personal, I just think you needed something to talk about. This is 2006 and it's time to "Let It Go". Whatever it is!!!!

Ms.Tina Chi-Town


I really think that Gina is just having a moment, and like everything else she will get over it. Yes I am a black female, but even if I were not I still wouldn't think that this website was racist just because it says "Black" first. It simply means that these are events that Black people can go too, to enjoy people of there own race, without maybe feeling awkward, and just to have a good time more than anything, and just because these are events that are on a website that says black, does not mean that any other race cannot go. Gina get my e-mail address and we can hook up and go on one of these trips together, and I will show you that just because I look on this website every week for trips and events that I am not racist. In the end, no Terrence you should not have to change the name of the is website for one person who is just not satisfied with Black people having something of there own. I am pretty sure that everyone else will agree with me that it is fine just the way that it is. April


No !!!

it's not racist or inappropriote and Gina needs to unsubscribe if she feels this way, because if the child new her geography then she would know that their are black beaches in many different states and also on different island across the world.

Such as Torrey Pine City, San Diego Ca, The big island of Hawaii Panulu'u beach, Southern Iceland, and also Santorini Island in Greece. Just because you use the name black beach week does not make you a racist.

Let's see your black and you like going to the beach and having fun. Why is it that when black people do things to have fun there is always one crab ass politically correct snob nose closet freak like Gina there to screw up the party for everyone else.

If you can't hang take your ass back to the sheltered life that you been leading and leave the party people alone. It always takes a person like Gina to play the race card to draw attention and F**k up a good time. Stay at home Crab and stop speaking out loud.



Hello!!!!! I am Nicole and I am from Detroit, but just recently moved to the ATL. I have been to several of the blackbeachweek events in the past few years. I discovered this site by mistake a few years back when I was planning MY FIRST girls get-away weekend a few years ago. My one girlfriend requested that we went somewhere where there would be alot of black men and events and clubs where we could find more black men. What better site that THIS one to find other black people where we can come together have a good time and network all in the same environment. I don't think it's a rasict site at all I think"Gina" is just over exxagerating the issue at hand. If the site had another name how would people be informed of events and get-aways without searching on 10, 000 other websites to find other educated, fun loving, and outgoing african americans? I vote to keep the site, keep the name and keep informing us with the upcoming gigs so I can continue to travel with the girls for all of our get-aways. So Gina I think you are wrong



Before I answer to that I want to have specific info on the Black Ski Week in Banff, Alberta puh-lease! I've asked before and need the info it is in less then a month, me and my homies are begging to have more info in this activity.

Thank you in advance

For the site name, do whatever... I do not feel excluding anybody, by the way lots of my white friends follow my black parties, activities, get togethers, etc... So maybe it could help the shyier whites in Americas but for what I care I don't want to bother because God knows how many exclusive events or whatever things they (white people) have had and still have!!!


I read the letter from Gina regarding the proposed change in your newsletter...and i have one thing to say to Gina...Black People need a web site that caters to their types of "goings ons". If you read the boring beach sites for ordinary couples or singles, i am like, "Hey, where is the party at?" I am not putting one race over another, only that real black folks get down a different way, we party a different way, and we like to gather in certain regions in the country where other races may not get down like that. Did you know that more African Americans travel to Jamaica during Spring and Summer than any other country? I am sorry, but i enjoy the posted happenings, and it gives me a chance to find a sexy brotha....if i wanted vanilla or kool aid, i would go and read the bother boring touring sites....this is America, freedom of choice. Bee-Bee Long Time Read and Proud of It.


Let those who reap the benefits of our coming to their city,state,hotel,store,or clubs. Be the one to say , Hey yall need to change the name of your weekend. If an individual, does not like the name. Then by all means do not attend. This event is geared for the young black people. All others are welcomed and invited to join and enjoy. This is an event that lets blacks come together and embrace our diversity. Black Beach Week is a unity all in itself.


As soon as they rename the "White" House the House then u rename the site Beach Week.


First of all let me say this, I have written to you several times and always received nothing but love back, and I just hope you continue to do what you do. Now in regards to Ms. Gina's letter. You need to quit with the racism crap. There is nothing racist about The site does just what it is supposed to do, keep us, the African American population ahead on what events are going on that may be of interest to us. Obviously you have either never been to any of the events or actually read the postings on this site, because had you done either of those things, you would have never read that any other races were excluded. There are plenty of beautiful Latin brothers and sisters at the events, many Caucasians as well, especially in Cancun for the Memorial Day Jumpoff. The last time I checked, we as black people are far from segregating ourselves from anyone, we are everywhere ma'am. Turn on the television, turn on the radio, look in you theaters, we have more than arrived. The site is called BlackBeachWeek because that is simply what it is about, events where "we" can go and enjoy ourselves. Does that mean it is only for us, NO! It means you know you will be surrounded by various shades of beauty. Gina, you say that someone needs to wake up, I think you may be that somebody. Segregation is the last thing this site is promoting. If anything it showcases something that we have earned the right to do, express ourselves freely without "folks" like you pulling stunts like this. I have no doubt in my mind that you perceive yourself to be a strong, educated woman, but I think you may need to step back on this one. Let this brother continue to do what he does best, educate and inform in a way that many find very welcoming. I guess you think they should change the name of BET as well, or certain websites as BlackPlanet or BlackPeopleMeet, why don't you just petition for the word BLACK to be removed from any form of expression? C'mon now, if you visit any one of those sites, you will find many Caucasion, and Latin and several other nationalities that feel very welcome. Remarks like yours are the ammunition that is used to continue to bring "us" down. Don't give somebody another reason to have something ignorant to say. If you don't like the site or agree with it, make up your own. Stop trying to wreck this man's business because it doesn't conform to what Gina feels is politically correct. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself who and what you are really speaking for. Just thought I would give my 2 cents for what it's worth. Much love to you, keep doing what you do......Ms. Syretta Davis, representing San Antonio, TX where we have much love for you....Later, Ms Ree


First of all, I think Gina is some white girl or white guy trying to pass them self off as a black person. Second I think blackbeach should call them self what ever you guy what, we live in a free society where black people should be able to advertise to our OWN people if we chose to, If it was left up to people like Gina, we wouldn't have BET, Black Music Awards, NAACP, Black Movie Awards or any other association that devotes their time and effects to see that Black people have a voice in this society. If we don't recognize our own people, who will? answer that Ms Gina.