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Aiight so once again i have been lucky...uhh fortunate to be able too visit yet another place in the world which adds another stamp to my Passport!...Last week i had the privaledge of spending 5 days on the small island of....ARUBA.

And with no further rambling here is my report...

ARUBA Approx 21miles Long Located in the Southern section of the Carribean Sea right off the coast of Venezuela. Too my surprise its right outside of the Hurrican Belt (Meaning NO hurrican season) and aqquires less than a foot of rain per year. There coldest temp within all seasons is never lower than 70 degrees F and on average the temp is about 80 bare minimum....Basically the worst weather you could get is clouds all day with a shower that usually last damn near 5min if that!

After all of that said..Welcome too ARUBA.

(Landing in Aruba)

As always ya know i say if you can afford it..traveling International with a flight more than 5hrs long is ALWAYS best Buisness or 1st class!

I mean its the only class where you will still get a hot meal on a PLATE not in a TV dinner tray and the Drinks will be Unlimited! and thats always a great way too start off ya Vacation or travels.

So 1 white wine, 2 white wines, 3 white wines...uhhh 9! and ya trip is already in gear!

The flight done and now i touch down on the Island...Its not too hot just warm enough...leaving the airport i noticed the temp...82 degrees and when i say very thin no wind air...and clear! it was great all i wanted too do was get too the resort and hit the beach for even MORE drinks!

So i get a cab and dun,dun,dun!!!! its $25BUCKS and oh yeah they except and pay out in U.S Dollars...IF REQUESTED! So im thinking whatever lets go...Screeeeech. my hotel was like 10min away and it was at the end of the island!

i stayed at the COSTA LINDA resort on Eagle Beach.

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Nice place too stay more on the Time share level..quiet yet more Family if you are traveling with the fam or children its a nice spot or even if your tryna do the romantic thing its cool..but as far as actin a fool or wanting a extra poppin hotel or resort this aint it!...Its very big, with a helpfull staff....all units have full kitches and baths..there pretty much apts. I even noticed allot of people coming back from the grocery store with bags off food too cook for themselves...I later found out why.

Well time too hit the beach..relaxation is an Order! The resort has a Great pool in a swiggly shape,rather large with a volly net set up and a volcanic waterfall in the middle...and its right on the beach... The beachfront is filled with tiki umbrellas and a bar and resturant, with an array of activities for you to do like B ball,Horse shoe and all that...

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So after about 8 drinks during "Happy Hour" on the Beach i realized something...

Even with the double shot of 151 drinks in Aruba are LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME! It took me like 8 drinks too get a buzz (even thought it was 2 for 1) then i realized they serve you eeeeverything BOTTOM SHELF unless you ask for that TOP! and they Top-It-Off with that exxxxtra $$$$$$

After a decent dinner and more drinks on the resort i had already shelled out over $150...and i went too bend semi buzzed so i was tight but the next day i had booked a ATV tour so i was ready and excited.

Aiight Rule #1 of taking a trip...Make your BEST effort to do something out of the Norm! Why go to a new place too experience the same chit you experience at home..step outta ya circle folks there is more too life than the Clubs!

ATV riding in the Dunes in Dubai, Snorkling in St.Thomas, Sky diving in Canada, Skeet shooting in Germany...ive done it all and those usually are the BESt memories.

So the next day its ATV ridin on a 4hr tour threw Aruba... I gotta say $125 very well spent! I wont go threw all of the details but various stops and mild too harsh terrain was the ride at no more than 50miles an hour on this trip...1st stop was too an old gold mine in off all places in aruba...The DESERT! or there version of it...this explains the minimal rain!

Threw this portion of the tour there are tons of things too see...Alot of Lizards of all types,some hawks,a few wild animals...and great views...the weather was perfect..80degrees and sunny and it made for a nice ATV ride with a group of no more than 8 people with 7 quads out.

Next stop the "Coast Ride"..we hit a few corners and outta a bush then a long 5-10min dirty trail ride along the coast before we stopped too take pictures....The most amazing view of the ocean in action you can see in person i swear it..

Aruba like most Islands was formed from Volcanic rock beneath the ocean....and the view of it is worth more than money can buy..

We hit a few more stops on the trip but again like i said activities will take you far and most hotels have good deals if you ask the right questions.

The next day i hit up this new waterpark across from my hotel..It was cloudy that day but i knew that would be good because not only was it a weak day but that means Few people and i was right!....I get too the gate and dun!,dun!,duuuuuuuuuun! its $40 to get in! WTF this isnt Six Flags! but sheeelllll it out, the price you pay they say!

About 8 slides and a Wave beach and i cant front...granted there were only about 50 people in there and there was never a wait for anything..the "pirates Cove" waterpark made for a great burn up of 5hrs in a day out there....again people activites!!!!!

Aiight the rest of the trip was relaxation...The day before i bounced i got up at 8-9am had some breakfast $12 for a Bagel and juice and rented a Kayak too get a lil workout...i guess. The water was Cryyystal clear and it was quiet...$30bucks for the Kayak and the Gear (3hr rental) just me out on the ocean and i cant front it was fun.

I took some pics, a lil video with my waterproof digital cam and went about 3 miles in a loop at the 175ft was cool and worth every penny.That night i just chilled..well i skipped the night i worked at the club...Club AQUA...cant speak on that people..alot of drinks and adult stuff poppin in there...and i cant show the pics lol...lets just say alot of water and alot of bare tig-ol-biddies out! lol

The last night i just sat on the beach with a bottle of that WHITE HENNY...yeessss the WHITE HENNY...and took some pics....

Peace is a good thing folks... relaxation is a good thing.

ARUBA was a great only issue would be the cost of things...Its a very expensive island. yet they have alot of things too do just gotta find things in ya price range to do it. But like most places you have to do the research....find local resturants and save where you can.

I would suggest ARUBA for those who wanna get away. Its out of the Country so you do need a Passport..the place is filled with Casino's,shops,beaches and more and i would give it a High 8 on my list of Great island spots too vacation.

Step outta the Norm folks...this place like every place i have been showed me that short as it is...still holds visual marvels waiting for those who would take the time too open there eyes and see it.

Be E Z Yall..


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