Memorial Day In Miami

Memorial Day In Miami

Date: May 22-26, 2015



The Urban Beach Week is the largest Urban Festival in the world that caters toward the Hip Hop Generation from 21 and over. Around 300,000-350,000 participants make the annual trek to South Beach for 4 days full of fun, food, festivities, entertainment, music and more.


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    Let me ask you something...

    Are you looking for the most exciting urban beach party in the world? Did you go to the Urban Beach Week on Memorial Day Weekend in Miami last year?

    If you missed last year's Urban Beach Week 2014 then you missed the HOT stuff! We broke the attendance record when nearly 350,000 people came to Miami and took over the town.

    The World Famous Celebrity Memorial Day Weekend in Miami

    Place: Miami, Florida (South Beach)

  • Urban Beach Week hits Miami once again and every single celebrity will be there. The pool parties, the clubs, the beaches, the entire strip will be lit up like a Christmas tree on steroids.

    Let me tell you right now , that if you have never been to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend, prepare yourself for the shock of your life. This is bigger then the Superbowl. This will be bigger then the NBA All Star or any Las Vegas boxing match..

    You must get to South Beach early to get a good parking spot if you are doing the car thing because parking garages fill up before noon.

    This is the biggest deal on South Beach during the whole year. The takeover begins.

    Fellas let me tell you right now about the #1 rule when you come to an event like this. Do not bring sand to the beach or you will be sorry! That is cool in your own city or at the local club but we are at south beach for Urban Beach Week.

    The women who come to South Beach dress in Lick-um Bikinis. They don't play! You know we love to see skin, skin and more skin and I am sure you do to.

    You are going to get dizzy from your head spinning from all sorts of directions as the sexiest model looking dime pieces will be all over the streets, the beaches, the clubs and if there are poles on the sidewalk then look out for all the extra action.

    Watch them get busy at night as the darkness replaces the sunlight and the drinks from earlier in the day begins to marinate in their system .

    Special message to the ladies, if you are single, you are going to be in heaven. So many men, so little time. But I won't tell, if you won't tell.

    Fair warning. If you have a man back home already, be warned. Once you arrive in South Beach, you might have to make that upgrade to another.

    You know the fellas in South Beach come with their bodies glowing. They have been in the gym for the last 3 months to prepare for this moment just so you can take a peek at what they worked so hard for you to see.

    I mean if you like to look at chiseled six pack tight abs, thick chest, broad shoulders, V-shaped tapered muscular backs sculpted arms. Here you will find the hottest men from every ethnic group taking over the streets looking like they stepped out of a fitness magazine.

    The celebrity NBA, NFL players will ALL be there. Your favorite hip hop artist will be there. Your favorite R&B artist will be there. They will all be looking for you. You cannot afford to miss this event because you never know if it will happen again.

    How Did It All Start?

    Urban Beach Week started back 12 years ago as a small urban fashion show for a few thousand people interested in something different for Memorial Day Weekend in Miami.

    In 1999, there was a a smaller crowd but little did people know it was the start of something that was going to be big in the future.

    A lot of urban clothing companies s wanted a place where they could show off their new fashions. To model their clothes, those fashion companies brought in entertainers, actors and models to put a spotlight on their fashion. There were fashion shows every day all day. The response was extremely positive and very successful.

    It was actually called Urban Fashion Week in the beginning.

    With the warm weather, beautiful scenery, exotic location and large beaches, the event became a new hot spot for other to look towards for vacations and especially Memorial Day Weekend.

    Soon after, recording artist and record labels and other entertainers begin to generate the idea that instead of using the same places such as New York and California to shoot videos, Miami could be the focal point.

    For the first time, dozens of music videos begin shooting in Miami and brought notice to even more people. People wanted to live and feel what it was like as if they were in a video.

    With the success of the very first Memorial Day Weekend word begin to spread to people all over the internet, the Black Beach Week Newsletters and word of mouth that Miami was the place to go for Memorial Day Weekend

    The very next year in 2000 over 250,000 people shocked Miami when people arrived for an all out party.

    Since then, the event has grown and generated plenty of events such as the Celebrity Basketball Game, reggae festival, vendor area, shopping district, pool parties and has become the ultimate beach party for the Hip Hop culture. Last year was a record setting date as over 350,000 people witnessed the event first hand.

    This year between 350,000 - 400,000 people will attend.

    What happens at the event?

    The actual event occurs on three streets along the popular South Beach Art Deco District. The hotels, clubs, shops,concerts and etc. all take place in one area so there isn't a need to drive anywhere to get to your destination. There are taxis within distance who can take you to any short distance areas.

    What type of activities happen on Memorial Day Weekend in Miami?

    There are plenty of things to get into during the event. There are concerts, parties, pool parties, contest, fashion shows celebrity pool parties and etc. Each year is different.

    How Much Does It Cost To Attend?

    The is an outdoor public event. There isn't a cost to attend. However, you will need enough funds for the many South Beach restaurants along the strip. Nightclubs and shopping areas also should be within you budget. Most participants bring anywhere from $1000.00 to $2,000 to cover the cost of the 3-4 day vacation.

