Sexy Lady Contest #4

Sexy Lady Contest #4
Welcome To The Fourth Annual Sexy Lady Contest Part IV 2005.


Will You Be Crowned The Next Most Wanted Internet Queen?

As you know, Black Beach Week not only brings the sexiest ladies to the events but we also want to find out who is the sexiest lady online period. Each year we hold a contest based upon online votes on who should be crowned sexiest lady on the internet.

With over 200,000 visitors per month, voters from all over the world including athletes, entertainers, record labels, studio directors, magazine editors, photographers and more will vote for who they think is the best. Past winners have been placed in movies, magazines, videos, fashion shows and have furthered their career in the entertainment industry. This is YOUR shot.

How Is How The Contest Works:

This contest will have an elimination based type of format as in the TV show American Idol. On February 11, 2005, the voting will begin with all 33 contestants. Over 200,000 people will have an option to vote for you.


  • On February 11th, round 1 begins the 7 contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated. The polls will start over again with the remaining 26.

  • On February 18th round 2 begins, the 7 contestants with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated. Polls will start ove with remaining 19.

  • On February 25th ,round 3 begins, the lowest 7 will be eliminated. Polls will start over with the remaining 12.

  • On March 4th, round 4 begins, the lowest 7 contestants,with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated. Polls will start over with the remaining 5.

  • On March 11th, round 5 begins and one winner will be chosen by the highest vote totals during the last and final week.

  • Last vote will be cast on Friday March 18th at 11:59 P.M. Winner will be announced in Saturdays Newsletter.


  • Victoria Secret Gift Certificate
  • Become A Black Beach Week Model
  • Receive a paid modeling assignment for the use of their winning photo in a major urban magazine for advertisement purposes.
  • Chance To Be Represented With The Hottest Modeling/Talent Agency In The Country for work in music videos and the chief photographer for Black Men's Magazine