Dubai Hotel, Travel And Tourism

Dubai Hotel, Travel And Tourism
Dubai has been called the "shopping capital of the Middle East" and is being heralded as the hottest new spot for the wealthy.

One of our travel posters gave a detailed experience on what Dubais is really like

Well after a Grand total of 29hrs and 32min (RoundTrip) of Flying time....The final word to sum up my Trip to DUBAI is......


The flight there from ATL was 14hrs...Sounds crazy but if you take a night flight and stay up all day, Add 2 glasses of Hennesy and a shot of Henny and Bailey's mix you will be good to go! Get a window seat ONLY! and take 2 full size pillows and hopefully ya middle seat in ya 3 seat row is empty so u can stretch out.

Once those lights are out and the shades are down 9hrs to 12hrs of sleep will be in full effect and by the time ya reach your gonna be amazed from the time you step off the plane!

First...You havent felt REAL heat until you visit the Middle east! It was 87 degrees at night when i reached with some insane humidity! But it goes with the scene....If your Muslim you will love it, If your into history and culture you will love it! If you love to shop you will love it! Amongst other things!

We here in the states have seen city's but you havent seen a city until you have seen DUBAI! And thats coming from someone who lives in NY! I have seen a lot of city's, NY,LA,PARIS,KOLN (GERMANY) and even TOKYO but i promise you the city of DUBAI is AMAZING! and its not even finished! There is construction eeeeveeeerywhere! But what is done is like a cross between NYC meets MIAMI meets TOKYO meets THE JETSONS!

Buildings with the most creative architecture i have ever seen! I visited the worlds LARGETS MALL...2x's Bigger than the Largest mall we have here in the US and to top it off its connected to the Worlds Largest INdoor Ski resort and Ski Slops complete will o 320ft Vertical with Moguls similar to a Black diamond advance slope.

Gucci,LV all that and more laces the mall and like i said if ya like to shop you would love it.

Now Hotels.....

First..There expensive! Why??? Because there is no motel's or Inn's, Just about every hotel is 5 star with one 4 star in the city but its out of city limits. Dubai features the worlds only 7 Star hotel called the Burj Al Arab. Its on the beach and Every room is a Duplex. Nuff said.

I stayed at the Hyatt Dubai. The best Hyatt i ever been too. 5 Star at approx $740.00 a Night. Waaaay Steep but 1. I didnt pay for it and 2.The service and hotel makes up for the price!

Ohh yeah Dubai will have the worlds largest and first completely UNDER WATER HOTEL called the Hydropolis that opens in 2009 at a pricey 550 million to build. I went to the site where they were building it...Speechless. The hotel is 500ft under the oceans surface complete with panoramic sea views out the window in every room. No bullsh*t when it opens im going back! Even at $1500 minimum per night.


Where do we start? The city is still being built but like i said what has been built is insane! Dubai Towers,The Armani Hotel, and oh yeah...The Tallest Building in the World. Double the Size of the Empire state building the BURJ DUBAI. IF im Correct 540 stories high. And trust when i tell you...ive seen the World trade center building before they fell...Cant even gotta damn near lay down to look up at this building! and its not even finished yet! They started in 2004 and it wont be done fore another year or 2!

Now for the clubs..

Well i only went to 1! where i went to work! But it was worth it because the club..well clubs..uhh club has 4 clubs in it...and a 5 star resturant and lounge! its call CHI @ THE LODGE. Inside it includes CHI RED, CHI BLUE, CHI GARDEN, CHI VIP and CHI (The Resturant) The outdoor club CHI GARDEN holds 3000 , , Its under a Huge cabana shell that has like 100 lazer lights and all types of effects under it, The BEST...I REPEAT the BEST! Sound system i ever heard in my life and 45 VIP cabana's..and i mean VIP!

They hold about 10 people per cabana and u get 2 personal bartemders. 4 Fully stocked bars and pillows to sit on everywhere a crazy dance floor...Crazy! Then there is CHI BLUE thats an all White Leather and Blue neon lit that holds about 500 in the room, a lil more plush cozy but is poppin when its filled cause of the blue neon lazers and sound system...CHI RED is an obvious ALL red EEEVRYTHING room, its usually House music crackin in there depending on the night and CHI VIP is all VIP QUEEN SIZE BEDS! No Dancefloor unless ya dancin on the beds! No shoes allowed,,there is a pull our drawer below the bed for that..and you get again 2 personal waiters and bartenders who serve you unlimited food and drinks all night! Each bed has a Sheer white drape over and around it...And there each a diffrent color under em...Bananas!

Aiight im too tired to type anymore so if ya wanna see pics just hit up my myspace page and look under the pics in the Dubai album.

But serious... As we get older do more adult things. Going to Dubai was an experience like no other, The people are amazing, very respectfull and helpfull. They have a 2% crime rate. Nobody locks there dorrs or windows, Even the stores. There is no crime because of the hars and very strict muslim law. For example..If you smoke weed stay the f*ck outta dubai! getting caught with a blunt or even a small joint of weed will land you a mandatory 5-10 years in prison. And unless you have some good friends who know the Prince and the royal family ya azz aint getting out! Ohh yeah there jails are in the middle of the dessert about an hour outta the city and there underground..You cant even see them!

There are 3 dj's there from englad serving 5yr plus sentences for bringing weed over to that country and i read an article from 2-3 yrs ago some english chick went over there and got caught selling weed and was executed for it. They dont play that sh*t at all!

But im telling you. Dubai is an experience like no other. There are so many things to do and just walking out on the streets is enough to have you snapping pics like crazy. The flight and cost is a lot but well worth it. And i suggest if you go taking the Dessert ATV or DUNE BUGGY Safari...You havent lived until you have taken a 3hr Safari in the Saudi Dessert. By passing wild Camels and the visulas from man made sand dunes that change form with the blink of an eye.

Dubai is most def my new favorite place in the world.