Mo誰ique And Open Marriage

Mo誰ique And Open Marriage

Mo誰ique has revealed why she chose to be in an open marriage.

Mo誰ique started things out by correcting the commonplace idea that an open heterosexual relationship is usually the man痴 idea.

A mistake that one of the hosts made when addressing a question to her husband, Sidney Hicks wherein they stated that it was his idea.

When we first came out with it, everybody said, 前h my god, how could Mo誰ique let that man do that to her? Because she痴 this big woman and he痴 this good-looking man, and because she has this money she gonna let that man do whatever he want to do just to say that she has a fine man. Here痴 what makes it beautifulit was my idea. Then she went on to explain that behind the idea was being honest with the man she loved.

典en years ago, eleven years ago, I誕m an entertainer and this was my best friend-ever, she said gesturing to her husband. 鄭nd what I did not want to do was be dishonest with my best friend, there may be times I want to be with other men. And then my best friend told me 閃omma I致e loved you since the tenth grade, do you think you being with another man has anything to do with me loving you . 的t was my idea, because I wanted to be open and honest with the man I was gonna spend the rest of my life with, Mo誰ique stated with conviction.

Then her husband chimed in, saying, 努ho am I to tell her what she can and cannot do? And if I tell her what she can and cannot do, is there a possibility that she can do it anyway, he mused. At that point Mo誰ique said, 鄭nd that痴 called cheating.