St. Lucia Jazz Festival

St. Lucia Jazz Festival

St. Lucia Jazz Festival 2021

Date: TBA

Place: St. Lucia

The St.Lucia Jazz Festival is one of the hottest festivals in the world. The Caribbean’s premier cultural event — the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2021— will attract thousands to Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia.

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Cultural enthusiasts, festival lovers and music aficionados will be wooed by over 50 world-acclaimed entertainers and artisans over the 9-day festival

Last year, there were a number of artist who made the St. Lucia event another success.

If you want to get away for a weekend vacation in the carribean St. Lucia is the ultimate getaway for singles, couples and families. Can you imagine the sweet sounds of music in the air as you lay back on the beaches with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other?

Can you imagine eating breakfast in the world's most exotic carribean hotels as you plan your day doing nothing but relaxing and meeting other music enthusiast from around the world?

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St. Lucia offers the best getaway for the spring.

The one other thing, you are going to love about St. Lucia is that it is not a tourist trap. Its very relaxed and offers a no-rush. St Lucia's tourist facilities are top-notch, and, unusually, cater to all budgets - you can stay at luxury hotels or inexpensive guesthouses, dine in world-class restaurants or at roadside kiosks, and shop in large duty-free malls or at open-air village markets.

St. Lucia Jazz encompasses multiple shows of fusion, rhythm and blues with acts emanating from the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. The shows range from formal performances to intimate late night open air venues and late night club venues to open air picnic style events.

So who are the artist that will perform?

St Lucia Jazz Festival has grown into one of St Lucia’s premier events, and also one of the top five jazz Festivals in the world. Every year in May, St Lucia comes alive with the Annual Jazz Festival; and with historic landmarks like Pigeon Island hosting the final days of the Festival it’s no surprise that St Lucia Jazz Festival has become the second biggest event in the Caribbean next to the Trinidad carnival.

The 2021 St Lucia Jazz Festival will no doubt live-up to the hype the festival has produced over the years. and will take place on the island of Saint Lucia

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