Bronner Brothers Hair Show

Bronner Brothers Hair Show
Bronner Brothers Hair Show

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Date: February 18-21, 2012

The World´s Largest African American Hair Show Weekend Event

ATTENTION: NEW DATE: February 18-21, 2012

What Exactly Is The Bronner Brothers Hair Show?

This is not just an exotic hair show, it is an experience. Thousands of fashion designers, hair stylist

Where Is The Bronner Brothers Event located?

Atlanta, Georgia

What Are The Exact Dates For The Event?

The Bronner Brothers Hair Show takes places every year on February 18-21, 2012

Can You Tell Me More About The Schedule?

Saturday -

* Comedy Show

* Fantasia LIVE in concert

* Official After Party


Sunday -

*Church Service

*Exhibit Hall


*Free Seminars/Classes

*Battle Royale 2012

*Official After Party


Monday -

*Exhibit Hall


* Free Seminars/Classes


Tuesday -

*Tuesday Education Classes,

*Seminars and Workshops

Can You Tell Me More About The Event Itself. What Makes It So Special? ...And Why Should I Choose Cancun Memorial Day Weekend Over All The Other Events

# 3 days of exhibit hall (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) # Admission to Comedy Show/Fantasia Concert and Hair Battle # Competitions, Free classes & Seminars

We are talking a sea of thousands taking over the bars, the clubs, the restaurants, the pools, the streets and everything else.

Who Is The Bronner Brothers Geared For?

This event and party is for everyone who loves the

The is a unique experience. Each day provide an opportunity to mix and mingle with people from all over the world. Enjoy the fun while networking and making friends that will last a life time. A celebration of exotic hair enthusiast, the attracts movers and shakers from both the hair and fashion industries.

How Do I Get To Atlanta From My City?

You can book your hotels through your local travel agent or through Black Beach Week.

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