Black Beach Events For Year 2000

We are currently updating the list of all the black beach events and dates coming in the year 2000. The number is growing larger every year

Below you will find the larger events. As they become available we will be listing many more. Some of the dates and times will be listed once confirmations come in.


Black College Reunion

Place: Daytona Beach, Florida

Date: Still being Planned

The first and possibly the largest event of the year. This is not to be missed. Dates are still being planned around the end of March or beginning of April. Come back for updates.


Place: Atlanta, Ga

Date: April 21-23 (unconfirmed)

The one that started it all. Takes place in Atlanta, Ga. April 21-23rd, 2000 (date subject to change) Info: Was once a huge event..but due to certain problems..was diminished last year. Not sure if it will continue...Stay tuned

Kappa Beach Party

Place: Galveston, Texas

Date: April 21- 23rd, 2000 (unconfirmed)


Cancun All Star Music Festival

Place: Cancun, Mexico

Date: May 25-29, 2000 (Memorial Day)

"Whatever happens in Cancun....... Stays in Cancun!" Thousands and thousands on ladies, fellas and entertainers converge on the island in this event which might soon be the #1 hot spot for Memorial Day Weekend. DMX, Puff Daddy, Luke, Mary J. and many many more host the parties that makes this a week you will never forget...Stay Tuned

Black Bike Week

Place: Myrtle Beach, SouthCarolina

Date: May 25-29th, 2000

The largest Black Bike Event in the U.S. Lots of fellas on bikes for the ladies and lots of ladies on bikes for the fellas. Nothing but fun goin on at this event.

We will have a full report on hotels, travel arrangements and much more coming soon

Sinbad's Soul Music Festival

Place: Unscheduled (island festival)

Date: Unscheduled (usually happens Memorial Day Weekend)

Everyone knows about the Sinbad festival. Will keep you updated on place and times.


Jones Beach Greekfest

Place: Jones Beach New York

Date: Late June (unscheduled)


Essence Music Festival

Place: New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: July 1-4

Large family type event. Lots of concerts including Patti Labelle, R. Kelly, Frankie Beverly and many more....

Philly Greekfest

Place: Philly, PA

Date: (Unscheduled)


Information coming soon...please check back.


Labor festival

Place: Virginia Beach

Date: Labor Day

FUBU Getaway

Place: St Martin Islands

Date: Labor day