Mark Jenkins Fitness Diet Secrets

Mark Jenkins Fitness Diet Secrets
Meet: Mark Jenkins

Who: Fitness Instructor

Do You Want A Body That's Off The Hook Like Beyoncé's, Usher, Mary's, or LL's?

If you're willing to work it, drill-master to the biggest names in entertainment Mark Jenkins wants to help you transform yourself into the superstar you've always wanted to be. Get ready, baby -- it's THE JUMP OFF!

Mark's Clients include: Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Mary J Blige, P. Diddy, the 2004 "America's Next Top Model" contestants, D' Angelo, LL.Cool J

Puffy may have launched Mary J. Blige, but celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins is responsible for the buzz on her new body--the totally fit look that has everyone whispering, "I want a body like that."

He has a fitness program that works!!Jenkins, a 30-year-old New York City native, has trains celebrity artists. They know he can help them develop a body that's fit for a celebrity lifestyle. "A Hollywood body is a combination of leanness, sculpture and aesthetics," he says. "I like to see bodies with flowing lines as opposed to ones that are all muscle."

The program is an innovative hour-long workout, done three or four times a week, and doesn't require gym access. Mark's combination of sport-specific training, flexibility, high-performance nutrition, and motivational techniques will help you achieve an unsurpassed level of physical fitness in record time.

The result is improved posture, body awareness, voice quality, physical control, and endurance. Even if you're not a multiplatinum megastar, you can still look and feel like one!

Jenkins likes his clients to look almost like an hourglass onstage, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Mary J.--like most sisters--was blessed with hips already, so Jenkins focused on "rounding off" her upper body--concentrating on back, biceps, chest, shoulders and triceps, with less lower-body muscle training.

Celeb clients have sporadic schedules, and they usually want to transform their bodies as quickly as possible. (Mary lost 25 to 30 pounds in two months, Jenkins says--but don't try that at home.)

He pushes them but doesn't encourage trainer dependence. "You need to learn about your own body, how to work out yourself, and how food and different exercises affect your body," he says.

If you're serious about getting fit, Jenkins says, think first about what you want your body to do for you, then set specific fitness goals. Mary's were to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and improve endurance, flexibility and agility for performances.

To help her meet her goals, Jenkins prescribed an intense hour-long routine of aerobics and weight training three times a week.