Angolo Africa Report

Angolo Africa Report
Special Travel Report

Location: Luanda, Angola - AFRICA

Black Beach Week Member Travel Reporter: International DJ. Gi - Myspace.som/djginyc

First things First...This flight was Long! and took some real prep time and sleep when neccesary!

Oh you wanna break down huh...Aiight, Well going i flew Outta Newark International Airport in NJ.. The first leg was from Newark to Portugal..duration 7 hrs direct...the best part was that it was a night flight which is alays good for sleep but that really would have twisted my plan!

I'll explain...There still is a part 2 and 3 too this travel so i decided sleep wasnt an option for this first leg! Luckily TAP Airlines has really good Movies and personal monitors if you get one of there new planes (I did).

And this time...Noooo first class!(Damn) All Coach but it still was a comfortable flight given the exit row seating...

.Now 7hrs and 2 1/2 movies later Shhhazammm! I land in Portugal.Now phase 2...a 5hr Layover being there are only 2 flights a day from portugal too Angola and 1 airline (TAG)...Captins Log Sleepy as a mug Jan09:

Finally im on this plane about too bounce outta portugal and on to the MOTHER LAND..AFRICA!

This was the time....Too sleep that is and my Master Plan worked! Stay up until utter exhaustion then i would be able too knock out Phase 3..Portual too Angola 8hrs direct!!!! Seat on the back of the plane,window and nobody in the middle seat!

Stretch out,hoodie on and Snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooore! Now 7hrs and 45min later...Booooooong the chime goes off and the captian announces our decent into AFFFFFRRRIIICA! Grab the Camera! Yall gotta see this!

Overlooking Luanda,Angola - AFRICA [IMG][/IMG]

Getting Off the Jumbo Double Decker Plane [IMG][/IMG]

I'll skip some of the trip but after a few minutes at the airport and a drive at night threw Luanda we reached our Hotel. The TROPICO located Downtown Angola...The first thing i noticed in Luanda is there are hardly ANY street lights or stop signs...the people pretty much govern the traffic! Its get in where you fit in...and i cant from its a scary ass drive! I strongly suggest SEAT BELTS even if ya going from One corner too the Next!!!!!

The Tropico Hotel - Luanda Angola [IMG][/IMG]

The Tropico is a nice hotel..Free wireless internet is ALWAYS a plus when traveling. In our eyes the hotel would be a 3star...sort of like our Marriot or Some sheraton hotels but too angola its a 5...but in my opinion hardly! Everyything is super expensive! example...a "Double shot" of Bailys Irish cream cost me $32usd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT,THA,FACK!

On one of my off days the crew and i went too dinner at a spot called "Coconuts On The Beach". A very nice "Upscale" resturant with a Very Upscale Menu with a VERY upscale Price!

But hey...when you are in a country where you cant drink the water unless its straight from the bottle or ya cant eat fruits or veggies that hold alot of water, and its suggested you DO NOT eat anything unless its damn near prepared in front of you what do you expect..a resturant of a high caliber will serve you fresh safe everything but they are gonna bang ya pockets for sure in regards too it! So we head too dinner on the Beach....a nice spot...excellent food...Try the Atlantic Prawns with Lobster in Curry sauce with a side of Steamed veggies and rice

Try $88bucks just for the Curry dish and another dub for the veggies! Woooooooooowsers! but it was worth it! i wont front.

Before dinner i decided too Blog a bit and snap a few shots at the dinner table:

The Dinner Crew:

Of course the Club was an Order....The first night we hit a spot called "Miami Beach" right next too Coconuts on the Beach....You wouldnt expect..well i didnt know what too expect parting in Angola Africa..i didnt have my Camera but i will say this...Some of the Finest Women ever! Good music and it was Outdoors..Yes Outdoors and about 75-80degrees on the Beach in january! It was poppin,real packed and had a great time...This night we hit the Hood spot..A little spot downtown,forgot the name but it was cool...Ya might wanna skip bottle service in Angola if ya tryna save paper because out here just like at home ya gonna come outta pocket! $300 or more for lame **** like Whiskey or Champagne i never heard of! But you can get Bacardi! they looove Bacardi!

@ The Club in Luanda:

Angolian ladies backshot - lol

Now with all the Play time aside,Trips too the radio station,tv station etc it was time to work! The reason we were all there was too perform at the Luana Arena in the city for a big concert...Bobby valentino,Fat Joe,Lil Kim,and Nina Sky...With Nina Sky taking the stage first and i must say Rippin it (These girls can perform) and The big Homie Fat Joe up next i gotta say...I Found a new respect for dude....He's fire on that stage real talk!

Back Stage:

***(If ya log on to my Myspace (Myspace.som/djginyc) and soon my New website ( & FaceBook there are more vids & pics of the Concert)***

Luanda in itself is a very amazing city..Its crazy because they just got over a war 6yrs ago..the City from eyes view is very poverty stricken..Alot of abandon building with people still living in them..shacks by the beach where people live...the poverty is crazy....yet the people still have a humble vibe too them.

They work hard...there seems to be no middle section, either ya have paper or you dont. But the attitude is something EVERY AFRICAN AMERICAN can learn from. I meet some amazing real people out there...My homie Lord Vlad was one of em...A resident with Obvious connections but a humble heart..treated me and my cali homie like the brothers our blood line represents. The "General's Daughter" who by far was one of the hottest chicks (And her sister)

i ever Met! yet had an attitude that was golden..she provided a straange feeling...Lol like the chick so hot ya gotta wanna smash but attitude like ya sister so you gotta fight the feeling...but her being the GENERALS daughter smashes all that! Better Off Friends! LOL!!!!!!!!

AFRICA was always a place i felt i had to visit before i passed and im happy i got the chance to at least experience a small piece of it. I really recomend ALL african Americans too take a trip too Africa..It gives you a better sense of who you helps you cut the extra b.s we as african americans created for ourselves...the hatin,non gratitude we all feel,being spoiled too little things like running water and fresh fruit...

And if you think because you work a 9-5 is a reason why you dont feel you need too cook for ya family or because you work thats an excuse for you being 25yrs old,26,27,28,29,30,32,33,34,35 and still cant cook! KNOCK IT OFF! if you even seen how some of these Original African women get down you would be forced to slap yaself!...Carrying a baby on there back,grocery back in hand plus a 50lb bucket on there head....coooome on thats work!

Ladies of Africa Blog Video:

Examine The Proof!

All in All The Experience in AFrica was Amazing too say the least.... Again there are way more pics etcs on the Myspace,Facebook and soon on the New WebSite....Its a New year people....Live,Love and Experience Life too the FULLEST!

One Love Fam.