Daytona Black Bike Week

Daytona Black Bike Week
Daytona Black Bike Week 2009

A.K.A "Bikers In The Park"

When: Feb 27th - March 8th 2009

Where: Daytona Beach, Florida (Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard).

If you are a true bike rider then Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida represents one of the largest bike festivals in the world.

During a 10 day period over 500,000 bikers come from all parts of the country to take part in this annual event. The numbers for African American bikers who take part in this event has increased mulitple times each year and 2009 promises to be the largest yet.

Every Spring ( Feb 27th-March 8th 2009) over 500,000 bikers travel to Daytona Beach, Florida for fun, food, festivities and more. If you love bikes and the people who ride them, you cannot miss this event.

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    Is This Event For Everyone?

    Daytona Bike Week is an all inclusive event for everyone. It does not matter what gender, race or nationality. All are welcome.

    When does Daytona Black Bike Week 2009 take place?

    Feb 27th - March 8th 2009

    What hotels should I stay in?

    Any hotel along the Daytona Beach Area. Please hurry. All hotels will sell out fast. We have reserved special hotels in the area just for you. See below.

    What happens at the event?

    The actual event occurs around the park area. .There are tons of parties and events that occur throughout the 5 day weekend. The hotels are jam packed full of revelers. The beaches are swamped, the streets are packed and you can smell the BBQ grilling as many people spend their entire year waiting for this event.