Toronto Caribana

Toronto Caribana


Place: Toronto, Canada

Date: August 1-4, 2019

Make Your Reservations In Toronto, Canada In Just 60 Seconds

Make Your Reservations In Toronto, Canada In Just 60 Seconds

Have you ever been to Toronto Canada during the Caribana? You might have seen other street parties and parades before but you have never seen one quite like this......So pack your bags, book your rooms and bring your flags because you are about to experience the hottest international festival in North America!

Pack Your Bags Ands Let's Go!

Where were you last year August? If you were sitting at home thinking there was nothing to do then you missed out.

Last year, Toronto Caribana got buck loose and brought hundreds of thousands of people to downtown Toronto Canada and created a super massive traffic gridlocked street party.

Make Your Reservations In Toronto, Canada In Just 60 Seconds

What exactly is the Toronto Caribana?

The Toronto Caribana (or Toronto Carnival as some refer to it as) has the largest street festival and carribean parade in North America. From the world famous street parade to the jam packed street parties, you can feel the electric atmosphere that brings everyone from around the world to the Toronto.

Lasting 10 days,Toronto brings in over 1 million people to it's annual event. During the last 3 day weekend \ the downtown area of Toronto reaches it's climax of over 350,000 participants.

What happens at the event?

The actual event occurs in downtown Toronto. Younge Street is the hot zone. The hotels, clubs, shops,concerts and etc. all take place in one area so there isn't a need to drive anywhere to get to your destination. There are taxis within distance who can take you to any short distance areas.

What type of activities happen during the Caribana?

There are plenty of things to get into during the event. T There are concerts,parties,pool parties, contest,fashion shows, and etc. The highlight of the entire festival is the parade which occurs on that Saturday.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend?

The is an outdoor public event. Many people attend the huge parade featuring floats, bands, international music( Reggae, Socca and more). The cost to attend the parade varies each year. We will have the pricing up very soon.

You will need enough funds for the many Toronto restaurants along the strip. Nightclubs and shopping areas also should be within you budget.

When does Toronto Caribana 2019 take place?

The actual PEAK PERIOD of the August 1 - 4, 2019

What hotels should I stay in?

Any hotel in downtown Toronto, in particular Younge Street.

Make Your Reservations In Toronto, Canada In Just 60 Seconds

Do I really need a car to get around?

Not really. Everything takes place on one or two streets. Unless you like to drive up and down the street, a car is not necessary. However, you can rent a car or drive across the border into Canada.

Ok, what do I need to get into Toronto, Canada?

If you live outside Canada, you will need either a passport to get in Canada.