Resistance Bands Exercise

Resistance Bands Exercise
Terrell Owens workout program uses resistance bands for most of its training, especially for his speed and core training.

I have always been a fan of resistance bands because they are easy to use, easy on the joints, versatile, and can be taken anywhere. Terrell also uses them to maintain his strength during football season. He works out between 2 -3 times per week during the season.

Terrell has recently joined forces with Bodylastics and created his own set of resistance bands called, The Bodylastics Terrell Owens Super Strongman Edition.

Resistance bands are simply flexible bands made from elastic materials that are used to strengthen muscles. They are typically about 4 feet long and have varying gauges or “thickness” that will determine how much resistance it will provide.

Typically, resistance band systems come with a handle system and the bands clip onto that handle system using either a plastic clip, or in the case of Bodylastics, a strong metal karabiner (a smaller, lighter version of what is used for rock climbing).

The Bodylastics system then comes with a variety of attachments for affixing the system to a door jamb or other anchor so you can begin working a variety of muscles. You don’t need the attachment, however, to do many of the exercises. Most major muscles groups can be worked without any attachment mechanism whatsoever.

The Bodylastics system allows you to complete over 140 different exercises from the comfort of your home (or hotel room, or park, or wherever).

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