Contestant #30 - ELIMINATED ROUND 6

Contestant #30 -  ELIMINATED ROUND 6
Meet: Dawn and Dee (twin sisters)

Age: 26

Representing: Memphis, TN

Details 5"6", 137 lbs, (Dawn: 34-24-42) (Dee: 34-24-43)

Current Occupations: Administrative Assistant with a Fortune 500 Company and a full time college student graduating December 15th. Also a marketing asssociate with the fastest growing printing company in the US.

3 words that best describes Dee: outspoken, spontaneous and driven

3 words that best describes Dawn: outgoing, classy and real

Sexiest part about us: We love our "small" waist lines. It's very uncommon to find women with a waist as small as ours that are "blessed" in the back area if you know what we mean. Plus we have our swagger. Sexy is an attitude, not a look!

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