Kim's Training Workout Formula

Kim's Training Workout Formula
Kim Kardashian's Workout Plan

ĒI make sure that I work out at least 3 times a week! But now that I am into a heavy workout mode, I feel lazy when I take a day off, so some weeks, depending on my schedule, I work out 4 or 5 times a week! Now that Reggie is gone, my brother Rob and I have been hitting the gym together!

I start off with running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes! I definately run 2 miles per workout, then I lift weights for about 30 minutes. I alternate between arms and legs switching off every other workout. I then do a bunch of stomach exercises and then stretch!

When I get home I always do leg lifts, lunges and squats! Itís not all about working out though, I definately have changed my diet too!Ē

Workout Tip ďAn exercise that Iíve been doing every day thatís really been helping and no gym equipment is needed isÖ

Get a chair or even go near your couch and make sure nothing is in front of it so you can stand right in front of it and act as if you are going to sit down but donít actually sit! Just lightly touch your booty on it and come back up. Do that seven times!

Then do the same thing but this time only half way, come back up and do that seven times. Then do it one more time but when you go to sit down and come back up, only come up about an inch up off the chair!

So each time you go lower and lower! Once you finished your lucky 21, take a break and try it again. I try to do that cycle four times.Ē