Don't Blame It On Rio Brazil

Don't Blame It On Rio Brazil
Don't Blame It On Rio

"The Real Deal On Why Black Men Travel To Brazil"

"I Finished The 305 Page Brazil Book In 4 Hours Because It Was Just That Good."

***** 5 STARS *****

I have traveled to Brazil a few times and can relate to what the author was saying as it relates to why black men travel to Brazil. I love all the personal experience from many different men on the reasons why they go to Brazil.

I can remember my very first time I decided to make the journey I heard so many others talk about. I mean I travel alot and attend many parties, clubs and cities all over the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

The one place that always kept coming up in converations was Brazil. Go to Brazil I heard a hundred times. One year, I decided to see what the fuss was about. I arrived on a thursday afternoon and let me tell you that I expected there to be beautiful women as there are plenty of beautiful women in the USA.....

....what I did NOT expect is just HOW MANY beautiful women come out to the beach, clubs and other hot spots giving you all this attention. The first time I went to the club that night, there must have been 37 J.Lo's, 41 Halle Berrys, 22 Buffy The Bodys, 27 Gabrielle Union and many many many from the deepest chocolate skin to the lightest skin hues. Whatever your flavor, they were there....

The funny part was I met a guy who had been coming to Brazil 20 years and complained to me that this was the least attractive girl night...just wait until satuday.

Now I understood what the fuss was about

Now getting back to the book....

I originally heard about the author in Essence magazine. The magazine article gave a small glimpse of what happens in Brazil for many black men who come for the first time so when I heard he was doing a book

I thought the book was very well researched and gave a good balance on the many different reasons why men travel to this destination. Alot of people think that sex is a driving force. Now make no mistake it is important but not really the most important because most men can get sex in the US. It has to do with much more then that.

For example: Most women from the time they become teenagers to present are so used to getting attention and chased by all types of men on a daily basis that they almost become immune and it becomes expected. They expect men to pay for everything. They expect gifts. They expect men to compete for their affection and there is nothing wrong with that.


Most black men do not get that type of yearly let alone daily attention that women after 30 years and finally becoming that successful businessman, lawyer, doctor, teachers or any successful occupation and being able to want to relax and meet attractive nice women ....they are looking for a place where they can get attention too.

They land in a place where thousands of extremely beautiful women chase you down the street, beach and restaurants ( whether fantasy or not) saying things and DOING things .... that you never thought would happen in your lifetime which in turn becomes a life changing event for many men who travel for the first time. In one solid week, everything you have always wanted in a women or relationship becomes a reality.

I think the author touched on so many feelings on why so many men travel to Brazil that it deserves a rock solid A+ for covering so many area. Now the only thing I would disagree with ( if at all ) is the scare tactic that the book presents.

Although there are alot of many who go to Brazil, its a myth to think that black women are in danger of this phenomenon and that most professional black men are going to Brazil and leaving women in the US behind.

Sure, I think there are many men who travel to Brazil but NOWHERE near any sizable numbers of men compared to how many black men are in the US. 99% of men will NEVER go to Brazil because of cost, travel distance and the amount of effort it takes to fly to Brazil.. We are talking about a select few individuals in country of millions who have found about what I like to call the "Black Fantasy Island"

In the meantime without being judgemental, if you can read this book and not easily offended( Im talking about female readers) then you will enjoy the multiple dynamics of what men truly desire in relationships.

This book gets a rare 5 stars in my review