Serena's Fitness And Yoga Routine

Serena's Fitness And Yoga Routine
Serena Williams is know for having the roundest assets of any celebrity?

What's her fitness routine?

I do a lot of yoga. I love Bikram yoga because you burn more than 600 calories in just one class. You need a lot of patience for yoga, but I love Bikram yoga because it's in a super warm room so from the moment you walk in you're just pouring sweat. I recommend everyone try this. It's a great work out. I'm trying to start to run a lot too. I like running as a way to keep your legs firm it's important to have firm legs. And, of course, tennis swings keep my arms strong. But I don't like my arms. I think they are too muscular! And as far as food goes, I never eat beef or pork. I mostly eat chicken and fish.

How do you get motivated to work out? I actually hate working out. I hate working out more than anything, but I have to when I'm running, I think about how much I want to win. That's the only thing that keeps me going. I don't know what to suggest to anyone else.

I guess everyone has to find that one thing that encourages them and just think about it the entire time you're working out. But I have to be honest, I hate going to the gym. I have to find something to motivate me whether it's running for a ball or reaching the top of a mountain.