The BET Spring Bling

The BET Spring Bling

DATE: April ?, 2013

PLACE: To Be Announced

Are you ready for Spring Break? Then you have come to the right place because there is no party like a free BET Spring Bling Party.

WATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Here Is What Happened During the Previous BET SPRING BLING




What exactly is the BET Spring Bling?

Did you attend last year's event?

Let me tell you that it was too wild. For the past 9 years, BET has put on it's special Spring Bling event in a different Florida location and it has been a huge success each year. There are over 20 performances and it is all free. You can leave your money at home. TICKETS ARE FREE!!


Here's your invitation to the hottest beach party ever. The waves will crash onto the beach as BET turns up the heat on your Spring Break for another year.

You can get there by plane, train or car and you really don't want to miss it. This year will be more of the same, but as usual, there will be some added fire and extra flavor. Here's a quick look at the show line-up:

  • Beach Towel Throwdown 13
  • Get to Steppin'
  • Revamped - The Remix
  • Rides, Rims, and Runways
  • Irreplaceable
  • Tough Love
  • I'm Famous
  • Weekend 100
  • Sweat on the Beach

    20 performances will light up the beach. Get your bikinis ready..

    What type of activities happen during Spring Bling?

    There are plenty of things to get into during the event. There are concerts, after parties, contest, dance offs, step show competitions and etc.

    You mentioned the concerts. Who will be there for 2013

    LOCATION: To Be Announced

    Spring breakers from across the country gather in sunny Florida for BET's weekend getaway, SPRING BLING '13. With whirlwinds of top performances by the best in hip-hop and R&B, outrageous games, car shows, competitions, and newly added surprises this year's beach fest will be the best yet.

    WHEN: Details coming soon

    "My name is Lakisha Curtis and i went to Spring Bling this weekend and let me tell you I had the time of my life . all I can say is Damn Damn Damn ! This was the event to be at every year so to all those who missed out all I can say is to bad so sad! Holla Back next year ANd thank you BET for Inviting me and my friends"


    "Yo this is J from Chicago! This was my first time attending BET Spring Bling and I had a ball. I was a lil nervous coming way from the Chi alone for Spring Bling but things worked out fine! I met a bunch of cool people at the RAW so I was able to relax and enjoy myself and the event to the fullest.

    The performers we're awesome and the crowd was jumping! With the exception of lil rain everyone seem to be having a good time! For those of you out there who've never been to Spring Bling you should check it out!

    This was the best FREE and SAFE event I ever been too and the best part about it is, you can do it all by yourself heeeeeey now let me see you do it!

    J, from Chicago"

    Hello Black Beach Week,

    I enjoyed myself very much at Spring Bling. I had a great time. I too got sunburn. The place was packed and the concerts were awesome. It was nice to see the people on TV up close and personal. I thought the even was extremely well organized. The ONLY negative thing I could say about the event (if you want to consider it negative), is that I was upset that the car show was in front of the stage and allot of people could not see the cars. The only way to see the cars in the car show was to be in the front row. Allot of people complained about that. I am actually looking forward to attending again with several friends next year.




    It was off the hook. I wish the lines to get into the event would have moved a little faster. I think it was a success, considering there were all kinds of negative predictions of the outcome.

    I am a local resident and I hope they will bring it back next year. Thanks BET!

    Here are a few pics to add to the collection.

    K West


    Spring Bling was off the chain and anyone who missed it was dam crazy, they dont know how much fun they missed out on and all the people and the celebrities.---------------------------------------------

    Hi my name is Glenda and I attend spring bling in I had a very nice time and I have a major sunburn, my face is so red. Overrall I had a good time. I'm so happy that everyone was on their best behavior, we should have something here more often.


    My Spring Bling experience was off the hook! Yes it was hot waitin in that line on Saturday, but it was all worth it because I made it to the pool on stage! I honestly wish I had went all three days, but I got tons of great pictures, had lots of fun and got my spring bling beach towel and beach ball. My friends called me from the crowd talking about wed ready to go so I'm like yea right I'm on stage! Wow the men were pretty decent looking this year and the Drag queens were hilarious! I honestly had a great time even though I wanted some autographs, but I definitely will be there again next year.


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