    As you know of the biggest Black Beach Week Events hit Miami...

    Urban Beach Week the ultimate Beach Party....

    Let me give you a typical breakdown ...on what happens....

    You arrive on Thursday....around 12:00 Noon.. You check into your hotel..and you begin to see people already mingling......

    Its hot..and so the ladies are out doing some midday shopping at boutique stores for some new shoes to go with that matching bikini that they want to wear during the weekend....

    You can see the anticipation for the rest of the weekend is in "EXCITE" mode as people are checking in hotels...and getting their eat on...

    The road blocks, police and traffic signs are all over the place letting you know that..this is gonna be BIG...

    You stroll down ocean blvd...finding something to eat....and just enjoy the day......At night its still slightly the bulk of attendees wont arrive until Friday....

    The clubs are only charging $20.00 you better enjoy get in the club and its thick as the party begins and the place is bouncing full of "delicious" looking women...and for women..the men are very good looking and you have a hard time choosing which one you want...the cash flows like a raging river around the entire town...

    Outside..there are a few cars going up and down the street.... You seen a few people...have a drink as its getting into the late hours around 3 am in the morning

    You get back to the hotel....and decide to chill for little bit and hit back Friday... when things really start popping...The sun is out...the beach is getting full as you start to stroll down Collins and Washington Ave in South Beach.....

    You go by Wet Willies...and you are too's only 10:00 AM..and the place is already have to stand in line for 2 hours just to get a you just kind or watch people go up and down the street.

    You spot you favorite singer, actor..walking down the street and notice everyone trying to jock for a quick also notice that there is always 8 or 9 female and male groupies around them for no good reason but just to act like they are part of the singers entourage....but ist cool...everyone is having a good time.

    You check out the hip hop sounds from every restaurant.....and then hit the latin clubs for something different.....

    You notice that the women here are extremely sexy as if they stepped off a music video....but the fellas don't half step either....

    They have their shirts off....chiseled muscle to the bone.....

    By now..its 3 pm...and it must be about 50,000 people out now..on all three south beach streets and on the get handed flyers about different parties every 44 seconds....

    There are soooo many don't know which one is the HOTTEST you just kind of save a few of them for later....

    You then watch the hottest rides go up and down the streets......there are so many fantasy cars that an ordinary you didn't even know existed ....

    Friday trying to decide.....what club should you try out....... all have different avenues where they will perform and mingle.....

    Get to the club before 10 pm...because the lines will be long...and they like to double charge you after 11 pm....

    You notice that some of the sexiest women can usually get in for a small amount of change.and sometimes FREE..if ..they have the small tight top, tight pants and the pumps....

    Fellas pay FULL price...being a male sucks at this time...

    The streets are alive with the clubs is crammed full and people are out eating, roaming the everything get your club on, mingle on .....and go back to the room....

    Saturday and Sunday...all three streets are can't hardly get to South Beach anymore if you drive from Miami..because the roads are THICK...and the atmosphere is ELECTRIC....

    You now have 250,000 people on the can barely squeeze by people as you hit the vendor area, fashion shows, bikini tournament, food places, outdoor clubs, outdoor TV sets....

    YOU LOVE much to do and now why this is the #1 place and event in the country.....Your Saturday and Sunday nights ...will always pale in comparison to whats happening..this weekend.....

    One Monday ..things go back to some sort of people just start leaving and the crowd becomes more family friendly for Memorial Day Monday...

    You cant wait to come back next year -----------------------------------


    READ TESTIMONIAL #1 - Ola Awosika, 23, Milwaukee , WI , Urban Beach Weekend Miami , FL I arrived on the sandy beach of Miami , FL on Thursday As soon as our cab pulled up to the hotel I knew I was in for a good time! There were beautiful people everywhere!!!!!! I mean the streets were packed from dawn until dusk! The weather was perfect 85 and sunny! It rained off and on all weekend but the weather did not damper the party in the streets. Ladies if you want to see FINE men with the ripped abs, then Miami is the place to be! The girls and I partied the nights away. We danced on the club poles in the middle of the dance floor. We turned the city out and truly represented for the Midwest !!!! Over all I enjoyed myself and would go back again! I give Miami 2013 9 out of 10!!




    READ TESTIMONIAL #2 - Me and my husband attended Miami Memorial 13 and we had a blast. My sister and her home girl rode with us. It rained on and off but that didn't damper our trip, people were out and about in the streets hanging out. We arrived in Miami on Friday evening and stayed until Monday afternoon. There were plenty of pool parties going on at different hotels. Some hotels like Lowes required room keys to get back there to the pool. If you are going to attend Miami next year there are a few things you need to pack before leaving and that's plenty of money because the cost of food is crazy if you're going to eat on the strip and patience if you're going to stand in the long lines of the more popular spots like Wet Willies and Fat Tuesdays. There are a lot of gorgeous in shape people everywhere, so you have to come with your A game from your hair to your toes. I'm looking forward to next year.



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