The Jamaica Jumpoff

The Jamaica Jumpoff
The 8th Annual Jamaica Jump-Off 2009

Dates: June 4th-June 8th, 2009

The Place: Iberostor Grand in Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Iberostarīs 5-star all-inclusive resort masterpiece; located in Rose Hall, Jamaica. You deserve the ultimate vacation.

A finely crafted All-Inclusive with a blend of amenities, comfort and luxury. Prepare to be pampered and indulged. Iberostar's finest hotel in Jamaica, unlike you have ever seen

To reserve your room call Island Expert Travel 1 877 872-8803

What exactly is the Jamaica Jumpoff?

The Jamaica Jumpoff represents itself as the best vacation getaway of the year. Four days of fantastic fun greets you in Montego Bay, Jamaica at Iberostor Grand. This off the hook phenomenon was indeed a blast and an out of this world experience. Party with the stars from TV, Radio, NBA, NFL, R&B artist and much much more

What happens at the event?

The actual event occurs at the one and only Iberostor Grand. If you have never been to a Iberostor Grand Jamaica event then you are in for something special. Drink all you want, eat all you want, party all you want and play all you want until you finally leave. and by that time, you will understand why you have to be there to experience Iberostor Grand.

What type of activities happen during the Jamaica Jumpoff 2009?

There are plenty of things to get into during the event. There are Horseback Riding,Dance Contest,Body Painting, Casino Games,Pool, Volleyball, Mid-day Madness, Flirt Night Party,White Linen Party . However the #1 most popular thing to meet new friends as well as party with your current ones doing things that you will never be able to get away with at home.

You mentioned the concerts. Who will be there for 2009?

Jamaica Jumpoff will bring some of the hottest acts for 4 days full of wet and wild fun.

When does the Jamaica Jumpoff take place?

June 4 -June 8, 2009

Which hotels should I stay in?

You must book your hotel at Iberostor Grand in Runaway Bay Jamaica. To reserve your room call Island Expert Travel 1 877 872-8803

So Do I Take A Flight To Jamaica?

If you are reserving your flight online, make sure you use mbj as the code city. Once you arrive, there are special Iberostor Grand shuttle busses which will take you from the airport to your hotel.. The shuttle bus takes about 15- minutes to arrive at your final destination.

You can contact Jamaica Jump Off June 4 - 8, 2009 Call 877-872-8803 make reservations for this year's trip

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