Brazil Beach Week

Brazil Beach Week
Brazil Beach Week Carnival In Brazil (The World's Most Exotic Vacation)

Date: February 15-21, 2007(Fat Tuesday Feb. 20)

Locations: Rio de Janeiro or Salvador Bahia, Brazil

You have heard about it and now it's time to experience what happens when you visit the most exotic location in the world. See why the beaches, the weather, the water and the women are legendary.

Please tell me more about this event?

The Brazilian Carnival is considered the world's most famous carnival and street party. Experience the thrill of the biggest Carnival party in Bahia! Your heart will pound with excitement as you are surrounded by literally thousands of beautiful Brazilians from all over Brazil, some of which will be the most amazing you have ever seen!

Imagine the excitement and thrill of the Afro Brazilian Culture, where all your dreams and desires are fullfilled in this Magical land called Bahia.

Single travel to Brazil? There are thousands of singles at Bahia Carnival. You could easily meet the love of your life! Everyone is looking for Love and Happiness at Bahia Carnaval. Afro-Brazilian beats will keep everyone's body moving as you party non-stop in Bahia.

Give me a little history on Salvador?

The legacy of the slave trade is also reflected in the population. Modern Salvador is a city of 2 million, the third largest in Brazil, and approximately 80 percent of its people are of Afro-Brazilian descent.

This heritage has had an enormous influence on Salvador's culture, food, religion, and especially its music. The last 15 years have seen an explosion in music that draws on African influences. A new term has been coined to describe an Afro-Brazilian blend of upbeat dance music: axé, from the Yorubá word for energy. Musical groups such as Olodum and Timbalada have blended complex African drumming rhythms with reggae melodies, while adding a dose of social activism to the mix.

In recent years Salvador has made a serious play to usurp Rio as the biggest Carnaval site in Brazil. Over a million people now come out to dance and revel their way through the city's streets. Salvador may soon claim to hold the biggest street party in the world.

When Do Most People Arrive?

Many of the activities take place from February 22- March 1, 2006. You can also choose any dates in between, however the longer your stay, the more enjoyment you will receive

What hotels should I stay in?

Black Beach Week has partnered with Bahia Carnival and made arrangements to get you the best in apartment style housing when you arrive in brazil.