Judge This Cover

Judge This Cover

JUDGE THIS COVER By Instagram Model: Brittany Renner


4.0 out of 5 stars Great read for teens, young women while navigating young love

Great first effort. I ordered the book for my 16 yr old who follows Brittany on IG and for myself because I was curious. Great effort, typical stories about expectations, disappointment, and navigating relationships in your late teens-20s. While the book was not that interesting to me since I have my own battle wounds and now come from a place of lessons learned and a much richer life in my 40s, I do see the immense value this book has for Brittany’s peers and even girls younger. There are not many books for young women to help them navigate their feelings and, often the, rage-regret-revenge cycle of dating and sex when you are younger. For that reason, I think Brittany’s book will help young women see they are not alone. Believe me, life gets much much sweeter...

Deborah Johnson

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book! October 14, 2018

I love when women are so unapologetically them! I received my book on Saturday and finished it up today! I was very happy with it. I wanted to keep reading page after page. She’s so raw and willing to be so open about her life and experiences. I think it’s a great Message... no matter how perfect life seems to be...it’s not easy. Messages like: never settle - always go after what you want - learn from your lessons - love yourself & self empowerment are all over this book! It was a great read... people who left one star saying it sends the wrong message... didn’t understand the message.... & the reason we love Brittany is because she does what she wants/ says what she wants... this was for HER! She was just kind enough to let us be apart of/witness her journey.

Don C 5.0 out of 5 stars It's An Open Letter In Book Form For Social Times

There is no way of hiding it, Brittany Renner, put her heart out there for us to see. If you read this and can't see that she was/is a woman looking for love, albeit in the wrong places many times, you may be heartless. Unlike many writers that put their personalities in an array of characters, Brittany used herself as the words and the page. There is a deepness in her pages, however, if you want entertainment, you will be entertained. Also, if you want to read a book that will help you navigate through the public eye that technology has thrust upon us, this is it. For girls and women, it gives you a view of what to expect from the opposite sex. For boys and men, it gives us a view of how our actions are affecting the opposite sex. She is a brave woman and writer. Most writers wouldn't dare open up and expose themselves for the greater good they way Brittany did. It was sad and scary at the same time. Loved it!!!!