MLK Ski Weekend

MLK Ski Weekend


Place: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada (The Blue Mountain Ski Resort)

Date: January 18-21, 2019


Welcome to the largest Urban Professional ski event in the world! Over 2,600 anticipated to attend this international event! PASSPORTS REQUIRED!

Dedicated to the legacy of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this event covers 4 days and 3 exciting nights at Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Canada. The extended weekend event features 28 themed activities, real snow and fun on the slopes!

Ski Resort activities include: Welcome reception, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snow mobiles, Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, scavenger hunt, Underground Railroad Museum cultural activity, tribute to Dr. MLK, Jr., village day parties, snowball battles, Men/Women Forums, ice skating, tubing, fashion show, themed parties, networking, PJ party, duty-free shopping, after-parties, happy hours, karaoke, dancing, comedy show, NFL Playoffs, horse-drawn carriage ride, night life, eating, snow-shoeing, pool party, spa/massages, games, bonfires, hot-tubbing, great food/drinks and oh – Don’t forget about the skiing/snowboarding! Weekend Event Wristbands are required for participation in events.

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The MLK Ski Weekend (also known as Black Ski Weekend) has grown into the largest super party winter event. They come by buses, planes, trains and automobiles to witness what thousands of others had the pleasure of experience. Four days long. Four days strong. Four days of nothing but knock yourself out fun at the Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Canada. Never in your life will you witness a ski event that brings everything you ever wanted in a winter weekend trip to life!


Celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, MLK Ski Weekend has become a must attend winter getaway for urban socialites across the world. This event covers 4 days and 3 exciting nights at the world renowned Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Canada.

Held on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, we celebrate the civil rights leader’s vision of equality for all. This event begins with a dedication ceremony to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and features tours to the famous Underground Railroad museum located near the ski resort.

Participants will experience a true winter festival full of indoor/outdoor activities, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, foods, social events, night-time parties, receptions, comedy show, fashion, networking with other exciting people, and of course… snow!

Blue Mountain is conveniently located within driving distance of nearby urban metropolitan cities including: Detroit, MI (4.5 hours), Toronto, ON (1.5 hours), and Buffalo, NY (3 hours). A truly international collective of over 2,600 participants, representing 39 states and several countries is expected!

Blue Mountain Resort provides facilities, function spaces, able staff and a multitude of activities allowing MLK Ski Weekend participants endless fun in this winter wonderland!

The extended weekend event features over 28 themed activities, real snow, networking and fun on the slopes!!!

Attendees can enjoy power networking, shopping, eating, speed dating, games, relationship forums, comedy show, pool party, contests, sponsored receptions, spa/massages, dancing, bonfires, happy hours, outdoor fun, NFL Playoffs, pictures and other themed festivities. MLK Ski Weekend is best known for its themed parties, comedy shows, and celebrity appearances.

Once you make reservation deposit for participation, expect to receive information and event updates. We will provide information so you will be well prepared for the event, elements, parties, and craziness!!!!

This event which started as a group of friends trying something new has grown into a true international event destination with increasing recognition throughout the world.

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This is the not just about skiing, it is about meeting people from all over the country for something that is completely different. This is an weekend that you must tell others about. Parties, networking, entertainment, DJs, activities and so much more.

Never in your life will you witness a ski event that brings everything you ever wanted in a winter weekend trip to life.